I Cried. Smiled. Craved for McDonald’s

Aug 27, 2018 | Likes, Live, Love, Only Berlin

Have you seen the latest McDelivery video? I so love how the couple helps each other in putting their babies to sleep.  I also find them both cute on reminding each other to move with less noise as much as possible.  That’s how I was with my boys and husband.  They have known me so well that everytime they make unnecessary noise, they would check on me to confirm that I was indeed looking daggers at them.

But what notably made me fall for the commercial was how the delivery man reacted. He was so sensitive to the demands of the father that he acted accordingly to the need of the situation.  He even remained careful even outside of the housing unit already.

I cried. 

Ow, I remember.  All our five boys easily fell asleep while being held.  But they would instantly cry within minutes of being put down. Why is that?

I Cried. Smiled. Craved for McDonald's

I Cried. Smiled. Craved for McDonald’s

From experience, I have come to realize that babies are particularly sensitive to any sensory stimulation around them like the noise and light.   But when they are in our arms,  they feel more protected from the outside stimulus, thus are less likely to wake up.  Also, being cuddled up in our arms is like being nestled in their mom’s belly, a feeling so different when alone in a crib or bed.  Newborns startle (a reflex wherein their arms and legs suddenly move), causing them to wake up.  But when held close to one’s arm, they are less likely to startle. 

With our boys, this mother doesn’t rescue or carry them again too quickly when they cry from their sleep.  I try to pat their legs and tummy then talk to them.  If those do not work, I pick them up, rock them, and hold them to fall asleep. Those are the moments, too, that I remind myself my boys would all grow up one day not wanting their momi to soothe them to sleep anymore.  But I will remain beside them as long as they need and want me to.  

I smiled. 

I Cried. Smiled. Craved for McDonald's

I Cried. Smiled. Craved for McDonald’s

I may say that sleepless nights are a rite of passage for most new parents.  It may be hard at first but being a mom to five boys, I have come to realize that I will surely miss those moments, too, when I rock my babies to sleep for hours.  That experience alone makes me appreciate my mother more, love my children best, and welcome any free time the most.  

Putting a baby to sleep isn’t a measure of anyone’s parenting skills.  It is best to understand our babies’ habits.  It wouldn’t hurt as well to communicate with our little ones.  They listen if they are used to us talking to them.  We need to establish that practice.  

I craved.

And as for the mom and dad in the McDelivery commercial, you made us CRY as I remember those sleepless nights.  You made us SMILE with those funny moments that we try to be ow so quiet and still.  And you made us CRAVE for McDonald’s.  With just an easy tap, order, and confirm, our favorites are conveniently at our doorstep. 

I Cried. Smiled. Craved for McDonald's

I Cried. Smiled. Craved for McDonald’s

Want to see the video again, click the link here


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