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Dec 2, 2017 | Likes, Links, Only Berlin

This mother always believes that [tweetshareinline tweet=”the most influential people are those who leave behind incredible legacies.” username=”IfZgcz8ZKo14VSCu3y8ejhrBGaCG*R!N:1:0″]  Because these individuals’ names will live on in the hearts of the persons they touch.

[tweetshareinline tweet=”Everyone can have that opportunity to carve a name in someone’s heart ” username=”IfZgcz8ZKo14VSCu3y8ejhrBGaCG*R!N:1:0″]and be a hero.  After all, the great use of one’s life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.  The very same philosophy American philosopher and psychologist said and believed.

MOMI CALLS| Be a Life Saver now

MOMI CALLS| Be a Life Saver now

Lovehopefaith is a Life Saver

Such chance is Lovehopefaith Group (LHF)’s humble aim to help hundreds of is beneficiaries who are mostly children with cancer. As an all-Filipino social enterprise, LHF aims to give joy and hope through a cause-oriented business.  It provides affordable products to Filipinos and at the same time gives back to the community.  As it aspires to be an inspiration and a channel to empower cancer patients and the communities it aids, 50 percent of its net proceeds go to its worthy causes since 2013.  As the business grew, LHF added non-profit institutions to its list of beneficiaries.

A few of the products of LHF are Life Saver watches, t-shirts, and bags.  The watch, for one, features Japan Movement technology.  It is water resistant and comes in 10 trendy colors.  It is available in small and big sizes, giving individuals a wide array of options.  The cost of each watch is only Php250 wherein 50% of its net proceeds are donated to LHF’s beneficiaries.

You can be a Life Saver

You can be a hero and save lives.  Very timely that this Christmas season, you may opt to give the gift of time to your loved ones and friends.  Aside from being fashionable, each LHF watch is made from quality materials.  For one, it can withstand sweat and accidental splashes of water.

It is good to note, too, that LHF doesn’t only think of its beneficiaries but as well as its customers.  To further enhance the shopping experience for its customers, it has improved its ordering process.  Last April 2017, LHF has shifted online orders to its website  As shoppers visit the website, they can select their order, review their cart, enter their shipping details, and proceed to checkout.  All business transactions related to orders are coursed through the email  For queries, however, clients can send a message to the Facebook page or its mobile numbers.

MOMI CALLS| Be a Life Saver now

MOMI CALLS| Be a Life Saver now

Be a Live Saver now

Have you already decided to be a hero by making your purchase from LHF?  If yes, make your online order now before December 15.  LHF scheduled a cut-off for online orders to prevent shipping delays this holidays.  Because for one, the organization doesn’t want you to give delayed presents as well.  So shop now before your time runs out.  More than the gem of finding a beautiful yet affordable timepiece as a gift, it is the opportunity to be a hero that goes with it that matters most.

Again, opt to be a hero.  That is one beautiful legacy.  And create your legacy by caring for others.  Start with a Life Saver watch.

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  1. Thelittlelai: Beyond limitsl

    Wow, I’m so happy the moment I read this. I actually bought two life saver watch last year and up until now, I’m still using it. I bought one for myself and one for my brother. Truly, it is a good watch and I love the fact that buying one watch can save a lot of people. I will surely inform my friend again about this watch. THank you so much for sharing this with us.

  2. EG III

    This is such a beautiful cause. I’ve never heard of this organization, but I will gladly share and I hope more people can be inspired to be life-savers, not just this holiday season, but all year round.



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