Health Benefits of Gelatin and Easy-to-do Recipe

Dec 23, 2018 | Only Berlin

Health Benefits of Gelatin and Easy-to-do Recipe

Did you know that seaweed gelatin has anti-oxidant, anti-cancer, and anti-aging properties? It is also good to relieve a headache, increase immune function, and even good for anemia. There are anecdotal narratives that seaweed gelatin increases the growth of stem cells. And we all know that there are technologies now that stem cell is useful in the treatment of most diseases such as cancer, Alzheimers and Parkinsons disease. Given this, there is no need for stem cell transplant especially for those who love to eat seaweed gelatin.

Seaweed Gelatin

Seaweed gelatin didn’t interest me at all. Not until I prepared the gelatin we are to give as Thanksgiving token to my boys’ teachers. I was stirring the boiling water and waiting for the jelly powder to completely dissolve when I read that the jelly powder we were using was made from the finest natural seaweed extract. Further reading led me to discover the many benefits of seaweed gelatin as compared to those made from the collagen found inside animal bones — such exciting discovery.

As mentioned earlier, the jelly powder we used in making our gelatin is made from the finest natural seaweed extract. That makes our gelatin give many health benefits. And because it is flavorless (unless we incorporated flavoring), it is easy to include in one’s diet. My Little Man, for one, loves to eat his rice and viand with a piece of gelatin on top. It’s a little trick I do every time he doesn’t like to eat much. Perhaps, its sweet and jiggly-firm form make it more attractive to kids.

Mr. Hat Gulaman

Health Benefits of Gelatin and Easy-to-do Recipe

Health Benefits of Gelatin and Easy-to-do Recipe

The brand we use is Mr. Hat Gulaman. We find it economical to use, time saving and easy to prepare. A box contains 10 sachets, and each sachet needs seven cups of water to dissolve the jelly powder fully. For thicker and firmer gelatin, we only use a few cups of water then add condensed milk for creamer and sweeter taste.

More than just Gelatin

The curious in me led this mother to check Mr. Hat Gulaman’s website. And in front of me were a dozen and more recipes to enjoy this simple jelly powder. More than making the usual gelatin for dessert, Mr. Hat Gulaman can also be used to make Oreo Cheesecake, Ice Cream Wafer Sandwich, and Milky Orange Jelly Pudding among other recipes.

From the available recipes, allow me to share with you the Ice Cream Wafer Sandwich recipe. Ice cream is one dessert my boys so love very much, and I guess even your little ones would find it irresistible.

Ice Cream Wafer Sandwich recipe

Health Benefits of Gelatin and Easy-to-do Recipe


• 1 sachet (Red Unflavored)
• 1.5 liters water
• ¼ – ½ kg sugar (as desired)
• 1 pack wafer sandwich
• 1 pint ice cream
• whipped cream


1. Dissolve in water and add sugar.
2. Put mixture into heat, stir thoroughly and wait until it boils.
3. After it boils, pour into mold and let it cool.
4. After it sets, slice gulaman into strips and set aside.
5. Line a 7×7 inch foil in a pan, cover bottom of the pan with single layer of wafers.
6. Spread ice cream on top of wafers.
7. Cover ice cream layer with wafers, then place gulaman strips on top.
8. Repeat steps until the desired height is reached. Then, top with whipped cream.
9. Freeze until ready to serve.

For easy and practical dessert recipes, check out Mr. Hat Gulaman’s website. All recipes are easy to prepare and best of all, doesn’t require a culinary degree or expertise.


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  1. Estrella M. Reyes

    Di ko alam na may magandang benefit palang naidudulot ang gelatin. Ang alam ko lang kasi gelatin is only for desserts making. Good thing katulong na rin pala natin ang gelatin in giving nutrients or health benefits sa ating katawan. At di kasing mahal!

  2. Badet Siazon

    You had me at anti-aging benefits sis. Sige nga, makapagluto ng maraming gulaman dessert 🙂

  3. Kaycee Enerva

    I didn’t know gelatin has health benefits. I only thought it’s for desserts like buko panda hehe! Very insightful post mommy thanks for sharing!

  4. Edel San

    I didn’t know gelatin came from seaweed.. btw, that was the same brand I used when I made my first and last gulaman dessert.. glad to know that it’s healthy pala.

  5. Fully Housewifed! (@fullyhousewifed)

    I still have boxes upon boxes of Mr Hat Gulaman here for us to work on. I haven’t taught the kids how to make it yet, I overlooked the fact that to make gelatin, they have to do it in hot/boiling water. So I have to figure that part out cause they want to make them.

  6. Claire Santiago

    My kids love gelatin / gulaman. To maximize its benefits, I add fruits whenever I prepare one for them.

  7. Chin Enriquez

    The best part is that its anti-aging been into jelly desserts lately and i use mr. Hat too!


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