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Jun 6, 2017 | Likes, Live, Only Berlin

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.

Andre Gide

As a mom, I can be real overprotective of my boys.  I buy a separate dishwashing liquid, for instance, for their utensils and plates.  I have this notion that regular soap may be too harsh because little stomachs are extremely sensitive to chemicals.

We were on a tight budget.  I tried to use our regular dishwashing liquid to my then one-year-old son.  The fine prints at the front portion claim it is good even for baby bottles and the like. And so I tried it and was convinced.

discover new oceans

discover new oceans

Since then, we regularly use Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid to clean almost anything from plates to utensils, pots and pans, and yes, our baby’s dining ware.  We even use it in cleaning our floor tiles.

From this experience, I learned that

It wouldn’t hurt to try new products in the market  

I could be a real loyal user.  Once I’ve tried and fell in love with a brand, I would use it and even recommend it to friends.  I hate experimenting as I fear the consequences may bring more harm than good.  Now, I am happy that I tried Bubble Man for our little kiddo’s stuff.  We save a lot in the process.

Read the label

Perhaps I belong to the majority who would just grab what she needs from the grocery shelf and leave.  I do not read labels as I find them too taxing.

All packed food come with a nutrition label as this is meant to provide necessary information to know exactly what we are eating. Understanding the food’s content helps us make healthier choices. It also gives us the opportunity to compare the nutrient content of different options. This is also same with consumable products like shampoo, dishwashing liquid, and detergent soap.  We need to understand what we put in and on our bodies.  And the best way to do this is by reading the labels.

I’ve learned that Bubble Man is free of sodium hydroxide. Sodium hydroxide is used to balance pH of the formulation but may cause irritation and dryness of hands.  Bubble Man is also Phosphate-free.  Phosphate helps remove grease but has harmful effects on the environment.

Know the manufacturer

Before retiring from work, I used to be a Sales Trainer.  I trained salespeople in pitching and looking for prospect buyers.  I also developed training modules and individual coaching plans for the sales agents.  And one thing I remember telling them was to sell the property developer before selling the development. Prospect buyers need to trust the developer first.

Same with buying consumer goods, it is prudent to know the manufacturer.  As consumers, we have the right to know how a company values product safety standard.  We should also take note of its core values as   it is the essence of the company’s identity.

When I researched on the makers of Bubble Man, I found out that the manufacturer is Mikewell World of Household Products Company (Mikewell W.H.P. Company). And the owners of Mikewell are Mapua graduates.  I have a high regard to Mapua graduates as Mapuans emphasize on the importance of discipline, excellence, commitment and integrity.  The same values my husband espouses.  Yes, he is also a Mapua graduate.

Discover new oceans 

discover new oceans

discover new oceans

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.

Andre Gide

We will never know what is at the other side of the ocean or even discover new ones if we never have the courage to explore.  Same is true with we will never know the worth of other products if we never dare try and leave for a while our favorites. I am happy I did.  I found Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid Soap.

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* Momi Berlin received this product for review.  All opinions expressed are her own, and are in no way influenced by the brand or any other sources.

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  1. SJ Valdez

    Bubble Man is my most favorite dishwashing liquid. It is affordable, safe, easy to rinse, and doesn’t harm the body and environment. We are also helping a local business when we purchase it. Win-win!


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