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Jul 29, 2017 | Likes, Links, Live, Only Berlin

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I never imagined myself driving a car.  Thus when I was forced to learn how to drive, it took me months before enrolling myself in a driving school.

Now, it has been more than a year and as I look back, I would only smile and thank my mom for indeed forcing me to learn how to drive.

Driving can be liberating.  The feeling I get when my foot presses the accelerator and my hand shifts the gear makes me feel strong and independent.  The same feeling I had when we bought our first car.

MOMI LEARNS| Buying your first car: Make an informed and empowered purchase

MOMI LEARNS| Buying your first car: Make an informed and empowered purchase. This is Franco, our ever reliable Ford Focus, having its well-deserved shower after serving us the whole day.

Let me share with you a few tips in buying your first car.  I haven’t considered many from this list simply because I do not know anything about cars.  Or I let others decide for me.    If only I could bring back time, I should have done my homework.  Having a car can sometimes be a liability more than being a multiplying factor in helping us succeed.   Good thing I chanced upon this site,  The website has a huge selection of information that would help one make an informed and empowered purchase.

Buying your first car

Look at the second-hand market

Cars quickly depreciate in value, losing about 20% of their value in the first year alone.   We got ours from an insurance company when they posted an almost brand new Ford Focus up for bidding.  Almost everyone said we’ve found a good deal.   But only after a few months of using it, we got to experience overheating problems.   So lesson number one, before getting a second-hand car, understand the real state of the car and its mileage.   Consult a professional.

Review maintenance and related costs

We were quickly impressed by the car’s look.  We were all the more impressed by its voice activation feature and hill launch assist which controls the brakes automatically to help one start from rest on a slope. It has so many stunning features.

Sadly though, we never considered the maintenance costs including tune-ups, oil changes, and regular car checks. We never even imagined how expensive its parts cost on top of the fuel expenses.

Consider fuel economy

Determine your purpose in purchasing the car.   We got the Ford Focus because we assume we will save much on time and school service fee.   The boys’ school service charges us P3,200/ monthly per head.  We’ve got three school boys and when we computed it, we would definitely save more if I would be the one to drive them to and from school.  They also need not wake up that early as the school service would fetch them by 5 am.  If I would bring them to school, we could leave the house by 5:30 am.

Given this purpose, we should have considered fuel-efficient models which consume less gas as opposed to gas guzzlers like Ford Focus.  The model we got is ideal for long distances drive outside the city.

Secure parking space

We do not have a garage.  We park our car outside along the subdivision’s street, leaving it exposed to the wrath of the birds, rain and even sun.  My mother would often tell me to clean the car every day as the exposure to sun and rain can result in damaged paint work.

 Make an informed and empowered purchase

MOMI LEARNS| Buying your first car: Make an informed and empowered purchase

MOMI LEARNS| Buying your first car: Make an informed and empowered purchase

Again, driving can be liberating.  I like it the most when I drive alone after bringing the boys to school.  I could increase the volume of the radio and sing along with it.  I like the temporary freedom it gives me.   But to enjoy its benefit to the fullest, it is but a wise to do your research, utilize different resources, and take your time when car shopping.

Ready to buy yours now?  Enjoy and see you on the road!


  1. Dawn

    Indeed this is very informed and empowered purchase, my sister and I are planning to purchase a car by next year and I had no idea how, why, or what to buy so it’s a great thing that I came across this post. I also agree on the parking space and we’re currently working on that one, so one point check for me. Yayyy! 🙂

  2. Clarice of My Metro Lifestyle

    Thank you for sharing this. Though it may not be our first car, we’re planning on getting a new one in the next few months so these tips are really helpful. I am glad you mentioned about the availability of parking spaces as something to consider.

  3. Angelie

    My dad has been around car and trucks almost all his life and when BF and I were planning to purchase a new car, his advice is that we’re better off with a brand new one. While it really depreciates value really fast, it’s up to the owners to take care of their new car for it to really last. Getting a second-hand for first time drivers can be risky especially if the new driver encounters a problem while driving alone.

  4. Swayam Tiwari

    The cost of owning a car is something that should be important. I mean the cost of fuel, servicing, tyres,and other consumables are important factors while buying a car. Style is also important but these days styles and models change at the drop of a hat. Do you drive often with your kids? Where do you travel to?

  5. EG III

    Congratulations on completing your driving journey. I think the most often neglected variable presented when people purchase a car is being mindful of the fuel efficiency so it’s good to see that you included that in this post!

  6. LaiAriel R. Samangka ( Thelittlelai: Beyond limits)

    Wow, what a great insights that you have shared here. I love how you cover the whole thing which have made me realize that owning a car is not really a walk in the park. I also appreciate your thoughts about buying a second hand car, at least I know what to do if I get to buy. I’ve been planning to practice driving and someday would have my own car if God permits. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  7. Aica Batoon

    Ooh, these are the same tips that my mother told me to consider whenever the time comes that I must buy my very own car. It’s sad that I’m already 20 years old yet I still don’t know how to drive! I’ve been planning to enroll into a driving school but I really don’t have the time, yet. Thank you so much for these pieces of advice! 😀

  8. Michi

    I never imagined myself driving a car too but it is my husband’s wish. It’s been 10 years na ko kinukulit ni hubby magdriving lesson but I have a lot of excuses. I don’t know when I can overcome my fears, forever passenger ni hubby.

  9. Nilyn

    No car here, lol! And I don’t think we’re going to get one anytime soon. Hopefully in the future, makabili din kami. Thanks for the ride sa car mo, I feel very safe, hehehe. I miss you!

  10. Corie Kuether

    I am a 34 y/o mother of four trying to find my body again! I recently dropped weight and I have been toning, but have now hit a plateau. I am confused if I should be using BCAA or the Protein shakes and how to use them. Do I use both? Protein for a breakfast shake and BCAA during workouts? Or do I stick to one? I workout at least five days a week with Beachbody programs and I’m looking to tone and lose maybe 5-10lbs. Thanks!


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