MOMI ASKS| How Sulit Is Your Baby’s Diaper? + Giveaway

Oct 23, 2017 | Likes, Live, Only Berlin

We have known this brand for 15 years already. We learned about it through experience. And though we try other brands from time to time, we always go back to our tried and tested Pampers Baby Dry.

As a couple blessed with five boys, we’ve learned the hard way. There were times both our Firstborn and Second Son often had diaper rash. It was because we bought those econo pack diapers sold in the dry market. With a Firstborn nearly two years old and an infant who both need vaccine among other things, we cannot afford the brand we used to buy before. It was a wrong decision and we learned the hard way. Never did we achieve the savings we’ve been expecting.

Fast forward to 13 years, we are again faced with a similar situation. We have our Little Man at two-years-old and our SumoSam at three-months-old. We try to make ends meet and still give our little ones what they need, diapers included.  And so this momi loves to share with you a checklist on how to save on diapers while still giving your child the best.

MOMI ASKS| How Sulit Is Your Baby’s Diaper? + Giveaway

MOMI ASKS| How Sulit Is Your Baby’s Diaper? + Giveaway| Our SumoSam enjoying his uninterrupted sleep, perhaps because of Pampers Baby Dry.

Does it offer exceptional absorbency?

To check the absorption level of a diaper, we need not only check how much liquid it can hold.  We should also consider how well it will be able to wick the liquid away from the baby’s bottom.  A good diaper should quickly absorb and lock in the wetness throughout the core.  This helps prevent the child’s skin from being exposed to persistent moisture, which typically leads to rashes.

One way to check the absorption level of a diaper is by doing a torture test.  Just pour the same amount of liquid in two different diapers.  The brand which remains drier to the touch offers better absorption.

Is it ideal for your baby’s size? 

To be sure of the diaper size, we need to check the baby’s weight. Just like most clothes, sizing differs from brand to brand, and so does baby’s fit on diapers.

As a mom of five, we were able to find the right fit through trial and error and a little adjusting.   It is important for us that the diaper our baby uses has stretchy tapes.  This feature helps adjust to our child’s shape and movement for superior fit and comfort.  When our youngster turned 6 months, we switched to diapers in pants.  They have elastic waistbands that adjust to baby’s weight and movement.  I also love the easy-on and easy-tear off benefits, making diaper changing a breeze.

Is it made of quality materials?

We all know that a baby’s skin is very sensitive.  It is important then that the diaper a newborn or toddler uses is made from ultra soft and gentle materials.  These features will not irritate the baby’s skin unlike those with a plastic feel.   It is prudent to note that a newborn will wear this diaper round-the-clock, thus comfort and safety should be considered.

Does it offer more savings in the long run?

Again, I always believe that a high-quality diaper gives more savings in the long run.

When we do our grocery before, I would compute how much a diaper really costs by checking the price of each pad.  I learned that it wasn’t the right way to compute.

When buying a disposable diaper, opt for the higher quality.  They may be expensive but they offer exceptional absorbency, which means we need not change diapers often.  This likewise means we could actually save more because we purchase fewer diapers!  To compute for the cost of diapers, it is more accurate to do it monthly because it reflects how much diapers our babies actually use, and how much we save from having less frequent changes.

A high-quality diaper also offers more protection against irritation and rashes, while a low-quality one may make the child feel uncomfortable.  At the end of the day, this makes the parent take extra and usually expensive measures to nurse a child back to health.

How sulit is your baby’s diaper?

Parents are often faced with the challenging choice of which product will provide the best value without compromising quality and comfort. Pampers ensures superior quality with 12-hours of overnight dryness to help give a baby a good night sleep and protection from diaper rash. In fact, Pampers Baby Dry can last longer than two ordinary diapers overnight.   This ensures our baby’s comfort and more savings for us parents.

This mother is talking based on experience. We have two boys using disposable diapers now. It hurts the budget so much that we opt to be wiser with our decision. The good thing about having three boys before them, we learned what brand to trust. And we always rely on Pampers Baby Dry. Because while there are many things that moms can scrimp on, our babies’ well-being isn’t one of them.

Would you like to try our sulit diaper?

MOMI ASKS| How Sulit Is Your Baby’s Diaper? + Giveaway

MOMI ASKS| How Sulit Is Your Baby’s Diaper? + Giveaway

Pampers would like your baby to experience the same comfort our two boys are enjoying. Three Momi Berlin Philippine-based followers will be receiving a basket full of Pampers Baby Dry diapers.

