Roast Chicken with Three Mushroom Recipe

Dec 2, 2019 | Likes, Live, Only Berlin

One night, I woke up feeling cold.  I checked if the husband opened the air conditioning unit as the temperature was so unbearable.  It turned out the cold temperature was coming from the outside.  Husband installed an exhaust fan in our room wherein it pulls air from the outside.  Thus, the cold air from the outside is what enters our room.  And again, the temperature was so unbearable.  Indeed, the Christmas season is coming.

And speaking of Christmas, for most Pinoys, Christmas season is the perfect time to host dinner get-togethers or attend family reunions and catch up with loved ones.  And it is in family gatherings that we bring our specialty.  Nothing beats making our loved ones feel extra special as we step up our cooking game by adding homemade showstoppers to the table.

I so love it that when it comes to cooking delightful dishes or making those hard-to-resist sweets, The Maya Kitchen is there to help us.  I never thought that the MAYA All-Purpose Flour could be such an essential ingredient.

Allow me to share with you one festive main dish recipe you may serve at Noche Buena. Admittedly, this Roast Chicken with Three Mushroom will be the instant star of your Christmas party given its aromatic spices, earthy mushrooms, and flavorful meat.  And if you like more recipes to try, visit The Maya Kitchen.

Roast Chicken with Three Mushrooms Procedure


  1. Mix the herb-butter seasoning and set aside at room temperature.
  2. After washing and drying the chicken, season with salt and pepper.
  3. With your fingers, insert them in between the skin and the meat.
  4. Get some of the butter and insert it evenly.
  5. Truss the chicken.
  6. Mix the onion, carrots and celery.
  7. Place them on the roasting pan and place the chicken in the middle.
  8. Sprinkle with some oil and roast it for about 60 minutes, depending on the size of the chicken.
  9. When it has a beautiful golden roasted finish, set aside and start preparing the sauce.


  1. Degrease the roasting pan and remove all burnt ingredients.
  2. Cook it for about 4 minutes or until it starts to be golden brown.
  3. Now add the flour and mix it well, so it is no longer visible.
  4. Add the stock and mix well as it will gradually thicken.
  5. Let is simmer for about 10 minutes, then strain it into a saucepan and continue to simmer it.
  6. Meanwhile, heat the butter and sauté the mushrooms for about 3 minutes then add them to the simmering sauce.
  7. Rectify the seasoning with herbs, salt, pepper and the brandy.
  8. When the sauce is right, keep hot.


  1. Remove the string and place the chicken on a serving platter.
  2. Spoon the sauce and the mushrooms on the sides.
  3. Garnish with chopped parsley and sprigs of thyme and marjoram.
  4. Bon Appétit!

While reading, the procedure seems too complicated.  But as I follow each step, my excitement builds up as all I could imagine is my boys happily eating the roast chicken.  Its aroma is so tempting, making my nose drool and my eyes so happy with the oh-so attractive chicken before me.

I bet this roast chicken dish will be the star of your Noche Buena or family gathering.  You can even try it any time of the day, and surely, your family would keep on asking for it every weekend or perhaps every day.  And for those who tried your dish for the first time, I bet they will ask for your recipe.  So better save this recipe for future use.


  1. Princess villasin

    Siguro po yung lagi kong niluluto na tortang giniling. Fave ng anak ko.❤ Egg,giniling,garlic,onions,pepper at maya all purpose flour.

  2. Roselyn A Jose

    I’m planning to cook burger steak with mushroom using maya all purpose flour.

    Thanks for sharing this yummy recipe

  3. Rojean mae Lamsin

    Pwedeng pwede ito handa sa pasko momshie magaya nga rin thank you for sharing, ako naman I’m planning to cook fried chicken and gagawa ako ng sauce something like sweet and sour and pour ko sa fried chicken syempre gamit maya all purpose flour.

  4. Liza Parafina

    Dahil sa gumagawa ako ng puto cheese Maya All Purpose Flour ang the best gamitin dito. Masarap na… Fluffy pa.

  5. Jennifer Londe

    Siguro ang iluluto using this Maya all purpose flour momi is ang favorite ng mga anak ko eggplant burger with meat lagi kaso Nila requests sa akin tuwing tinatanung ko sila NG ulam Kaya naisip instead na bibili ako NG burger steak talong nalang with Giniling na karne kasi Bata PA mga anak ko Kay minsan nahihirapan ako sila pakainin NG gulay kaya Kaylanga talaga mag experiment para kahit papaanu makaka in sila NG gulay..

    Option din mommy mash potato with konting Giniling at flour..

  6. Jennifer S. Cruz

    dto samin madalas ang all purpose flour dhil mhilig kmi s fried chicken, breaded pork, breaded tofu home made mojo potato and i even make pancake from scratch.

  7. Maribel Cordovilla

    Ang iluluto ko this Noche Buena Using Maya flour ay parang ganan din style Mommy Roasted chicken with thicken sauce, pero ang tawag ko naman ay “Pinaupong Manok” which is serve ng nakaupo xa, then surrounded by young potato, mushroom buttons and cornbits . Parang same procedure lang din sa Mommy, and nadagdag lang is yung tanglad na nakapalaman sa loob ng chicken.

  8. Cecile De Castro

    I’ve been thinking of a roasted chicken recipe for our Noche Buena and this recipe would be great! Isasama ko sya sa list of my possible menu. Thanks for sharing!

    Of course, will be using Maya All-purpose flour for this. Pancake, cookies and cakes will be possible too when you have Maya APF in handy.

  9. Erin Palapag

    Simula ng nag business po ako momi ng food order lagi na ako may all purpose flour sa bahay ginagamit ko siya sa home made fried chicken, no bake baked mac, and shanghai.


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