Pedia doctors launch #SavetheFuture Campaign

Feb 23, 2019 | Live, Only Berlin

Momi Berlin supports #SavetheFuture campaign

Pedia doctors launch #SavetheFuture Campaign

Two weeks ago, we visited our Pediatrician for the kids’ monthly checkup. Our 18-mo-old boy was also scheduled for his Varicella Virus vaccine.  Upon reaching her clinic, our Pedia checked my son’s baby book and asked us if we would like her to give MMR (mumps, measles, and rubella) instead.  She was concerned because of the current measles outbreak.  We both agreed that she would administer MMR on our next visit.

It is reassuring to know that we have a Pedia who shows concern to her patients.  And with the current measles outbreak in the Philippines, it is comforting to learn as well that the pediatric doctors all over the country have come together to launch an advocacy aimed at restoring confidence in the safety and efficacy of vaccines.  Many parents became less trusting of vaccines following the fatal impact of the Dengvaxia scare.  And sadly, the distrust resulted in outbreaks of diseases other than dengue, notably measles.  

A trust-vaccination movement dubbed #SavetheFuture

Recently, I witnessed the launch of the “Save The Future” campaign of The  Pediatric Infectious Disease Society of the Philippines (PIDSP). The campaign aims to mobilize PIDSP members to cooperate and collaborate with government stakeholders in making the most of the available vaccine resources and to deploy them properly and effectively. An online community has also been created at to help drive digital awareness about the campaign.  

Gathered inside the spacious Grand Ballroom of the Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila in Ortigas were PIDSP members as well as other subspecialty societies of the Philippine Pediatric Society (PPS).  The PPS, established in 1947, is the oldest medical society of physicians caring for newborns, infants, children, and adolescents in the Philippines.   

Pedia doctors launch #SavetheFuture Campaign

Pedia doctors launch #SavetheFuture Campaign

The professional responsibility to #SavetheFuture

This mother admired how PIDSP president Dr. Anna Lisa T. Ong-Lim took a stand and claimed professional responsibility in addressing the issue of vaccine hesitancy among Filipino parents. She challenged the pediatric doctors of the same responsibility.  PIDSP and PPS also issued a joined letter to its member-doctors and the Department of Health (DOH) urging them to “immunize eligible children against vaccine-preventable diseases.” This primarily involves the routine immunization schedule for infants that vaccinate against tuberculosis, diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus, polio, Hemophilus influenza B, hepatitis B and measles from birth to the first year of life.

Likewise, the organizations reminded pediatricians to ensure up-to-date immunization of their patients as part of the primary responsibility of their individual practices. Thus, perhaps, our Pedia doesn’t get tired of constantly reminding us of our children’s vaccination schedule.  

The campaign to #SavetheFuture

And in particular response to the current measles outbreak, PPS and PIDSP  advised pediatricians to administer the first dose of measles vaccine to infants starting at the age of six months instead of the usual nine months.  The schedule follows the country’s recommended Childhood Immunization Schedule.  The schedule is determined annually by both societies along with the Philippine Foundation for Vaccination. 

Pedia doctors launch #SavetheFuture Campaign

Pedia doctors launch #SavetheFuture Campaign

The program ended with all being optimistic that with working together, the organizations will effectively address the healthcare crises that has gripped our country. I am confident that PPS and PIDSP, with the help of DOH, will set eliminating measles and other diseases as their priority goal.  And every time we visit our Pediatrician, I could feel and see PPS and PIDSP’s commitment to freeing the Filipino children from any kind of disease.  As a mother now, I am appealing to other parents never to doubt the power of vaccination.  Immunization not only saves us time and money, but it also protects our loved ones and even saves our child’s life.  Vaccination protects the next generation and saves the future.  Let us be part of this campaign.  


  1. Sarah Bailey

    This sounds like a really great campaign. I think the measles outbreak really needs to be tackled head on and hopefully this will help!

  2. Tara Pittman (@momknowsbest15)

    This is an awesome campaign. People need to know that vaccinations are a good thing when compared to the illness.

  3. Amber

    This sounds like a great campaign. I always get my kids vaccinated. I just stick to two shots at a time though. I don’t like bombarding them with a bunch at once.

  4. Jess

    This is such a hot topic right now within theparenting community. It is had to say right now what i will be deciding for my child but I know that i have always gotten vaccinated and have yet to have anything wrong 9that i know of) so m children probably will too. At minimum this campaign fosters education about the vaccines which i am always for

  5. Alexithymia_Shubhi

    I had been reading news wherein some people are going against vaccination. This post is positive to show how all people have come together and supported the campaign.

  6. joancajic

    Measles scares me, this is a great campaign and creates awareness.

  7. Aishwarya Shenolikar

    No matter how big the campaign, we all should always strive to join and promote important things. It’s the best platform for it.

  8. Priyanka

    Nothing is more important than health and vaccination is the very first step to prevent our health atleast from those conditions which are curable.

  9. Patricia-Ann Que

    what a great initiative! it is always good that parents and even just adults are informed of this, good luck!

  10. briezyy97

    This is actually a huge topic right now and I love how you put it. The disease is much scarier than the vaccine.

  11. themommyspice

    Very nice initiative, parents and adults in general should always stay informed!

  12. Andrea Warren

    I like that there is a campaign like this to educate people about vaccines and why they are necessary

  13. Alexandra Cook

    I think education is a must when it comes to vaccines. However, it should be the full truth so that people can decide on their own if they want to receive the vaccine or not.

  14. Claudia Krusch

    Such a great initiative! Thank you for raising awareness so more people learn about it!

  15. Bindu Thomas

    Looks like great campaign and making aware of vaccination is really important. Thanks for sharing.


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