MOMI SHARES| Everyone happy at the Baby Company Grand Baby Fair

Feb 2, 2018 | Likes, Live, Only Berlin

MOMI SHARES| Everyone happy at the Baby Company Grand Baby Fair

MOMI SHARES| Everyone happy at the Baby Company Grand Baby Fair

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I was one happy shopper at the recently concluded Baby Company Grand Baby Fair.  Got to buy things that spell happiness both for this mom and her boys.  Let me share with you my experience.

Happy shoppers

Everyone was happy.  The moms and dads I saw all flashed their happy smiles as I maneuver my shopping cart within the spacious Megatrade halls 1, 2 and 3.  It was a Friday morning, the first day of the baby fair, and yet there were quite a big bulk of shoppers already.  Everyone was busy jumping from one booth to another.  I couldn’t blame them.  There were more than 200 brands on display and everyone didn’t want to miss any great deal.  Huge discounts of up to 70% were up for grabs.

As I waited for my turn at the counter area, I saw families excited to go home already to try their latest finds.  There were moms and dads who kept on giggling as they perhaps imagine how their kids would react to the newest toy they have just bought.  Some were even exchanging ideas on where to position their new crib, high chair, and toddler bed.   Others would even go back to the shopping area to grab more items.  Indeed, everyone was excited.  The halls were filled with happy noise, undeniable excitement, and boisterous laughter everywhere.

Happy kids

There were parents who brought their tots with them.  And these rascals were too engaged trying the toys.  Some even participated in a number of games and surprises prepared by each brand.  I, for one, brought my little one.  As I check on items, he would also grab a few that catches his attention.

I got the musical travel mobile he repeatedly grabbed.  I also bought a toy for his older brother despite my initial plan not to get any.  It stresses me to clean up his toys every day.  However, being in a sea of toys that day pushed me to buy one.  I simply can’t resist.  I keep on imagining my toddler playing with the wooden beads and numbers toy that I got.

My instincts never fail me.  My little two-year-old immediately played with the wooden toy.

MOMI SHARES| Everyone happy at the Baby Company Grand Baby Fair

MOMI SHARES| Everyone happy at the Baby Company Grand Baby Fair

Happy MOM card holders

The three-day baby fair was also one happy event for MOM card holders.  They got the chance to take home a swag bag just by presenting their single receipt with purchase of at least P5,000.  The swag bag alone contained about P 2,900 worth of products inside.

For shoppers without MOM cards, they got to apply at the venue and get their card, too.  They were also able to use the card instantly and got their swag bag.

Happy guests and organizers

But more than the discounts, raffle prizes, and gimmicks of each booth, the Baby Company Grand Baby Fair brought extra happiness to the celebrity guests and experts.  They were able to share their insights about motherhood, their take on parenthood, and bring entertainment to all.  After all,  it has always been their goal in the first place why they accepted the challenge to be guest speakers – to impart their knowledge.  These celebrities were Toni Gonzaga-Soriano,  Bianca Gonzalez-Intal, and Mariel Padilla.   Iya Villania- Arellano, Camille Prats, and Jolina Magdangal- Escuera also joined the fun.  Same with other celebrities like Maricar De Mesa, Jennica Garcia-Uytinjoigco, and Nina Corpus.

Happy family

MOMI SHARES| Everyone happy at the Baby Company Grand Baby Fair

Mom and baby essentials I bought at the Baby Company Grand Baby Fair

As always, the Baby Company Grand Baby Fair brings a smile on my face.  All the mom and baby essentials we got from the fair have become part of us.  Oh, I remember my first grand baby fair. It was there that I bought my LilleBaby carrier.  It was an investment I truly treasure and still use for our latest bundle of joy.  And I am seeing the music travel mobile and wooden toy, among my other loots from the last baby fair, to be part of our challenging yet happy family.

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  1. Dieter

    Seeing all this makes me wish to once again kid. Amazing what kids can get in our days, when I was small the offers have not been so huge, I think our choice was much more limited and for mum’s and dad’s not so tempting. Great work, keep it up

  2. Ma. Theresa Martinez

    Even if I am not present there, I cn feel all the giggles and laughter on the people around. I would just be the same if ever I got to be there. Too bad we were residing here in the province and commuting after the day’s work can really be a difficult situation for us. I hope next time, we can manage to just experience the fair. Would you care enough to give us an estimate on your stuff so we will have an idea how low the prices were?

  3. Amila

    It seems like a great fair to shop for kids’ items.I always like to visit such baby fairs.In Singapore,it is always easy to find trial classes and other activities for kids when we visit baby fairs.Yes,kids are too happy to visit such events,they get the opportunity to try several toys and games.And also some free stuffs to make them happy!

  4. Sriparna

    This is so darn cute. Kids these days are exposed to so many different types of fun I wish I was a kid again,just to enjoy these times.

  5. Meera

    This is so amazing. baby things always excite me. And a fair full of it, it just not enough. I can imagine how happy the kids could possibly be and the parents to shop at one place. Awesome!

  6. Irma

    The idea of organizing a baby fair is a fabulous one. I don’t know if there is such a thing in my city or country, but if not, then it should definitely be planned in future. There are future parents who don’t know where to buy the most quality things or what they need to have for their child. Furthermore, if all the things are on discount, the fair would undoubtedly be overcrowded.
    I am glad it was successful and that it made the entire families happy. Children enjoyed it, I am sure!

  7. Teresa Dumadag

    It’s usually fun to go to these kinds of events. In spite of the discounts, it’s good to be vigilant also to make sure parents only but what is needed. Sometimes, in the excitement, we could be purchasing on impulse. Still helps to make a list before going to similar events. 🙂

  8. thatguywithstories

    I liked the word ‘rascals’. It is such a funny word. Kids enjoying themselves is such a happy sight. I agree with you when you say that time spent enjoying is not a wasted time.

  9. Indrani

    Such a wonderful fair for families with kids. Mine have outgrown this stage. 🙂 The range of products is amazing and I can surely pick up some for gifting. The gathering there too is enjoyable one.

  10. Roselle Toledo

    Super hinayang we weren’t able to attend the fair to buy stuff for Choi and for my sister who got married last December, she’s preggy already and we are all excited.

  11. SiennyLovesDrawing

    100% agreeable with you ~ Time you enjoying wasting is not wasted time ~ Just so so true 😀 Wish we can have a similar grand baby fair in KL Malaysia too…then I can shopping lots & lots for my niece for upcoming soon CNY 😀 Ha…Ha…Since having her in our family, we all love to shopping for baby stuff…Ermm…just too adorable not to buy home 😛 Ha…Ha,,,
    Cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  12. Gene Rose

    Time at a fair like this is not wasted at all! I don’t have kids yet but I’m that Aunt who likes stuff for kids! And play with them! Everyone happy indeed.



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