Is Luck Real?

Jul 16, 2018 | Live, Only Berlin

MOMI MUSINGS|  Is Luck Real?

 Is Luck Real?
My mother and her friend decided to spend the weekend in Hong Kong.  The pressure of work must be real for them to decide to have a break and unwind even for a few days. 

When my mom first told me of their plan, I encouraged her to consider Macau instead.  For one, she’s been to Hong Kong already.  Also, aside from unwinding, the two would want to shop for some bags and clothes.  And when it comes to real bargain and unlimited choices, Macau seems to be a better option.  I jokingly mentioned to my mom as well that she can try casino at Macau as first-time gamers would usually have the beginner’s luck.  I told her I had learned a few tips on placing bets online so she could use my advice.

Which draws me to my question-


Is Luck Real?

I must say, as some would look at luck as little random, fortunate event, others assume that the sense of positivity associated with believing in luck can lead to success. 

Let me go deep about this thought.


Luck as Driving Force

I saw a lot of people who would push for something because they are feeling lucky.  Their beliefs about luck have created a significant impact on driving them to succeed.  Entrepreneurs who saw their fate as stable tended to have a significantly high drive to push forward in achieving their goal.  This is because their mind is full of positivity that they are geared towards success.  Their positive attitude keeps them open to new opportunities, making sure to grab each to the achievement of their dreams.  I see it then as more of their faith in luck as their driving force to move on. 

From my experience, I once viewed luck as a random act of chance.  But then I changed the way I see things and claimed success even before it reaches me. That belief in the positive outcome does happen.  Because I took the chance, gaining a better than zero percent chance of succeeding.  

Luck is Opportunity Acted

As I put it, luck is real because I believe in it.  Not the luck to take chances not to fail but the positive thinking to always gain from every opportunity that comes my way.

Is Luck Real?

Is Luck Real?

So the advice to my mom to play casino at Macau was not an absurd suggestion.  I am confident she will win because I know her too well.  Winning for the first time also means trying the casino for the first time and leaving the place after her first try. 


  1. Kat | Petite Momma

    Yes to claiming success before it happens! 🙂 Luck happens to those who work and pray for it.

  2. AshleyFox

    Yeah, I always think that our luck is related to our hard works.

  3. Mary Rechell Ann E. Masacote

    Yes!! I believe in luck by being possitive in all time.Smile remove heart pain.,The luck will attract more

  4. Sarah Bailey

    This is an interesting way to think about luck, I have to admit I just think of it as something that happens, a piece of good fortune.

  5. Ally BA (@ally_barrett)

    I completely agree with your thought process. I find that people really do believe they will be more successful if they are feeling lucky. It is weird how our mind works.

  6. Nancy Ycnan

    Wonderful sharing! Thank you very much for this amazing article. What a good post and I love your good written I will show this to my friends. Glad that you share this

  7. thelazydogmom

    I need to work on driving my luck for sure! I lack the confidence to own it sometimes.

  8. Cyn

    I believe luck is real. BUT you really have to work as well. One can’t just rely on luck for sure 😉

  9. Ann Snook

    It’s really interesting how you’ve equated a positive attitude with feeling lucky. I definitely agree that you can’t achieve something if you don’t take the chance!

  10. Patricia-Ann Que

    luck is just an enhances! i still believe in the old saying no pain no gain

  11. Annie

    Luck is definitely real! But the good news for us unlucky folks is that you can also make your own luck!


  12. Emma Riley

    Now this is a interesting article. But for me there’s no such thing as luck, whatever happen it happen for a reason and the reason is God permits it.

  13. Princess Quinn

    It is true, some people leave their fate in luck. But, I don’t. I always consider the pros and cons of the options I have. I feel I have to be rational.

  14. Valerie Christie

    Preparation meeting opportunity is what luck is. Sometimes we are preparing for amazing things to show up without even realizing it and so when those amazing things line up for us, we say oh, we are so lucky!

  15. StephJ

    I consider myself unlucky in some ways however I have to agree with you %100 when you say it is opportunity acted upon.

  16. Nicole

    I do believe in luck! But I also think that those who work hard towards their goals and achievements will always get there, regardless of luck or not.

  17. Shannon Gurnee

    I believe in luck, but I think that positivity can help whether you win or lose. I do like your view on it though. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Tara

    I’m not sure if luck is real. I feel as if I have God’s blessing on me in many ways. I know if you think you can, you most likely will succeed, if you think you can’t then you definitely won’t in almost all cases. That is pretty rare to win at Casinos – that is definitely a strong argument in favour of luck being real.

  19. lavandamichelle

    I don’t really pay attention. But my daughter says her father and I have, “The Best Luck Ever.” She also says that she has, “bad luck.” She is always doing great things so if luck is real, treat my baby better, haha. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  20. Jessica

    This was such an interesting read. Luck is such an interesting thing, when really looking deeper into it all.

  21. Shabby Chic Boho (@terrishutterbug)

    My mom does not believe in luck and everytime I mention good luck, she gets upset so I don’t. I’m not sure if I believe luck is real now based on 50+ years of her telling us that it’s not luck, it’s God, but I loved this post. I never thought about how believing in luck could cause success.

  22. Christiana

    Yes, I believe luck is real and I agree with you that the positive mindset serves as a drive to achieving ones goals. Good luck to your mom.

  23. jenn pereira

    There are just things in the world that exist beyond science. And for me Luck is one of them. In different circumstances in my life, I believe it’s real. There are things we can’t do but trust it in luck. And there is nothing bad for hoping about something positive right?

  24. onceuponadollhouse

    This is a great topic. We believe in the power of the universe. Luck is another way of conceptualizing things.



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