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Dec 12, 2017 | Likes, Live, Only Berlin

Taking the smart steps

Two years ago, I started exploring ways I never thought I would soon embrace and love.   I exclusively breastfeed.  We tried cloth diapering.  We also babywear a lot.  My little ones and I co-sleep, too.  Instead of opting for the commercially available baby food, we prepare and cook our own.  Then our standards leveled up.  We choose quality over convenience.

That includes food and almost anything. We prefer organic food even if it means paying for an added cost.  We opt to bake our bread and cake to make sure of the ingredients we put.  Even the laundry detergent soap we use should reflect the love we have for our kids.  There should be no harsh chemicals which can dry and irritate our baby’s skin.  And because we hug our toddler and infant a lot, we also use the same soap as theirs.

Thus we opted to take the smart step.

Smart Steps for our clothes

MOMI STEPS UP| Smart Steps for our clothes

MOMI STEPS UP| Smart Steps for our clothes

Baby laundry detergents can be real expensive.  But we need to consider the safety of our two little ones.  Thus, we tried the Smart Steps Baby Laundry Detergent Soap and Baby Fabric Softener.  The brand promises to provide safe, mild, and affordable baby and child-rearing products for the modern smart mom.  I like that the brand and I have the same principle –  to provide the best care for our baby needs minus the steep price.

We machine wash most of our clothes as I don’t have much time and energy to hand wash them.  The powder easily dissolves in the water.  When I add a scoop of soap in the machine, I found no clumps of powder, a common sight when I use other brands.

For my toddler’s clothes with stains, I hand wash them while the machine is in soak mode.  I like it that there is no slippery feeling even if my hands are all dipped in the water.  I do not feel any single sting as well.

Smart steps means wiser decision

One time while we were washing the clothes, I asked Firstborn to pour a scoop of powder detergent soap onto the washing machine and a scoop of fabric softener into the machine’s softener slot.  My son questioned my decision for using Smart Steps on our clothes.

“It says here Smart Steps is a line of mild and safe baby laundry detergents specially formulated for babies.  Why are we using them on our clothes? We are not babies but adults.  This might not remove the smell and stain on our clothes,” my 15-year-old boy asked.

I explained to him that we often carry and play with our two-year-old boy and four-month-old baby, thus they come in contact with what we wear.  If we use the regular detergent, there may be harsh chemicals which can dry and irritate our two boys’ skin.

Curious, my boy further read the label.  He told me Smart Steps is made from plant-based ingredients that not only makes it mild and safe for baby’s sensitive skin, it can also effectively strip off grease and soiled breast milk odors.

Momi recommends Smart Steps Baby Laundry Detergent and Baby Fabric Softener

That day as well, we folded our clothes. The powder detergent soap and fabric softener are a genius.  I don’t know what innovation they put into the two products but honestly, our clothes came out feeling, smelling, and looking clean.  I love it most when we were folding our clothes.  Each felt so soft and the faded colors seemed to pop right back.

I am happy with our latest discovery.  Again, another smart step to care for my family that needs not be expensive.


MOMI STEPS UP| Smart Steps for our clothes

MOMI STEPS UP| Smart Steps for our clothes

We so love this brand that we also tried the Baby Bottle Cleanser.   When I go out and need to leave my boys at home, I hand express milk so we use feeding bottles.  The bottle cleanser can strip off milk and lingering smells from our baby’s feeding bottle and our toddler’s plate with only a few drops.  Indeed another smart discovery.   From then on until now, I am one smart mom who opts to take a smarter step with Smart Steps Baby products.

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  1. Michi (@michisolee)

    I agree, living in a single income is not easy but we can make it work. We just need to adjust our needs and wants, and also to try new things that will help us in the long run. How much na ba ang baby detergent, wala na ko idea sa tagal ko ng di gumagamit? 🙂

  2. Janice

    We’ve been using Smart Steps for several years now. We really love their products. It means more to us now though because our youngest is prone to eczema which means we really have to take extra care into choosing mild products for him.

  3. Melisa

    I haven’t tried Smart Steps products. Mabuti at may Laundry detergent sila. Noon pa talaga ako naghahanap ng detergent for baby. Maybe next time or in the future I will surely try this.

  4. MrsEneroDiaries

    What I love most about Smart Steps – affordability. I have compared it to other detergent brands, mas mura pero same quality. And I don’t have to iron my daughther’s clothes. #CertifiedSmartMoms

  5. Maan

    I was an avid Smart Steps user when Yuri was still a baby! Everything I used, from bottle cleaner to detergent, was Smart Steps. I found that it’s just as effective as the other brand and much cheaper, too!

  6. nilyncartagena

    I’ve tried a few smart steps products, I believe, as tokens from events/giveaways and I like their smell. I love co-sleeping, cloth diapering and baby wearing, but of all the 3, co sleeping lang ang naimaintain ko.



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