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Sep 21, 2017 | Likes, Live, Only Berlin

Revolutionary.  Powerful.  Fashionable.  These are only a few adjectives to describe the United States of America.   The USA has so much to offer in the fields of fashion, electronics, design, and much more.  There is no denying then that most would want to take hold of its latest offerings.  However, not all are privileged to set foot in this beautiful country thus they opt to shop online.

MOMI SHARES| Contact your personal shopper now

MOMI SHARES| Contact your personal shopper now

For hassle-free shopping, Momi Berlin chance upon Gmet Trading.  Gmet Trading is a pool of expert personal shoppers ready to help in finding the hidden gems of USA.   Aside from bringing to us up-and-coming designer bags, apparel, shoes and almost anything, Gmet Trading allows us to explore its many offerings to help us find our personal style.  And because it is dedicated to giving us personalized service, shopping then becomes a breath of fresh air.  Timely quotation, helpful feedback, and various shipping options are all laid on a silver platter.

Personal shopper at your fingertips

So you want that fab bag, for instance, but you simply can’t buy because the website asked for a US billing and a US credit card?  Gmet Trading got you covered.  For effortless shopping experience, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

MOMI SHARES| Contact your personal shopper now

MOMI SHARES| Contact your personal shopper now

1. Email Gmet Trading ( the URL link of the item you are interested in. You may also opt to send a message through their site or through Facebook.  They can be that flexible and accommodating.

2. Gmet Trading will send you a quote.  Every so often, they provide ready alternatives or suggestions if they find a better deal or bargain.

3. Once you agreed on the quote, make a downpayment.  Gmet Trading wishes not to eat much of your time.  You can settle the downpayment through bank deposit or at any of their pickup points.

4. Gmet Trading will order the item for you.  The balance is due upon arrival of your order.

5. Prices are all inclusive, landed cost in Manila.  Gmet Trading has a number of pick up points available from Pasay to Makati and Mandaluyong City.  However, there would be additional charges if you prefer it shipped to your home or office address once it arrives in the Philippines.    Shipping can be done via JRS, LBC or Xend.

Contact your personal shopper now

You ready to discover new brands and up-and-coming designers?  Or how about finding it impossible where to get that unique jewelry piece or hard-to-find food supplement?  You may want to try Gmet Trading and experience a real effortless shopping right at your fingertips.

Happy shopping!




MOMI SHARES| Contact your personal shopper now

MOMI SHARES| Contact your personal shopper now

I am one breastfeeding mom.  I am always open to safe options that would help promote healthy lactation.  Found this from Gmet Trading’s site, and I am ready to make my first transaction with them.  So excited!


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