A Holistic Approach to a Happy Family Life

Sep 3, 2018 | Likes, Live

Momi Shares tips to enjoy a stress-free living

A Holistic Approach to a Happy Family Life

This mother is lucky to have met the beautiful Joy Mendoza.  She is a blogger, family coach, and currently in the family way (her sixth pregnancy).  She shared her tried and tested ways towards a holistic approach to stress-free living.  Though her advice was practical, sometimes we still need to be reminded of those things to thoroughly enjoy life.

Establish a routine

In everything we do from simple household chores to responsibilities and personal matters, it is better to establish a method.  This helps the youngsters to be familiar with the task until they develop them into a habit.  

A fitting example is washing the face.  The parents should introduce to the children the importance of hygiene and the benefit of cleaning the face at least twice a day.  Then help the kids make this personal hygiene exercise as a part of their routine.  In no time, the children, even at a tender age, will get used to the idea and will always include washing the face as part of their everyday. 

Once they have a routine, it wouldn’t be a hassle to follow up on the youngsters and remind them of either their daily personal tasks or home chores.

Do things together

I agree with Ms. Joy.  Indeed, doing things together is an opportunity for parents to model to their kids how things are done.  In doing tasks together, there may be lots of reminders and repetitions.  In the long run, though, everything is worth it as the elders can adequately guide the children.   

A nice example Ms. Joy gave is eating together as a family.  With both the parents present at the dining table, the children are properly oriented and even monitored to eat healthily.  They likewise see what their elders eat so most likely, they will mirror their parents’ eating habits and consume what their parents eat. 

Need not be perfect

I love this best from all the things Ms. Joy shared.  To lessen the stress in life, we need not be perfect.  

A good example is that we can’t fight our age.  If we keep on fighting and hiding our age, we will only end up stressed.  

I have come to understand that when we are always stressed, we only compromise ourselves, even our health.  We get wrinkles, end up angry and agitated, and put our mental and physical health at risk.

An excellent example Ms. Joy shared to slow down the signs of aging is being intentional about our skin care.  It is when we put effort to wash our face, for instance, would we see the effects of the caring we do.  As we intend to take care of our skin instead of reacting only when the problem arises, we can better slow down those wrinkles, age spots, and the likes.  

A holistic approach to a stress-free life

A Holistic Approach to a Happy Family Life

A Holistic Approach to a Happy Family Life (photo credit: https://ph.theasianparent.com/dads-we-love-edric-mendoza-on-joy-faith-and-family/)

It is the nature of the mind to be busy.  And if we allow it to make everything its concern, we will end up stressed and haggard.  

For that holistic approach to happy family life, we should establish a routine, do everything as a family, and accept that nothing is perfect.  Though it is good that we have a standard in everything we do, sometimes, aiming to be perfect is just so ambitious we may end up feeling like a failure.

Again, thank you, Ms. Joy, for this reminder.  Also, our heartfelt gratitude to the organizer and brand behind this campaign.



  1. Joanna

    I have another point to add on your list. For a stress free life, when something happens, don’t react straight away. “Park it” and approach the situation later, with a clear mind. This way you avoid the stress associated with the problem and you also can think of a rational solution, without getting angry.

  2. The Teaching Aunt

    I agree with not aiming for being perfect. It’s just impossible to achieve it. And the more you chase the idea of being perfect, the more stress you invite into your life. I guess, Timon and Pumbaa really do know how to live life. “Hakuna Matata!”

  3. Stephanie Jeannot

    Routines are a good thing and they do work in making things run smoothly as a family. I totally agree with this.

  4. Stephanie | Adventures in Aussieland

    I think way too much pressure is put on families to be perfect these days. The problem is, what exactly is perfect? As it looks different to each person, we really just have to be happy and enjoy the time we have with each other!

  5. Amber

    Routines are important, that’s for sure. And we never try to be perfect since that would be boring!

  6. Adriana Martin

    Agree with yoru perfection doesn’t exist just creates stress. Doing things together is fun and allows to create so many good memories. Besides bonding is such an important thing for a family.

  7. Olga Zak

    Wow..these are some good tips for a happy family life. In my family, we do most of the house chores together. It makes joy. I love the point of need not be perfect.

  8. Karamel KC

    great tips, really believe in doing things together it makes the family bond stronger.


  9. Dalene Ekirapa

    Doing things together as a family not only encourages bonding but also builds a stress-free life. Activities like cooking together, travelling as a family or watching the TV together just do so.

  10. Adaleta Avdić

    These are great tips! I struggle with the need to be perfect and it’s so stressful. I’ve been trying to be better about it.

  11. Corinne (@WhatCorinneDid)

    These are great tips. I do like a routine but also to be spontaneous sometimes! I have given up long ago on perfection!

  12. ohmummymia

    I agree nobody is perfect plus routine is OK but sometimes is good to do something else

  13. TheKitchenDoc

    Being too ambitious with making plans with the family sometimes does ead to disappointment. Our mantra is “go with the flow”

  14. toastycritic

    I really wish we did more of the eating as a family. I know we do eat as a family with my daughter when we get the chance. But not as much as I would like. Eating at the table is big.

  15. Kristie Cirak

    I have routines and when I dont keep them things fall apart and thats where the stress comes in lol SOme great points to be had here.

  16. Becca Wilson

    Sometimes just having that routine can make things that much easier. This is some really great advice!

  17. Jyoti Kiran

    There is nothing bigger than family love.
    Loved your post.
    Thanks for sharing

  18. Vaibhav Mehta

    Apt, timely and well thought out. Family has the utmost priority in life and it’s high time people ignoring it..get to realise it!



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