SumoSam and Momi Berlin took the “Less Palit, More Sulit” Challenge

Feb 19, 2019 | Likes, Live, Only Berlin

SumoSam and Momi Berlin took the "Less Palit, More Sulit" Challenge

Our two toddlers were hospitalized about three months ago.  Both suffered from acute gastroenteritis.  Aside from frequent vomiting, they also experienced diarrhea.  Their stomach was irritated and inflamed caused by either bacterial or viral infection. They stayed in the hospital for nearly a week and took their medication at home for two weeks.

So when one of our boys was showing signs of stomach flu last week, I was worried about another hospital confinement. However, husband and I both agreed that we take care of our little man at home. We just can’t take the sight of our son’s limited movement because of the swero.  Much so accept the cry of our baby because of the many attempts to find a vein for the IV insertion. It was just too much. 

On days our little man didn’t eat anything, I gave him plenty of water and fruit juices.  I cut fruits into small pieces and patiently fed him those.  We also did unli-latch almost every day. 

The Challenge

His watery diarrhea improved on the fifth day.  Timely that we need to replenish our diaper supply.  I asked my husband to buy us a low-cost brand and another pack of our favorite Pampers. I was thinking, with the cheaper brand, we get to save money. Plus I wanted to take the  Pamper’s “Less Palit, More Sulit” Challenge.

The challenge is to use another brand of a diaper on the first day and Pampers on the second day.  We allocated six diapers each on both days, and we recorded how much pads we actually used from morning to evening.  We were consistent on both days to change diapers as soon as the old one gets saggy. 

SumoSam and Momi Berlin took the "Less Palit, More Sulit" Challenge

SumoSam and Momi Berlin took the “Less Palit, More Sulit” Challenge

The Result

On the first day of the challenge, we were able to use all six diapers in one day. The low-quality diaper became bulky because of poor absorption.  My child’s pee and poo weren’t evenly distributed.  This caused the wetness to be concentrated in just one part of the diaper.  The extra weight was what created the bulk, sagging between his legs and causing the diaper to become lawlaw.  The added weight of the diaper plus the sagging pad made it extra challenging for my son to move around. I saw him walked slowly, sometimes parang sakang. There was a time, too, he woke him up from his sleep because I was changing his diaper.  That day, we not only changed diapers six times, but it wasn’t a pleasant experience for us as well.

The experience reminded us that we tried the same diaper brand before and it only resulted in a saggy diaper, interrupted sleep, and worst, rashes on my baby’s bottom.

SumoSam and Momi Berlin took the "Less Palit, More Sulit" Challenge

SumoSam and Momi Berlin took the “Less Palit, More Sulit” Challenge

The Sulit Choice

The following day, we changed to our usual Pampers. With our Pampers, it may come with a higher price tag, but then as we computed it, we actually save more money.  With a quality diaper like Pampers, we spend less because we don’t have to change them as often.  My mom reminded me that higher quality diapers are always better deals since we end up using fewer pieces in one day.  We saved two diapers, consuming only four in a day. 

For a practical mom, two diapers saved in a day is equivalent to 60 diapers in a month! That is around P650 savings plus undeniable peace of mind.  We only replace diapers when they are full.

As I watch my son play, sleep, or even walk, I could see a less lawlaw diaper, too.  It is because the pad absorbs well and evenly distributes the wetness, making my son move with ease and confidence.  Even when he was recovering from his stomach flu, he remains active and happy. And very evident in him that he is more than ready to achieve essential milestones with a less saggy diaper.

SumoSam and Momi Berlin took the "Less Palit, More Sulit" Challenge

SumoSam and Momi Berlin took the “Less Palit, More Sulit” Challenge

The Invitation

I learned from the “Less Palit, More Sulit” Challenge.  And I encourage moms to do the challenge, too.  Sometimes, it is through experience that we get to see the results and consequences of our decisions.  We might have opted for the unpopular decision but the important thing is, we learn from that and we do not make the same mistake again.

