Ladies Wedding Bands from Jeulia

Dec 17, 2018 | Live, Only Berlin

I never walked down the Church aisle. I didn’t wear a fab white gown 16 years ago when I wed my husband. A judge officiated our wedding instead. It was a quick exchange of I Dos. I don’t even have that women’s wedding bands; we just bought a piece of ring in a nearby pawnshop and used my ring to seal our union.

Ladies Wedding Bands from Jeulia

Ladies Wedding Bands from Jeulia

The Promise of a Church Wedding

One time, the husband told me in a matter of fact tone that we will someday wed in a church. Not in the near future but it will come. Which made me revisit my marriage and reevaluate our relationship.

Revisiting My Marriage

My marriage with my husband gave me the opportunity to be selfless and give my time and self to him and our children. The union isn’t at all physical but more on an emotional bond. A sense of fulfillment is met in every exchange of kisses and hugs, done household chores, and dreams met.

The Higher Purpose of Life

The mention of a wedding somehow made me smile and look forward to that day. More than finally wearing even simple wedding bands, the promise of marriage brings in a higher purpose to our life.

Ladies Wedding Bands from Jeulia

Ladies Wedding Bands from Jeulia

With finally swearing by in front of God and being officiated by a priest, the marriage seems to be more geared towards the family’s goal. Because first and foremost, the union isn’t just about each other’s wants and needs but the family’s. That everything we do and will do should be for and because of love. With God as the center, I believe more respect, understanding, and compassion will be present among us.

Wedding Bands from Jeulia

The thought of holy matrimony made me check on some websites offering silver wedding bands. And one site I love the most is Jeulia.  They offer the simplest to the most extravagant silver wedding bands there is. Each has its own nice sparkle and shows the high-quality craftsmanship. No doubt wearing any of them merits plenty of compliments from friends and even acquaintances.

Ladies Wedding Bands from Jeulia

Ladies Wedding Bands from Jeulia

Which made me realize that though already old and pretending to be wise, I still look forward to my own church wedding. More than walking down the aisle, wearing a gown, and exchanging wedding bands, this mother is excited to see her boys ‘ smile and perhaps shed a few happy tears. That despite the family struggles and misunderstanding, their parents still look forward to growing old with each other and sealing it with a union in front of the Almighty God.

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