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Nov 18, 2016 | Life, Likes, Only Berlin

Second son had a fever.  His temperature –


bring down fever the easiest way

Aside from the high temperature, he was in pain.  He got hot flashes and cold chills.  He might have an infection. To remedy asap while waiting for his pedia’s kind advice, we opted to use cool packs on his forehead.


bring down fever the easiest way

bring down fever the easiest way

Kool Fever promised not to treat my son’s fever perse but it can cool the forehead and somehow relieve his fever related discomforts and feelings of hotness.

Kool Fever is composed of three layers — a fabric layer, a gel layer, and a non-stick layer.  From my readings,  I have learned  that Kool Fever’s gel layer contains hydrophilic macromolecule which can reduce the heat very quickly by absorbing heat through evaporation. It also contains the natural cool plant extraction (menthol) that can be well penetrated into the skin, to enhance the effect of cooling.  Even doctors recommend the use of cooling pads like Kool Fever for cold therapy and pain relief.

After just a few minutes, second son’s fever went down-


bring down fever the easiest way

We still decided to go to Medical City to have him checked.  We learned that he got acute tonsillitis.

Anyway, more lessons I’ve learned on how to manage fever at home.

1.  Wrap the patient in blankets or warm clothes if his fever is higher than 39 degrees celsius.   Added layers will help the body temperature from dropping.

2. Put the patient in an ice bath when his temperature is again higher than 39 degrees celsius.  My mother resorted to this kind of remedy to me before.  And it was proven effective to bring down a fever.

3.  Another crazy home remedy to get rid of fever that my mom taught me and I swear she’s been doing this to my kids whenever they are staying with her for the night —

vinegar sponge bath.

And it indeed brings down a very high temperature real quick!

It’s a little smelly though.


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