MOMI SHARES| The love, hope, and faith in Giving

Dec 20, 2017 | Life, Links, Only Berlin

I always believe that attitude is a choice.  Same with giving and sharing, we may always opt to do so or otherwise.

If we decide to be generous and helpful, we might be surprised that eventually, it is us who reap the rewards of our kind deeds.

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Let me share with you the positive effects of giving.

Promotes love

Together with my good friend SJ of All-around Pinay Mama, we headed to LoveHopeFaith (LHF) Shop in Anonas, Quezon City.  We bought a few items for gift-giving. We particularly decided on LHF because 50 percent of its net proceeds are donated to its beneficiaries.   Its primary recipients are children with cancer.

MOMI SHARES| The love, hope and faith in Giving

MOMI SHARES| The love, hope, and faith in Giving.  I gave husband two Thomas Laureti polo shirts and the three boy one polo shirt each.

I would love to show to my boys that despite not being well-off, we could help in our own little ways.  They are more likely to adopt the mindset of giving.

I didn’t wait for Christmas to hand over my gifts. I gave to them their presents that night so they could use them in their Christmas party the following day.  Then I mentioned that through those items, we were able to help cancer patients.  I believe they appreciated the thought.  I saw them try the Thomas Laureti shirts and LHF watches with a proud smile on their face.

Motivates to be agents of hope

When I mentioned to the boys that 50 percent of the net proceeds will go to LHF’s chosen charity, they were amazed by the generosity of the group.  They asked me if LHF and Thomas Laureti have a website.  Then I saw them looking at the website. The following day, they mentioned to me they told their friends about the causes LHF supports.

Their friends who were impressed with the quality of the shirts and with the craftsmanship of the watches mentioned to their parents about LHF.  Even if my boys and their classmates aren’t potential buyers, at least they promote the group and its causes.

MOMI SHARES| The love, hope and faith in Giving

MOMI SHARES| The love, hope, and faith in Giving.  The three boys got to receive their own LHF watch, too.

Truly, fuelling the passion to help in their own way is the positive effect of giving them the presents.  My boys and their classmates become agents of hope for the cancer patients.

Brings faith to self

Giving gifts to my boys is something I would want to do almost every day if only I have all the resources.  Now that I am a stay at home and do not have a stable income, I seldom give them tangible things.  Thus, being able to save money and buy them presents this Christmas is something that brings so much joy to me.  It brings faith to myself that I could save up for them.

MOMI SHARES| The love, hope and faith in Giving

MOMI SHARES| The love, hope and faith in Giving.  Got this Percy Laureti bag for both my best friend and kind-hearted pediatrician.

The idea of not only touching the hearts of my boys but also can make a significant difference in someone’s life especially those who need it the most all the more makes the idea of gift-giving sweeter.   Somehow, I feel that I am able to create opportunities for these children with cancer to enjoy life longer.  That makes a real impact, filling my everyday life with more meaning and eventually bringing faith in myself that I could be selfless sometimes.

Helps those in need

The whole meaning of LHF’s business is to help.  With our purchase, we are able to help advance cancer treatments and in a way save lives.  That is the heartwarming story of LHF.

MOMI SHARES| The love, hope and faith in Giving

MOMI SHARES| The love, hope, and faith in Giving

If you still do not have something to give this Christmas, you may want to check LHF shop.  They have quality polo shirts, fashionable bags, and stylish watches.  These are the same items I bought for my family.  And as they wear them, the love promoted, the hope given, and the faith restored keep playing in my mind.  I know I made the right decision.


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  1. Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag

    Oh, this is a wonderful store! I am so happy to discover this store through your blog post. I will check them out through their facebook Page. I would love to support their noble cause as well.



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