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Not all diapers are made equal.  Picking one out from the sea of brands available can be overwhelming at first.  And to make this task a lot easier, just go back to the four sulit questions raised here.  Surely after following the list, choosing a diaper wouldn’t be as hard as before.  You will just get your favorite brand from the grocery shelf and proceed with your shopping.

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  1. Angelie Namindang

    I choose the brand that will make my baby’s feeling comfortable and no rushes, very absorbent, affordable, and trusted for most mommies to be only the best!! And that is PAMPERS!! Kasi po pag Pampers ang gamit ng baby ko super maliksi niya at masigla at hindi din siya mahirap isuot. Kaya the best po talaga Ang Pampers.
    Angelie Namindang
    [email protected]

  2. Arleen Oboguin

    I truly trust Pampers for my 2 toddlers. Since sa panganay ko un na ang gamit ko, less worry sa rashes and super comfortable kapag suot nila. Walang problema sa likot nila. All day fresh ang mga anak ko 🙂

    • momiberlin

      Sama experience with my two kids. All day fresh talaga with Pampers. Thank you. By the way, what is the size of the diapers of your two toddlers?

  3. rhoda diaz

    As a first time nanay, i dont have any idea whats the best diaper for my baby. so i tried many diapers but in the end the best diaper talaga ang pampers for me. so i bought a box of it when my baby turns 2months old. mas comfortable si baby, mas dry sya all night, di mabilis mapuno at may wetness indicator pa plus super soft unlike other leading brand na parang papel. I love pampers.

    • momiberlin

      Good that you’ve found the brand for your baby. That surely would give you peace of mind.

  4. Arriane barrera

    I always make sure in choosing my little one diaper that it is budget friendly but also give me no worries as a mommy, I preferred cloth Like diaper than plastic diapers that I know my little one would be more comfortable and not irritable, smallest size that make my little one comfortably and exactly fit is the best choose, than giving her bigger one that we all know bigger one is more pricey, long hours absorbency for me is a must because it equal to less changing of diaper while preventing leaks and rashes to my little one, quality is check for me. I’m a no no mom in having harsh chemicals for my little one.
    With love, care and best diaper I would always give for my little love of my life .
    Fb: arriane barrera
    IG: @ayeshariane_412

    • momiberlin

      Yes on the no worries for moms. Love the last line you have here – with love, care, and best diaper.

  5. Ann Margot Gabris

    I will definitely choose diaper which is safe to my baby. I see to it that my baby’s skin is rashes free when she is using her diaper. The quality, comfortability at ofcourse the affordability is the best when it comes to diaper.

    Ann Margot Gabris
    [email protected]

    • momiberlin

      quality, comfort, and price seem to be the top three we always look for in a diaper, right?

    • momiberlin

      thank you for sharing how you choose your diaper. indeed comfort, price, and quality are what we truly look for in a diaper.

  6. Samantha Aguilar

    For me, I really choose ung sulit na diapers para sa magdamagang tulog ng anak ko, yung comfortable sa tulog anak ko at d nababasa pwet nya, para iwas rashes na din dba. I choose a quality diaper na kilala tlga ng maraming Ina and tlgang recommended ng lahat. Well, I’m a Pampers user na po for almost 4 years since I became a Mom, andami ko na din kasi nagamit na diapers, tlgang inisa isa ko kung alin ung tama sa baby ko at the same time tama sa presyo, metikolosa din po kasi ako pgdating sa price eh, but sa Pampers, ung quality ng diaper nya ay tamang tama lang sa presyo! I love it!
    Samantha Aguilar
    [email protected]

    • momiberlin

      I agree that the quality of Pampers is sulit talaga sa price nya. Thanks for joining.

  7. Liza Abiog

    Being a mom of two boys, I am very choosy when it comes to diapers. I make sure its gentle on my baby’s skin, absorbent and keeps my baby feel comfortable during playtime and especially at night. Good thing Pampers offers dry pants. It helps me a lot because my toddler is so active. It so easy to wear and super absorbent and the price is not that as compared to other brands.
    [email protected]
    Liza Abiog

    • momiberlin

      i also love the dry pants for my toddler. so easy to wear and parang brief lang tlaaga. thanks for joining.

