MOMI BALANCES| This 2018, we will travel

Feb 5, 2018 | Life, Likes, Only Berlin

MOMI BALANCES| This 2018, we will travel

MOMI BALANCES| This 2018, we will travel

Traveling is said to be one of the best ways for personal development.  Being exposed to various environment, food, and customs widens one’s understanding of the world around him.  It helps him know himself better and discover or affirm his capacity to adapt and survive – something he might not know existed within him.

Travel is Hustle‘s* featured topic for May 2018.  Let me share with you what Hustle would want us to achieve in order to balance our lifestyle.

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Apply for passport

Wanting to experience white Christmas?  Or maybe you dream of seeing cherry blossoms?  You may always do that.  But first, get a passport.  Find time to apply and make sure it will not expire six months before traveling abroad.

Be aware of seat sales

Planning ahead can make a great difference than impulse travel.  Though the latter may be more thrilling, a well-planned itinerary and travel may mean more savings,  wider tour coverage, and less stress.

Bring something back home

MOMI BALANCES| This 2018, we will travel

MOMI BALANCES| This 2018, we will travel

Buy local keepsakes to remember your trip.  Though memories are forever, and they are all the more celebrated through photographs,  souvenirs, and yes – moments.

Create an itinerary

Travel itineraries help in managing your time and prioritize the places you would want to see.   You can either search online for an itinerary or create your own based on your researches.  You may also opt to consult a travel agent.

Mingle and explore

MOMI BALANCES| This 2018, we will travel

MOMI BALANCES| This 2018, we will travel

You are traveling to experience something new.  It isn’t the time to just enjoy your hotel room.  Go out, mingle, and make friends.

Explore their food.  And do not leave without trying their local delicacies.

Pack light, pack smart

Packing light is essential to embrace the inevitable chaos of traveling.  This practice allows you to move faster, lighter, and possibly even cheaper.

Packing smart means bringing only the essentials.  You need not bring your toiletries with you if the hotel you’ll be staying will provide those for you.   Bringing your power bank, adapter, and phone charger with you is a smart move than opting to buy a new one.

MOMI BALANCES| This 2018, we will travel

MOMI BALANCES| This 2018, we will travel

Research or read reviews

Checking on the experiences of others may be helpful somehow in planning your tour.  Read hotel and food reviews.   Your main goal to travel is to experience the world outside your sphere.  Don’t let a shabby hotel or restaurant ruin your travel.


The money you will use for travel shouldn’t be from your emergency fund or savings.  Create a travel savings account intended for that purpose. You may either open a bank account or safely save at home.

Travel locally

I have known so many people who were able to tour around the world. However, so sad they haven’t seen their own country yet.  Though there is nothing wrong with this, it may have been more inspiring to have had experienced their birthplace first before exploring outside.  This not only gives them the privilege to know their roots but realize that their country has so much to offer as well.

This 2018, we will travel

Yearly, we try to visit new places as much as we can.  Starting this year, though, I would want to make it a family tradition to travel to at least one major destination, either local or international.  I believe the kids would love the idea as well.  In just a few years from now, the boys would prefer to be with their friends so might as well make use of the remaining time when they still want to be with their family.  Aside from family bonding, traveling boosts up confidence, broadens our horizons, and gets us real-life education.  So this 2018, we will travel.  And we are pushing for Malaysia or Singapore.  Good luck to us.


*Hustle is a planner I got from Makati Medical Center.  It contains insightful information about health and wellness suitable to meet the demands of one’s daily busy schedule.  Every month, it provides features that are relevant in one’s journey towards a balanced lifestyle.



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