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Sep 28, 2017 | Life, Likes, Love, Only Berlin

This mother discovered the beauty of babywearing about two years ago.  She got a few projects for writing at home, however, her newborn would always want to be near his mama.  Though she loves carrying her little man in her arms, she just couldn’t finish her household chores and some writing assignment on time.  She would end up burning the midnight oil just to finish her commitment.

Until one day, she visited a mom and baby bazaar and saw a few parents babywearing their little ones.   She joined a babywearing group, became part of the community, and little by little understood not only the convenience of babywearing but its advantages as well.

She bought a number of carriers until she found what best suits her Little Man.

An  invite to the Shadrach’s Collection

MOMI INVITES Shadrach's Collection on October 1

MOMI INVITES Shadrach’s Collection on October 1

If you have the time to spare, I encourage you to join the Shadrach’s Collection.  This event celebrates its third anniversary in concurrence with the International Babywearing Week on October 1, 2017.  The gathering is not only for babywearing parents but especially for those who have little knowledge about babywearing.   It is the event’s objective to raise awareness about babywearing and also provide a venue for learning and fun through talks and activities.  Likewise, to celebrate Shadrach’s Collection’s third anniversary, different products of local MOMpreneurs will be showcased at the event venue.

For the benefit of those who are new in babywearing, Shadrach’s Collection is a wonderful collection of woven baby wraps, ring sling, handwoven wrap and even soft structured carrier.  It shares the love and benefit of using wraps, ring slings and the like to carry our little ones.  All products are proudly made in the Philippines, thus it likewise promotes the talent of Pinoys.

Aside from babywearing talks, there will also be topics about parenting and breastfeeding.  There will also be games, raffles, and giveaways for guests and participants.

For your convenience, I’ve attached here the link to how to register.  And to check the venue map, just click here.

Why Momi Berlin invites you to Shadrach’s Collection

I have seen and experienced the beauty of babywearing.  And I am still experiencing it now that I also often wear our two-month-old son.  My mom once told me that I only spoil my son for carrying him all the time.  From experience, though, it turns out that my son develops a strong attachment to me.  BUT because of that strong attachment and constant carrying, his needs are met quickly and readily, thus reducing crying and tantrums.  He is now a very confident toddler who never doubts his parents’ love.  And he is far from the spoiled brat that I know of.

That is exactly the reason that I encourage you to see for yourself the event.  Perhaps you will also see the beauty of what I am experiencing.  But more than that, you may get to meet a lot of parents who also babywear and from there, get to be part of the community that only hopes for what is the best for their babies.  After all, parenting is easier and happier when shared.

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