Sharp celebrates 40th Anniversary with 10 millionth mark of washing machine production

Mar 15, 2022 | Likes

Sharp celebrates 40th anniversary

In its 40th anniversary celebration, Sharp Philippines marks its 10th Million production in washing machine, as it continues to provide ease of comfort and a reliable partner to every Filipino household. With Sharp’s commitment to producing advanced products such as its washing machine, the company stays true to its values of sincerity and creativity. 

Sharp celebrates 40th Anniversary with 10 millionth mark of washing machine production

Sharp lives by the people

“As our Anniversary motto goes, ‘We live by the people, we prosper with the people, we will continue to provide innovative products that will make life comfortable and convenient” shared Sharp Philippines President and General Manager Mr. Kazuo Kito. Sharp also believes in the capabilities of Filipinos in terms of local production. “The Philippine market is very unique in many ways that is why Sharp continues to strengthen and expand its local production to deliver products that are built with Japan Technology and fits the Filipino needs and lifestyle,” added Mr. Kito. 

With the growing demand for more quality time and the increasing cost of utility bills in many Filipino households, Sharp started its washing machine production line in 1987 to assist Filipinos with their everyday struggles. However, more than just serving the purpose, Sharp continued to find new ways to manufacture energy-efficient products. Sharp re-invented traditional washing methods with their single-tub flip top-basin washing machine cover, which many Filipinos are now patronizing. 

Sharp releases special edition Ruby Red Washing Machine

As Sharp celebrates its 40th Anniversary this year, together with hitting the 10th million mark in its washing machine production, Sharp released a special edition Ruby Red washing machine model: ES-40TH85T(RD) (8.5 kg.). This model has a ruby red colored lid cover that is unique from its current washing machine colors available in the market. Moreover, this model also has two years extended warranty service. 

For this special occasion, 40 lucky winners for each monthly raffle draw will win Sharp appliances with its newly announced ‘Buy, Register, & Win’ promo. All customers who will purchase the Ruby Red washing machine will get a chance to be part of the monthly raffle draw and will get a chance to win prizes. First, each customer should register proof of purchase on the warranty section on the Sharp website. Once successfully registered, it will automatically qualify the customer in the raffle draw, to which winners will be contacted and announced on Sharp’s Facebook page. The raffle promo will run from March to May 2022. 

Sharp celebrates 40th Anniversary with 10 millionth mark of washing machine production

Sharp continues as every household’s reliable partner

The brand remains one of the top market shares for washing machines in the Philippines. It also received the ‘Most Trusted Brand’ award of washing machine by Reader’s Digest for 11 consecutive years. Indeed, Sharp will continue its commitment to delivering comfort, convenience, and innovation for the years to come. It is looking forward to achieving another milestone in the future with its valued customers. 

“We promise to continue our goal of becoming every household’s reliable partner in their daily lives, creating a satisfied and unforgettable journey to every customer all over the country,” concluded Mr. Kito.


  1. Maricel Alam

    Happy 40th Anniversary Sharp Phillipines.
    As for me,trusted brand when it comes to home appliances.Good quality and long lasting.

  2. Pat Loyola

    Trusted appliances brand tlga ang Sharp. Kaya no doubt na in 40 years nakapag produce na Sila Ng 10 million washing machine. I am proud Sharp washing machine user also. At magandang celebration Ng ika40 years Nila Ang pag release Nila Ng bagong Sharp Ruby Red washing machine ,at may chance kpa manalo kapag bumili nito.

  3. jenny cancio

    wow sharp is very nice…napaka matibay na brand at maganda gamitin

  4. Jen Guzman

    Subok na talaga ang Sharp pag dating sa kanilang mga appliances, kaya makaka sigurado tayong matibay at sulit ang ating ibabayad

  5. Winnie Cruz

    Happy anniversary sharp ,kame may tv na sharp matibay talaga nasa pag gamit din po

  6. Marife Leoncio

    Happy 40th anniversary Sharp Philippines.Yhe no.1 and trusted brand in the Philippines.May your business continue to grow..thank you for giving your customer a happiness and satisfaction

  7. Meriros Marcelino

    Happy Anniversary Sharp! Di nakakapagtaka na makapag produce kayo ng 10M. WM kasi maganda ang quality ng produkto niyo.

  8. Joan Lacida Andal

    Very trusted brand, very recommended, i love sharp

  9. Ruby Grace Pagar

    Happy 40th anniversary sharp ka name ko pa ang special edition na washing machine most trusted brand na din namin ito mapa electric fan, plantsa ar iba pa, that’s why 40years of existence is a great evidence kung bakit marami ding tumatangkilik at subok na ang sharp ❤

  10. Ilonah jane sales

    Comment *ng years sharp the best appliances brand anfld trusting ..salamat at more appliances to come ..

  11. Abba Seyer

    With it’s 40 years of good service to the consumers and dealers, they’ve shown how their brand is durable, reliable and quality.

  12. Antoniette Sanchez David

    Happy anniversary Sharp trusted brand ng appliances natin ito dahil sa ganda at tibay nito


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