MOMI LEARNS| #SayItWithPizzaHut Calligraphy Workshop

Feb 7, 2018 | Likes, Live, Only Berlin

MOMI LEARNS| #SayItWithPizzaHut Calligraphy Workshop

MOMI LEARNS| #SayItWithPizzaHut Calligraphy Workshop


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This was what Paola Esteron, a visual artist and calligrapher, told her students at the #SayItWithPizzaHut Calligraphy workshop.

Let go of the brush

At first, I was hesitant to bend the tip of my brush.  I was afraid it will create more mess and even damage the brush’s pointy tip.  But Teacher Paola emphasized that we need to exert a force on the brush pen to achieve the desired look we want to see.   She stressed to write with full pressure and press down the pen tip up to its limit.   We need to apply heavy pressure to create thick downstrokes and apply light pressure to create thin upstrokes.  I easily understood her point.  As I look at some calligraphy samples, it is obvious that the variation of thick and thin strokes define this art of writing.

Pretty much like being in a relationship, we need to find the right balance between being too controlling and relaxed.

MOMI LEARNS| #SayItWithPizzaHut Calligraphy Workshop

MOMI LEARNS| #SayItWithPizzaHut Calligraphy Workshop

In my relationship with my husband, I admit I am getting a lot better at relaxing without the need to be in control.  And I have realized that the best control is in letting go.  Let me explain further.

I have noticed that when I try to control our relationship, I get too attached, working hard to think of ways on how to play out.  But when I just trust and let go of thinking much, the outcome is pretty much better.  Letting go never means giving up but letting go of the struggle to be overly critical, observant, and fault-finding.   Sometimes, I tell myself I need not know everything.  Remaining ignorant about something will allow me not to think much.

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Take it slow

Another lesson Paola imparted to her class was to develop a good sense of control.  We need to break down the letters and words to their basic strokes.  We need to slow down.   Unlike writing in cursive, we rarely lift our pen.  But in calligraphy, we need to lift our brush after nearly every single stroke. This allows the strokes to breathe.  At the end, we can notice that our writing doesn’t look messy or rushed.

Just like in our relationship, I learn to slow down.  Slow down in making a judgment.  I think first before I go on with my next line.  I am also now learning to breathe.  Spending too much time together with my husband or boys can create a false sense of comfort that would only make me too hard to let go.

#SayItWithPizzaHut dedication box

I enjoyed our brief yet fun calligraphy workshop.  Teacher Paola pretty much covered the basic lessons one needs to know in starting calligraphy.  This further pushed me to practice at home so I won’t forget the lessons we learned.

Very timely, too, that I could practice my calligraphy on the boxes of Pizza Hut whenever we buy personal, regular and large pan pizza. The very reason that Pizza Hut had the calligraphy workshop with Teacher Paolo.  Because this February, our favorite Hut presents its limited-edition Pizza Hut Valentine’s Box.  This box serves as our giant greeting card wherein we could be creative and doodle, write or design the box with our personal message.   There are just so many ways to #SayItWithPizzaHut.

But if we aren’t too confident with our calligraphy yet, some Pizza Hut branches have calligraphy artists stationed there to help write our dedications with such great flair.  Just drop by the following branches from February 10 to 11, 4 pm to 8 pm:  Gateway Mall, 2nd level SM North EDSA, SM Mall of Asia, Upper Ground Floor SM Megamall, and SM Manila.

#SayItWithPizzaHut signature pan pizza

And ow, aside from the heartfelt messages, it is when they open the box would they truly feel so loved.  If you want to be cheesy, perhaps the Cheesy Lava Mozza Crunch is the best choice.   Or you can communicate how abundant your love for them is as you gift them with a Supreme Supreme which is loaded with an abundance of toppings.   You can also opt for a box of  Bacon Margherita which is topped with tomatoes, basil, imported mozzarella cheese, cheddar and cream cheese, and lots of bacon.

Indeed there are so many ways to #SayItWithPizzaHut.  From the heartfelt dedication or witty pizza puns to the use of calligraphy to further emphasize the beauty of the message,  you can do it your way.

MOMI LEARNS| #SayItWithPizzaHut Calligraphy Workshop

MOMI LEARNS| #SayItWithPizzaHut Calligraphy Workshop

So this love month, come by any Pizza Hut branch and #SayItWithPizzaHut.




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