  8. Mary Claire Ureta

    Being a first time mom, I make sure na okey yung diaper na isusuot ng baby ko. I want it absorbent, comfortable and easy to wear especially during playtime and night time. Kasi pag hindi maganda yung diaper na ginamit mo sa baby mo it cause diaper rash which is alarming lalo na sakin na first time mom. Mahihirapan matulog si baby at iritable sya pag may diaper rash. My baby is now a toddler, super active little girl. And I prefer using diaper pants and good thing Pampers is now offer diaper pants. Not just any other diaper pants because it was dry pants it is so comfy and easy to use especially during bed time. Breathable and absorbent hindi madali mag-overflow kahit madami ng wiwi si baby. The price is also good it is cheaper than expensive brand that also offer the same as Pamper dry pants have. Wise thing lalo na sakin na single parent. I love it and sinabi ko na din sa ibang mommy na kilala ko na subukan ang Pampers Dry Pants.

  9. MommyLeah Nunez

    I choose the best brand Pampers since I gave birth to my eldest son, now he is 11yrs old, and my second child too he is still using pampers dry pants diaper, and now Im pregnant and expecting to give birth next year, I’m surely buy Pampers again dahil it so sulit! one diaper can last for many hours iwas sa papalit palit na diaper which is nakaka consumed ng oras at sympre pera, kaya I choose Pampers because it has a good quality subok ko na sa mahabang panahon, malambot,hindi nakaka rushes at ang price talaga namn panalo ako dito lalo nga at mag tatlo na ang anak ko malaking tulong ang Pampers dahil nakakatipid ako sa diapers at sa pera… sulit na sulit para sa mga nagtitipid na mga mommy na gaya ko… thanks Pampers
    [email protected]#PampersBabyDryxMomiBerlin #SumoSamsDiaperofChoice #PampersPH.
    Momi Berlin

  10. Aiza C.

    Thanks for the share. I’m currently pregnant with my first. 🙂 So what you shared about diapers is really going to help me.

  11. Angel Eugenio

    kailangan laging praktikal pag dating sa mga kids , i have 2 kids nung baby pa sila Pampers ang brand na ginagamit ko until now sa bunso ko na 2yrs old. dahil best absorbent to 🙂 comportable sila at no diaper rash. mas nakakasave ako dito dahil 1pampers lang sa gabi ang magagamit ko sa anak ko , wala syang leak at mahimbing pa ang tulog ng anak ko buong gabi 🙂 sulit na sulit at pasok sa budget 🙂 thank you pampers <3

    • momiberlin

      i agree on the one diaper at night. plus yes, tuloy-tuloy ang tulog. 🙂

  12. Ezra Fonseca Pusing


  13. Ezra Fonseca Pusing

    As a first timer mom i always choose what is the best and what will make my baby comfortable especially when she is sleeping. That’s why i chose the brand Pampers! The best absorbent and free to diaper rash. I trusted this brand and really proven to many mothers out there

    Fb: Ezra Fonseca Pusing
    Ig: ezrapusing0020

  14. Regina Teoco

    Mothers know best and definitely for their babies. This is one of the things that you cannot compromise, choosing the right diaper for your baby. I remember once I tried other brands out there that promises comfort and very affordable compared to other brands but it only caused rashes and discomfort to my eldest. I learned this the hard way “You get what you paid for”. It’s really the quality that we should always consider and not compute the cheapest pad in the supermarkets. Real value for your money doesn’t always mean the cheapest price. Pampers really was true to its words, real comfort for your baby. Now for my 11month baby, I only choose the best diapers, Pampers Premium Care and Pamper Comfort Dry.

    Name: Regina Teoco
    FB : [email protected]

  15. Petruse Salagubang

    In choosing diapers for my babies, I make sure that I’ll go for the one that gives them comfort. I don’t care if its a little bit expensive as long as it gives my baby the comfort and quality. Me and my wife choose Pampers Comfort Dry, Why? because it has a very good absorbent diaper, it is also friendly on babies skin, and lastly the quality in brings.

    I don’t want to compare diapers but honestly Pampers Diapers are really good.
    They made their name already in the business of diapers, so me and my wife make sure that our kids are safe from Rashes.. Real Comfort and You totally get what your babies deserve.

    iG: @bubu_chacha34
    Facebook Name: Petruse Salagubang

  16. Arselyn de Guzman-Intoy

    As a first time mom, sa mga recommendations ng mommy friends ko ako madalas nagrerely sa mga choices ko kasi naexperienced na nila yung products. Nag attend din ako ng nga seminars/parenting emporium before ako manganak dati para mas marami ako makuha na information about best products to use on my baby once I gave birth. And one of the most recommended brand nila is Pampers! We’ve been using Pampers since day 1 up to now na 22 months old na baby ko. We started with Premium care nung baby pa sya then now Baby Dry na gamit namin. Yes, it is a bit pricey compared to other brands but it is absolutely worth every cent! Never nagka diaper rash ang baby ko, I swear! I just love how Pampers keep her comfortable and dry all day esp at night. Thank you for this giveaway!
    Name and FB name: Arselyn de Guzman-Intoy
    IG: @zophiecute
    Email: [email protected]

