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Sep 22, 2017 | Life, Likes, Live, Only Berlin

I love cooking for my family.  Food is the only thing that really has the power to bring my boys together, aside perhaps from board games.  We often gather around to eat.  We also attend parties, get-togethers, and reunion over food.

When cooking, I do not stick to the rules.  I rely mostly on my taste and imagination. I think of my boys and envision them happily eating.  Thus, instead of relying on cookbooks, I put my faith in what I think my boys would enjoy.  I work around with what’s left in the kitchen.  But I am on my most productive state when the pantry and refrigerator are full.

A delightful afternoon of feast

Recently, I attended a small gathering and presented are interesting food party ideas that are perfect for the upcoming Christmas season.  The dishes, though, despite their Instagram-worthy appearance aren’t too hard to prepare in the first place.  They may look intimidating, but they aren’t as scary as they seem.

MOMI COOKS| A taste fit for a king

MOMI COOKS| A taste fit for a king

Celebrity mom Camille Prats and her son Nathan shared two easy-to-do recipes with the help of Chef Katrina Cua.  The dishes they prepared were among the many foods served that day – Hungarian Sausage and Potato Gratin and Bacon Jam.

Camille relayed that “Nothing beats a home-cooked meal.”  Her mother is a great cook and now that she has her own family, she tries to be the best, too, for them.  And one high-quality meat product that is always a staple in her kitchen is King Sue.

MOMI COOKS| A taste fit for a king

MOMI COOKS| A taste fit for a king

A taste fit for a king

We honestly haven’t tried this brand yet.  And I am thankful that I got to have a taste of some of its premium products.  With its wide array of premium products, one can be assured of the most delicious and fresh picks, all fit for a king.  Again, I imagine my boys wolfing down those Sliced Ham, Hungarian sausages, and Sweet Ham.

King Sue is a heritage brand filled with rich history that carries on delivering the finest meat products.  And the promises of coming up with mouthwatering dishes made from King Sue products are just endless.  For one, the brand continues to adapt to the ever-evolving food industry, making it the preferred choice of the whole family.   Likewise, its very humble beginnings are what make it thrive.  As a homemaker, I do not see King Sue competing with other brands, but only maintaining its highest standard to hold on to its commitment 87 years ago to bring only the best meat products fit for a king.


I wrote this after our hearty breakfast.  Next to cooking, I love writing.  And I am inspired to write best on a full stomach.

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  1. Kris

    Yum! I haven’t tried the brand mentioned yet but I guess cooking is something that doesn’t just depend on a brand. It comes with passion as well and the drive to create a sumptuous meal. Im not sure if King Sue is available here but I would definitely try out this brand. Given that this brand has been competing for 87 years, I bet this is a good one worth trying.

  2. Janice

    We love King Sue. I find their different types of hams tastier than other brands. The price points are not bad as well.

  3. Angelie

    We have recently discovered King Sue and we’re surprised at how affordable their products are! We usually get their sweet ham and pepperoni for our pizza! Each pack costs less than a 100 and very affordable compared to other brands. 🙂

  4. Juvy Ann

    I kinda love eating more than cooking (lol), but yes, I try to cook meals for my family whenever I have time off from work. I have not tries King Sue before, but never got to try it. Will check it out soon. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Swayam Tiwari

    I think that the central idea of this post is that mums cook according to the taste buds of their kids, right?
    I resonate that thought.
    My mom used to cook for the three of us and now my wife does the same for my two daughters.
    Nice post.

  6. Michi

    I tried King Sue Tocino before but it was not a hit in our family. We prefer our favorite brand of tocino. I haven’t tried their other products yet.

  7. Lady Anne Louise Barrun

    That’s true nothing beats a home cooked meal. That’s why I keep on trying to cook delicious food for my family.

  8. Edel San

    We love King Sue. Its one of the brands that I have grown up with. My mother and grandmother were great in the kitchen. My daughter thinks I’m a great cook also. 😀


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