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Aug 1, 2016 | Likes, Only Berlin

Long Christmas break and the kids aren’t getting bored playing with their PS2.  And since firstborn needs to submit a load of projects on January 7, I required the boys to help their kuya with his projects.

First project (English):  12 bookmarks featuring the 12 strategy concepts and ideas, and 5 bookmarks featuring quotations or proverbs.

Teacher’s note:  Be creative.  How can you be creative with words and letters alone?

Solution:  We cut out needed words and photos from different magazines.  And if we can’t find the word we are looking for, we cut out letters making our work more tiring.  But the kids seem to enjoy our project making.

* (December 2012) I compiled and will share some of the school projects made by my boys in order to help other students with their research.  It has always been this momi’s intention to offer help the best way she can.


  1. Wendy

    Ganda naman ng mga bookmarks! So creative.



  1. english school pRoject: letteR wRriting, diaRy entRy, concepts, ideas etal. « mga pahina ni msbolin - [...] something to keep us busy duRing the ChRistmas bReak: pRoject making ( [...]

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