MOMI REFLECTS| Hustle reminds me of self-assessment

Feb 9, 2018 | Life, Likes, Only Berlin

MOMI REFLECTS| Hustle reminds me of self-assessment

MOMI REFLECTS| Hustle reminds me of self-assessment

I got a planner from Makati Medical Center.  It is called Hustle – made especially for individuals on the go.  It contains insightful yet concise information about health and wellness.  Each detail is suitable to meet the demands of one’s busy schedule.

I like it that each month, Hustle provides features relevant to one’s journey towards a balanced lifestyle.   For that month of June, Hustle focuses on self-assessment.

Ow, I like it when after reading the short feature, I’ve come to realize that we need to take time to evaluate the significant areas of our life. Honestly, I came to the point that I just don’t think much and just live life.  I wake up, cook, write if I have the time, and take care of the boys.  Often, I feel so burned-out.   This makes me grumpy.  At times, I would just cry.

Hustle focuses on self-assessment

Self-assessment is finding out more about ourselves. It is being in touch with our emotions.  Hustle stresses that we need to treat ourselves with love, respect, and care.

Let me share with you this beautiful discovery and together, let us make a self-assessment.

Treat self

Hustle says

We don’t need any occasion or celebration to pamper ourselves.  Indulge in activities that will help rejuvenate our mind and body.

Momi Berlin’s take

MOMI REFLECTS| Hustle reminds me of self-assessment

MOMI REFLECTS| Hustle reminds me of self-assessment

I would only go to the nearest nail spa when my toes hurt.  I also realized that I haven’t had my hair cut for more than two years now.  This mom doesn’t even comb her hair anymore after stepping out of the bathroom.  I only do when I go out.

Now, I have to respect myself.  And by respecting means I should find time to give my hair its deserved haircut, my body its needed massage, and myself her needed break.

Be prepared for the day

Hustle says

Knowing what needs to be done for the day saves us from stress.

Momi Berlin’s take

I used to plan.  Now, jotting down my what to do’s seems too taxing.  However, I know that having at least an outline of my daily activities would somehow help me reevaluate my system.  I would have a greater picture of what eats most of my time and find time for what needs to be done.

Now, I will use my planner.  I will calendar events, and sleep early to have the energy for what is in store for tomorrow.

Surround self with good company

Hustle says

Feel others’ love and reciprocate it.  The more people in our circle, the greater reminder of how cherished we are.

Momi Berlin’s take

The problem with me is that I only limit the number of people in my inner circle.  I would easily be contented with the affection I receive from those limited individuals.  And so when they fail me, I would easily be affected.

The same way that I sometimes neglect the time and caring of others because again, I feel I’ve just got enough.

Now, I will make friends.  If I can, I will turn those acquaintances into a real friendship.  But of course, I will be extra cautious, too, who would help me grow as a person and who would only drain my energy.

Make time for hobbies

Hustle says

Our hobby is a good reminder of who we are.  It keeps us sane and calm, most especially during tough times.

Momi Berlin’s take

MOMI REFLECTS| Hustle reminds me of self-assessment

MOMI REFLECTS| Hustle reminds me of self-assessment

I told myself I will start putting colors on my coloring books.  I will retry planting herbs and grow my garden.  This mom will look for more recipes and bake more for her family.  These are the things I love to do for myself and for my family. Doing so makes me feel sane and happy.


Hustle says

Exercise doesn’t mean going to the gym or doing strenuous activities alone.  We can still exercise through constant moving to keep the bones and muscles strong.

Momi Berlin’s take

Aside from cooking and cleaning the house, I don’t have that much physical activity.  If carrying the baby for hours counts, then that’s another interest I often do.

This new year, I told myself to do a little walking at night before hitting the sack.  I find it the easiest exercise possible.   It not only helps lose weight but helps with cardiovascular fitness and boost mental health.

Be realistic yet remain positive

Hustle says

Do not be afraid to be realistic.  Always look the bright side in every dark situation.

Momi Berlin’s take

I once read  that [tweetshareinline tweet=”The key aspect of positive realism is that we dream big – but then set realistic goals. (Mary Jaksch) ” username=”SPk3(ad*e([email protected]@tnlADFb9ZZc8:1:1″]

I want to see myself planning and acting more based on the realities of our situation. But I will remain positive, though, despite the despites.

Be thankful

Hustle says

Never miss the opportunity to acknowledge all the blessings.  Say a prayer of gratitude every day.

Momi Berlin’s take

I confess.  I used to be prayerful.  Now, I often make it an excuse that I am exhausted to even say my prayers.

Thank God, He is all forgiving.  He always understands and waits. Now, I will make it a point to be grateful for all the blessings that come my way.  He deserves the recognition.

Hustle reminds me of self-assessment

I am one busy mom.  That’s what I often tell myself and even to my boys.  The same observation people would often comment about me.

And in the midst of this hustle, it is but proper to make a sincere self-assessment.   Reflect on life and find out more about ourselves. It is being in touch with our emotions.  Hustle stresses that we need to treat ourselves with love, respect, and care.

Together, let us make a self-assessment and be in touch with our emotions.  Our emotions will lead us to what we love, need, and deserve.

* Some contents here are lifted from the planner Hustle.


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