Barlico, Our Healthy Coffee Substitute

Dec 14, 2018 | Likes, Live, Only Berlin

Momi Chooses Barlico, the Healthy Brew

Barlico, Our Healthy Coffee Substitute

This mother was introduced to coffee when she worked at a public relations firm. Meeting clients and deadlines, and burning the midnight oil for the next day’s presentation pushed her to try and love coffee. Until she stopped when she became pregnant, started to breastfeed, and learned caffeinated beverages could trigger her bile reflux.

The effects of caffeine

She understands that though caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea boost energy levels, they can also have the opposite effect. This especially holds true when caffeine leads to rebound fatigue after it leaves our system.

She stopped coffee and tea when she became pregnant and started breastfeeding. She knew that caffeine could enter the bloodstream, and even a small amount can be passed along to her baby through breast milk. Though some babies may remain unaffected by the effects of caffeine, there are some claims that a few little darlings get fussy and fully awake after having breast milk. The mom just had her dose of caffeine which finds its way to enter the child’s body.

The healthy alternative to caffeinated drinks

Barlico, Our Healthy Coffee Substitute

Barlico, Our Healthy Coffee Substitute

This mother still misses coffee and the subtle yet stimulating effects of caffeine. Sometimes, she longs to have even just a cup especially if she has an article for submission.

Recently, she was introduced to a healthy alternative to coffee – Barlico. It is 100% caffeine free and is made from natural ingredients, making it a health-conscious option for breastfeeding moms and those who need to limit their caffeine consumption. To add, the main components of Barlico are barley and chicory.


Chicory is a close relative of lettuce and cabbage and has a similar flavor with coffee. It is traditionally used for herbal medicine because of its many health benefits. For one, chicory promotes liver and gallbladder function. It also aids in digestion and helps manage osteoarthritis and other bone and joint diseases. This superfood also contains probiotic fiber, which promotes easy absorption of calcium.


Barley, on the other hand, is a healthy whole grain with various health benefits like cleansing the digestive system and helping in the kidney function. This whole grain, too, promotes bone health, lowers blood cholesterol, and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

A study even suggested that barley-based drinks are known to increase milk supply among nursing moms, making Barlico a delicious treat to help in milk production. This mother is tandem feeding a three-year-old and a one-year-old so all the help to increase her milk supply is very much welcome. Thus, she is putting high hopes to Barlico. And in the five days she is having her regular cup of coffee substitute or chocolate drink, she can say that Barlico delivers.

A Healthy Brew 

Ow, may I add as well that even her two toddlers would take a sip from her coffee mug. And she lets them drink her Barlico because again, her drink does not contain caffeine. More so, the Choco Barlico, in particular, has barley and chicory which can help kids with their digestion. Barley and chicory also help eliminate toxins and waste, plus the extra boost children get from good carbohydrates in Barlico will help them stay active throughout the day.

Barlico, Our Healthy Coffee Substitute

Barlico, Our Healthy Coffee Substitute

So, doing your grocery shopping? Don’t forget to grab a pack of Barlico products. Perhaps it’s time to make a conscious effort to lessen if not entirely limit our caffeine consumption.

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*Information on this blog post is based on personal opinion, experience, and research, and should not be considered professional breastfeeding advice.  Momi Berlin received sample products to give her honest opinion.  


  1. Joanna

    I can’t ever see myself giving up coffee. I love it too much – the taste, the caffeine in it, the energy it gives me. I would probably like to try this Barlico, but still stick to my morning cup of Joe.

  2. Cristina Petrini

    For personal problems I can no longer take coffee, but I still need caffeine in my day because of my work and bump into your article was really providential !!!!!

  3. kumamonjeng

    Wow, glad to learn about the healthy brew! I cant take caffeine especially after lunch hour as I wont be able to sleep. This would be a good replacement.

  4. heather devaughn

    I am always up for trying something new, especially if it is a healthy change. Never heard of Barlico, thank you for teaching me something new

  5. Karen Monica

    I have never head of Barlico. I love tasting new drinks especially if its good for health. So I don’t mind trying Barlico

  6. With Love Moni

    I’m a caffeine addict but I never knew that it may affect babies. This was unfodmative though.

  7. Ankita

    I never thought anything can subtitue coffee. This product is definitely worth a try. As its has got many benefits.

  8. Supermompicks

    I am so thankful that I have never had a coffee addiction but i am addicted to chocolate and soda. My new year resolution is to quite soda so I may need a healthy alternative to keep me awake!

  9. lattelindsay

    I could never give up coffee but I don’t have loads of cups in a day. This looks like a great change to those afternoon cups to keep you going.


    Wow I didn’t realize that it has effects to breastfeeding babies. Very interesting! Unfortunately I don’t think I’ve seen this anywhere in the states

  11. TheSuperMomLife

    I’m not sure I could give up the coffee. I did when I was pregnant and breastfeeding, but now that we are done having babies, give me all the coffee.

  12. BMB

    My doctor actually recommended me drinking coffee (in limited amounts) while pregnant because it can help with constipation. I wonder if this would work the same way? I think it might have more to do with hot drink than with what you are drinking any way.

  13. delhifundos2014

    Sounds interesting never thought of substitute for coffee. I guess this is a must try for coffee lovers. Hope it taste well. Thanks for sharing

  14. lavandamichelle

    What a wonderful post! I have to show this to my husband, he’s obsessed with coffee. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  15. wanderwithola

    Wow, I’ve never heard about Barlico before. I am a big fan of coffee, and I can drink 2-3 cups a day. It would be lovely to try out a healthier alternative that has the same great taste to coffee. Thank you for sharing this! – Ola @ WanderWithOla

  16. Keshia Richmond

    A healthy alternative to coffee – Barlico seems quite interesting. I would like to try it especially after you pointed out the benefits of chicory. I did not know that this ingredient helps liver and gallbladder function which is something I would like to improve.

  17. Sayanti

    I have never heard of Barlico before but now that I know about it, I am surely going to give it a try, Thanks for sharing

  18. gscores

    I am not much of a coffee fan but my brother is and i think he would like to try this one out.

  19. Dani Flanders

    I have never heard of this! I am trying to limit my caffeine intake (have been for just over a year) and it’s amazing the difference you feel when you lessen or eliminate it from your diet!

  20. Bindu Thomas

    Great post for someone like me who always trying something new. This looks great. Thanks for sharing.


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