  17. Rose-Ann Peraz

    Pinipili ko sa pagbili ng diaper ay yung hindi nagkakarashes si baby para hindi siya iritable, very absorbent para hindi papalit-palit ng diaper lalo na kung naihian lang naman, komportable si baby para kahit anong gawin nya walang sagabal sa paggalaw niya, tamang size at fit sa kanya para walang leak kahit gaano siya kalikot at higit sa lahat yung makakatipid ako para yung iba kong pera ay mai-save ko o kaya makabili ng iba pang magagamit ni baby. Kahit medyo mataas ang presyo kumpara sa ibang brand atleast sulit naman kapag ginamit.

    • Rose-Ann Peraz

      Pinipili ko sa pagbili ng diaper ay yung hindi nagkakarashes si baby para hindi siya iritable, very absorbent para hindi papalit-palit ng diaper lalo na kung naihian lang naman, komportable si baby para kahit anong gawin nya walang sagabal sa paggalaw niya, tamang size at fit sa kanya para walang leak kahit gaano siya kalikot at higit sa lahat yung makakatipid ako para yung iba kong pera ay mai-save ko o kaya makabili ng iba pang magagamit ni baby. Kahit medyo mataas ang presyo kumpara sa ibang brand atleast sulit naman kapag ginamit.
      EMAIL: [email protected]

  18. Lougyn Decena

    I am a super fan ng Pampers, sa tatlong anak ko I only use pampers brand for them. Now with my 1year old and my newborn baby, sabay clang gumagamit ng pampers diaper. Super sulit ang presyo at sobrang satisfied ako sa result. Mahimbing tulog nila at matagal mapuno ung diaper. I wont use other brand! Solid pampers user here!

    Name: Lougyn Decena
    Email: [email protected]

  19. Mommy Madz

    I choose my daughter’s diaper depending on how it holds up to her needs. Of course, I need the diaper to last a long time without leaking and it’s great that Pampers Baby Dry is able to hold up a lot of liquid. I also need a brand that my daughter finds comfy and I’m glad that when we got Pampers Baby dry, she didn’t get any rashes. Pampers may be pricy but I agree, in the long run, it is sulit! Madz De Leon [email protected]

    • momiberlin

      so far with Pampers, no rashes din ang aming baby. Indeed, sulit, no?

  20. Nhessie Agustin

    I always take into consideration the quality,price and of course the compatibility with my baby’s skin. Pampers dry is the best choice for me.
    Fb: nhessie agustin
    IG: @rolledin2onemom
    Email: [email protected]

    • momiberlin

      quality, price, and compatibility are a big check in looking for the right brand for our kids. thanks for sharing this with us. by the way, what is the size of your little one’s diaper?

  21. Emilie Canapi Prades-Udasco

    What I considered in buying diapers for my kids since birth, eh ‘yung product na maganda quality.. ‘Yung comfortable mga anak ko at hindi nagkaka-rashes at the same time ‘yung pasok sa budget. ‘Yung hindi mai-istorbo tulog nila sa gabi at masaya sila everytime na naglalaro kahit naka-diaper.. From my oldest until now sa bunso ko, I only used one diaper brand for them. Kahit nagi-school na si bunso, actually sa gabi nalang siya naka-diaper, feeling comfortable pa rin siya sa gamit niyang diaper, at hindi siya nagkakaroon ng bakat sa tiyan.. ^_^

    Emilie Udasco
    fb: Emilie Canapi Prades-Udasco
    IG: @eliecious
    email: [email protected]
    fb shared url:

    • momiberlin

      I agree on the bakat sa tyan and feeling comfortable.

  22. Maine Rosello

    Pampers will always there specially to those first time mom like me , my mom used pampers when I was young & she strickly recommend that brand to her grand daughter. Pampers thank you for making my lil zia comfortable every day & every night.

    Ig: Dj_majaguava
    Email: [email protected]
    Fb: Maine De Villa Rosello

    • momiberlin

      nice that you’re using the same brand your mom trusted. surely, your little girl is always comfortable with Pampers Baby Dry



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