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Dec 8, 2017 | Likes, Only Berlin

Let me tell you who am I.  I am an only child blessed with five boys.   My mother would often say in a statement “Good Lord, how generous of you to give me six children.”  

Celebrating with family

Being an only child, I am not used to a busy household.  Birthday celebrations mean just blowing a birthday candle with neighbors or relatives. Christmas and New Year mean visiting relatives. After all, it has always been me and my mom so celebrating special occasions appear dull and gloomy.

As my first and only boyfriend and I decided to get hitched, we promised each other to celebrate every occasion with overflowing food, generous laughter, and abundant love. Year after year as our family grows, we also thank the Lord for the gift of life and the added year.  True to our vow, we make each celebration the best, making sure to surpass the previous year’s preparation.

There were years we lack food on our dining table, but it was overwhelmingly replaced with boisterous laughter and visible love for each other.  We always make it a point the boys understand that celebrations aren’t about food and gifts alone.  More than anything, it is being complete that would make each event memorable.

Celebrating with Spaghetti

Funny, I grew up thinking any celebration should have Spaghetti at the center of the dining table.  It is my favorite and a forever favorite which my kids seem to adapt, too.

MOMI SHARES| Family celebrations with Tupperware

MOMI SHARES| Family celebrations with Tupperware

Thus, when I started my family, we always have a bowl of Spaghetti on birthdays, Christmas, and weekends.   The ice cream may be forgotten but not my spaghetti.  It is because I also grew up with Spaghetti on our table.  I remember, I even gave my mother a Tupperware Spaghetti gift set as my first salary gift to her.

Family celebrations with Tupperware

I am an only child blessed with five boys.  I have a hardworking husband who never fails to bring food to the table.  My mother lives only a few blocks away from us and she supports us the best way she can.  She loves my kids as her own and from time to time cooks her only daughter’s favorite spaghetti.

The same spaghetti I serve to my family not only on holidays but on special occasions.  And those special occasions are Sundays or Saturdays when the five boys and my husband are at home. When the house is such a mess because the two-year-old boy enjoys scattering his toys while his three older brothers are all focused playing board games, chess or PS2.   The husband, on the other hand, is either drafting some architectural design or enjoying his second serving of Spaghetti.  As for this mother, she is either busy nursing her four-month-old son or washing the pots and the dishes.  We will all retire for the day happy and full because we just had a successful family celebration.  And we’ve been doing it for more than 15 years and hopefully more 15 years to come.

Oh.  I may say, aside from God witnessing our every family celebration, our Tupperware Spaghetti gift set has always been there at the center of our dining table. It is my mom’s precious possession before.  Now, it stays with my family, and just like before when I was still very much young and single, it forever carries my dear spaghetti to make our every family celebration fun, bountiful, and complete.

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  1. Thelittlelai: Beyond limits

    I was smiling the whole time I was reading your blog post. It reminds me of so many things whenever we have celebration at home. I as well grow up thinking that every celebration should have a Tupperware of pancit on our table. Tupperware is as well the favorite brand of my mother. Thank you so much for sharing this as it reminds me of so many good memories way back home. I truly enjoy reading this post.


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