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Dec 1, 2017 | Likes, Only Berlin

Who doesn’t love success stories?  I, for one, love hearing such narratives that I often end up crying to express my happiness for them.  Perhaps because I always hope for my own success story to publish someday.  Such is the adventure of Celina Nolasco, owner of the newest gelato shop that opens at Vertis North.

Mio Gelati beginning

Celina’s Mio Gelati has come a long way.  It started with a cute little kiosk on bazaars to finally having its own flagship store.   Inaugurated about a few weeks ago, Mio Gelati occupies a prominent space at Vertis North’s third level.  Now, Mio Gelati can fully express its creativity with the many flavors available and various concoctions one can do with a gelato.

MOMI DISCOVERS| Mio Gelati now at Vertis North

MOMI DISCOVERS| Mio Gelati now at Vertis North

Mio Gelati flavors

For starters who can’t get enough of the classic flavors, they could indulge in a scoop or two of Vanilla, Strawberry, Cookies and Cream, and Bubblegum.  A small cup is only at a hundred pesos and I assure you that each spoonful is worth the price.

For the braver soul who would like to try something out of the ordinary, he can opt for the alcoholic line.  Yes, Mio Gelati offers a little something different like Tequila Rose, Baileys, and Beer.  My good friend loves the Tequila Rose, giving her a good dose of some sugary alcohol minus the hangover.

For the more adventurous peeps wanting to have their comfort food in an ice cream cup, Mio Gelati has Cookie Butter, Cookies and Cream, Salted Caramel, and Oreo Mint among others.  Simply, this dessert lover’s paradise offers classic to unique gelato flavors that truly delight individuals.

MOMI DISCOVERS| Mio Gelati now at Vertis North

MOMI DISCOVERS| Mio Gelati now at Vertis North

So creative that Hans Madlos, Mio Gelati R&D Manager, even concocted shake creations offering radical ways to enjoy our favorite gelato.  An example is Celina’s favorite Fruitopia.  It’s a cereal milkshake with fruit loops on top.  Another must-try is the Unicornbow.  It’s a combination of two flavors – strawberry and bubblegum with candy sprinkles on top.

Mio Gelati now at Vertis North

If you love anything cold, sweet, and creamy, I suggest grabbing a cup of gelato is a nice treat for oneself. But if you’re a sucker for anything colorful, radical perhaps, and creamy gelato, Mio Gelati is the place to be.  You could indulge in a cup of some creamy goodness as you stroll along Vertis North.  But based on experience, one cup isn’t just enough.  As I had my fix of Bubblegum for the day, I felt and saw my feet coming back to the vibrant Mio Gelati store and ordered a cup of Pistachio.  I also had Mint Chocolate Chips, Nutella Brownies, Willy Wonka, and Ferrero.  And I can’t wait to return again as Celina even promised that more adventurous ice cream flavors and drinks are to be added to the menu soonest.

So what’s your favorite gelato flavor? I encourage you to try Mio Gelati at Vertis North and surely it will be your happy place.  It’s mine and my boys’ favorite place so far.

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  1. Joanna Davis

    Oh, I have never heard before of an alcoholic beverage Out of the three flavors I would go for Rose Tequila as well, just like your friend. I think beer might taste a bit strange and I don’t like Bayles. I know that children here in the UK are in love with the Bubblegum ice cream flavor but also the color, so it’s great that Mio Gelati offers it to the children in your city.

  2. Milton Coyne

    I have been to that newly opened Vertis North… It’s nice that there are so many establishments now to enjoy.. the last time I went there, they only have few stores… I love ice creams and this is definitely something will not miss! I will definitely drop by here as soon as I get another opportunity to visit the mall
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Louisa

    I’m always game for anything. Especially anything with ice cream. I’ve been wanting to visit Mio Gelati ever since I saw it online. I think my children and I would enjoy ordering their various creations.


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