WHAT TO WATCH:  Elegance and Resilience at Magic on Ice

Dec 28, 2018 | Likes, Only Berlin

WHAT TO WATCH:  Elegance and Resilience at Magic on Ice

Imagine this.  A figure skating combined with a circus, grand illusion, and magic. Everything in one fantastic show created by Steve Wheeler to entertain, awe, and inspire kids and kids at heart. 

Magic on Ice

That is the world-renowned Magic on Ice, now in the Philippines from December 25, 2018 to January 2, 2019 to give class A entertainment. Featuring the elegance and beauty of ice skating with the intriguing concept of grand illusion and magic, the show has been seen in over 200 cities around the world including Abu Dhabi,  Germany,  Korea,  Las Vegas, Mexico, and New York.

The show captivated my heart and so did my little companion that night.  All he could say was “Oh Wow,” and his eyes were glued entirely on the stage, except for a few moments when he asked for his mama’s milk. 

Magic and Grand Illusion

WHAT TO WATCH:  Elegance and Resilience at Magic on Ice

WHAT TO WATCH:  Elegance and Resilience at Magic on Ice (photo grabbed from Magic On Ice 2018 – Smart Araneta Coliseum FB page)

The show was simply enchanting, especially when the Raven, played by Olympic figure skater Maria Sergejeva, glided through the ice.  Maria’s movement was so graceful, and her look was so captivating.  No wonder she was dubbed four-time Estonian National Champion for nothing.  Even the action and facial expression of husband and wife tandem Steve and Tracey Lynn Wheeler were so remarkable that it was so hard for you to take your eyes off the stage. All the performers’ every leap and glide showcased how beautiful the body bends at every signal of the sound and light.  The sight was simply mesmerizing.  All the more that the magic and grand illusion were both mind-blowing.  Watching Steve and his crew glide through the ice made me remember my youth when my mom brought me at the very same venue to watch Holiday on Ice.   

It was also the holiday season when we stepped inside the Big Dome to watch the enchanting ice spectacles of the Holiday on Ice.  My mom told me that Holiday on Ice used to be the epitome of Christmas celebration.  Every hardworking parent needs to bring their little ones at the Smart Araneta Coliseum to watch the live show on ice.  The Big Dome has always been the home of the enthralling performance from the days of “Holiday On Ice” in the early ‘60s.

Elegance and Resilience

Steve and his crew displayed great commitment and spellbinding performance.  No doubt the kids who watched the show would tell their parents they like to be an ice skater as well.  And I only admire these youngsters.  They want to be graceful and strong; that despite any adversity, they still show elegance and resilience.  Perhaps, these two are what we also need to start our 2019.  That though the crushing load we are carrying bring stress and even uncertainty, it is still best to appear sophisticated.  All the heartbreaks that will come our way must serve as the character building device for us to better, more beautiful, and smarter – just like power couple Steve and Tracey, the ever-stylish Maria, and the rest of the devoted crew.  They give great inspiration to all of us and make us believe or at least appreciate magic once again.

WHAT TO WATCH:  Elegance and Resilience at Magic on Ice

WHAT TO WATCH:  Elegance and Resilience at Magic on Ice

If you want to see mystifying magic, the impressive play of illusion, and absorbing ice skating performance, bring your family at the Smart Araneta Coliseum and watch Magic on Ice.  Additional shows are available: December 28 (2 pm and 6 pm), December 29 to Jan 1, 2019 (2 pm and 6 pm), and January 2 (2 pm and 6 pm). Tickets start at P190 and are available via Tickenet.

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  1. Chin Enriquez

    I really really wanted to watch this too. Kung malapit lang sana ako sa area and syempre with all the means to get in. Hehe someday…..


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