MOMI RECOMMENDS| Mas Soup Sarap for instant soup fixes

Sep 8, 2017 | Likes, Only Berlin

Let us admit it.

There are days you feel so lazy you wouldn’t want to leave your bed.  So you will tell yourself “five minutes more” only to realize you’ve spent nearly half an hour dozing off.

It is during those days you thank companies like Mighty and Strong (MAS) Foods Corporation for introducing instant fixes.   Last Monday, my 14-year-old son felt comforted almost instantly with a warm bowl of his Seafood soup.  My little Big Bunso, on the other hand, slurped a cup full of Chicken and Corn soup.  A perfect choice for him as he is showing some signs he will be having some colds.  The Chicken and Corn soup gave his immune system its needed boost.  And as for this mom, she had a rich and creamy mushroom soup to perk up her sleepy head.

MOMI RECOMMENDS| Mas Soup Sarap for instant soup fixes

MOMI RECOMMENDS| Mas Soup Sarap for instant soup fixes

Instant soup for my school boys

The Mas Soup Sarap is the first and only instant soup in its category.  It has such a strong savory aroma that may perk you up and make you wide-awake.  Such creamy with very flavorful taste, anyone can enjoy it as is or toss cooked pasta and some veggies.  Or you may even add a few cold cuts slices and you now have a real sopas treat.  My boys said the soup is indeed fulfilling.  As for this mom, I find Mas Soup Sarap a convenient choice for those days you are in a hurry and running against time.  You will just add hot water to have your instant fix of warm soup.

Last night, we had fried fish.  I find our food too boring that upon checking our pantry, I spotted our stock of Mas Soup Sarap.  I cooked some pasta, chopped a few carrots and onions and also some hotdog.  I tossed everything in boiling water and instantly, we have a warm Sopas to go with our fried fish.

MOMI RECOMMENDS| Mas Soup Sarap for instant soup fixes

MOMI RECOMMENDS| Mas Soup Sarap for instant soup fixes

Instant soup for my hikers

While preparing our dinner that night, an idea came to my mind.  My husband told me that this coming school break, he and the boys will go for a hike somewhere in Batangas.   Often, they have canned goods with them and water.   In those blistering days on top of a mountain, surely curling up by the fire with a flavorful Mas Soup Sarap is such a perfect way to enjoy the sight, the cold season, and each other’s company.  I will put a few sachets of Mas Soup Sarap inside their bag.  And should they need more, this instant soup is readily available in 7-Eleven stores, Super 8, Ultra Mega, San Roque Supermarket, AFPCES, Waltermart, and Robinsons Supermarkets nationwide.  Plus it so affordable.  For only P8.00, you can already have a flavorful instant soup to keep you warm, comforted, and full.

How about you, have you tried Mas Soup Sarap?  Stock a few in your pantry.  I bet you can enjoy long morning sleep knowing you have instant fixes for breakfast.


  1. Lux G.

    Also good for the busy working employee.

  2. Chorva

    napa-google ako kung ano to kasi na-curious ako kanina sa 7-11, parang recent lang to?


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