I made a mistake to equate the cheapest diaper brand to significant savings. I was wrong.

SumoSam and Momi Berlin took the "Less Palit, More Sulit" Challenge

SumoSam and Momi Berlin took the “Less Palit, More Sulit” Challenge

Ang totoong sulit, yung better quality. And the  “Less Palit, More Sulit” Challenge from Pampers helped me realize this more.

And such great news! For every purchase of Pampers, worth PHP500 in Waltermart, the customer will get one raffle ticket. 15 winners will get one year supply of Pampers and 30 winners will get a Jollibee Kid’s Party Package.  Joining period is February 1 to February 28.  But I guess, more than the opportunity to enjoy a one year supply of Pampers or Jollibee Kid’s Party Package, the old Latin proverb remains true-

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Don’t take my word for it, do the challenge yourself and have your own proof of sulit!


  1. Chin Enriquez

    Walaaaaaaaang Waltemart samin. Sayang hihi Im about to replenish stocks narin ng Pampers ni lo ko eh. Sayang sana meron din sa ibang groceries itong promo..

  2. ChelseaMamma

    I used to swear by pampers when my kids were babies, looks like they are even better still

  3. georgialohan

    quality over quantity and nothig but the best for such a sweet angel! thank you for sharing it with us

  4. Mummy's Diary

    We found that the branded nappies were thinner and held less and also that they weren’t very flexible around our babies tummies, the cheaper ones suited our children better, this looks fab though, thanks Katie Davies

  5. kumamonjeng

    Pampers is a popular brand here so I am not surprised with your review. They are very trustable too.

  6. TheSuperMomLife

    I don’t miss the diaper days at all! I do remember trying a couple of brands and knowing that they were not equal!

  7. feleciamonique88

    I’m more of a huggies mom myself but I did receive a bunch of pampers at my baby shower.

  8. Hang Around The World

    This is a nice post, thank you for sharing it! Pamper is agood brand famous all over the world, there is a reason haha – Amalia

  9. Catherine

    I always used Pampers…such a great brand!

  10. John Mulindi

    Good product for the little ones! Parents will love this.

  11. Lisa

    What a fun challenge! It’s so great for mothers with young babies too!

  12. Jacque Hooper

    Loved Pampers for our kids; we have already graduated from diapers, but this is great info!

  13. Tonya Morris

    I will definitely only buy Pampers when I have my first baby! This is some great information.

  14. Yeah Lifestyle

    This sounds like an interesting challenge. I do find that the higher cost brands like Pampers do mean you save more as they are of much better quality.

  15. Sam

    I’ve never heard of this challenge before, but it seems like a great way to test diapers out. It sounds like you found a great diaper and helped your budget.

  16. Shannon Gurnee

    It sounds like you had a great time with this challenge. I used Pampers all the time when my kids were little.

  17. Alexandra Cook

    Pampers is such a great line of baby products. My kids used pampers diaper and it was really good.

  18. Preet

    Wow, Looks like a great cgallnege. ALl my kids wera Pampers Diaper before and I love it cause it is really comfortabe to wear.

  19. Kristy B

    I am so sorry that your kids were so sick! I know that was tough! I always used Pampers when my kids were babies. They make a good quality diaper!

  20. Chelle Dizon

    That’s a really interesting comparison. Yes I have tried and proven that this brand is really convenient to use for our kids.

  21. Garf

    Lovely pic of you two. One year supply of Pampers? Wow sounds good.

  22. Fatima D Torres

    What an interesting challenge. Our kids relied on their diapers as babies. They really helped keep them dry.

  23. Soniachic95

    It’s like a virus that’s have been going around it’s like all three of us was seriously sick,l’m glad your kids are doing a whole lot better!

  24. dearmummyblog

    When I was little we used pamper and even though they were a bit pricer we went through less!

  25. Nati

    Pampers always was my preferred brand when my children were babies! you can’t beat their good quality 🙂

  26. akamatra

    We didn’t do the challenge but we only use pampers any way. They work fine for us


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