MOMI VOWS| ‘Says yes’ to natural ingredients

Feb 20, 2018 | Likes, Live

MOMI VOWS| ‘Says yes’ to natural ingredients

MOMI VOWS| ‘Says yes’ to natural ingredients

Our Little Man will turn three this August.  Though I love it that he still breastfeeds, I believe it is prudent to introduce him to milk formula, too.  Because although breast milk is the best nutritional choice for children, in some cases, breastfeeding may not be possible.

It has always been my toddler’s health that I am after.  I want him to remain healthy and well fed.  I always believe that milk is important because, for one, it is rich in calcium and phosphorus. These two are crucial to my boy’s bone and tooth development.  Likewise, drinking milk is a great way to stay hydrated.  With the many physical activities my young man does, he needs to rehydrate after his strenuous workouts.  To add, milk contains vitamins and minerals to keep my guy active, healthy, and strong.  Milk also provides protein which helps in my boy’s body repair and growth.

Thus, imagine my long ordeal in looking for the best milk for my toddler.  You see, food processed with high heat results for the natural structure of proteins to be damaged and destroyed.  The same goes for milk formula. Once proteins are damaged, they may not be easily absorbed and this may cause the child to suffer from protein indigestion.  To some, they get stomach discomfort.

Good thing I was invited a few weeks ago for an afternoon of wholesome fun with Friso at the Wholesome Table in BGC.  There, I’ve discovered the importance of LockNutri and what it can do for my toddler. Finally, as well, my quest for the best milk supplement for my little one was put to rest.

The importance of LockNutri

LockNutri is a technology which uses mild heat treatment during the formula milk production process.  This way, the proteins are preserved closer to their native structures. This guarantees, too, the nutrient to be effectively absorbed by the body.

Leigh Formoso, Friso Four Brand Manager emphasized that “Since our child’s digestive system is delicate and still developing, nutrients in their natural state are easier for delicate tummies to digest.  LockNutri is an advanced production technology that protects milk protein’s natural nutrient against overheating to retain it closer to its natural state.  And with the LockNutri Technology, Friso nutrients is easy to digest, making it easy for children to get the nutrients they need.”

The importance of supplementing with formula

Do not get me wrong.  I will still breastfeed my toddler.  It is just that with the demands of work and household chores, plus with a six-month-old baby to look after, I sometimes feel guilty not giving the best to my fourth son.  With a milk supplement, I will be assured of my son’s health and well-being.

I opt for Friso Four not because of the good food prepared for us that day.  Nor did I choose Friso Four because of the LockNutri Starter Kits we got.  I simply opt for the brand because of its sincerity to provide for what I believe is the best for my little man.   I am so impressed with its LockNutri system that makes Frisco easy for delicate tiny tummies to digest.

Any child’s digestive system is still developing and is delicate. Nutrients in their natural state are easier for delicate tummies to digest, so they are more easily absorbed. This means, with Friso Four, my Little Man’s tummy will not get stressed, thus there is a lesser chance for him to get constipated. Also, he will get all the nutrients needed for him to build a strong digestive system, support his immunity, and provide the required energy for his development. Now, with my young man stronger on the inside, he will be more resilient and grow healthier and happier.

MOMI VOWS| ‘Says yes’ to natural ingredients

MOMI VOWS| ‘Says yes’ to natural ingredients

‘Says yes’ to natural ingredients

As I accepted Friso Four as my partner in taking care of my Litte Man, I joined other moms as we took the pledge to

Empower other moms to ‘say no’ to less natural, processed food; and ‘say yes’ to natural ingredients. Because we believe that with our children strong on the inside, they become more resilient and can go on and experience more with us. And that’s what really matters most.



Friso is a brand from FrieslandCampina, a company that provides millions of consumers, in over 100 countries, with nutrient-rich food products.  100% packed and produced in the Netherlands, Friso is present in over 25 countries.

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