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Jul 30, 2016 | Likes, Only Berlin


Firstborn son’s latest Civics project is vinta making.  Though I have an idea how a vinta looks like, I still have to check Google for a more reliable look.

Here is our vinta, all made from an illustration board.  We glued the parts together using a glue gun.  The flag was an assortment of Japanese paper.  The boys have a number of GI Joe action figures so we added them as well, but they did not look like what we originally plan- fishermen (we glued the GI Joes later at night and I wasn’t able to take some pictures).

Just like in their previous projects, the boys helped me with the vinta.  But they were more eager to have the project done because it was Saturday and they are allowed to use the computer or Gameboy.

Anyway, four days after submission, firstborn happily announced over the phone that he got 98% for his vinta project.

We are all happy.  Now the boys are waiting for the teacher to return the vinta so they can play with it.

* (January 2011) I compiled and will share some of the school projects made by my boys in order to help other students with their research.  It has always been this momi’s intention to offer help the best way she can.


  1. wendy

    Ang ganda naman ng vinta! You are really good in this arts and crafts thing. Your boys are lucky. Laging bongga ang art projects nila.

    When I was in second grade, I had this egg mosaic project. I was clueless on how to go about it and my parents were equally clueless as well. Si erpat, kumuha ng mortar ang pestle and binayo ang egg shells hanggang maging powder like substance (think cocaine) then dinikit niya and ni ermat ang egg shells turned powder sa isang drawing na bilog. I am not kidding!

    • msbolin

      hahaha. sometimes talaga kahit matagal na there are things that we cant forget. like your egg mosaic project. at very supportive sa studies mo ang yung parents. imagine, sila pa talaga gumawa ng mosaic mo. napasobrahan nga lang sa bayo.

  2. msbolin

    salamat pala for appreciating the vinta. as per papa j, mali pa nga daw yan. maliliit daw dapat ang triangle ng flag at ang kulay ay violet at yellow lang. masyadong strict! buti , di sya ang teacher ni first-born.

  3. wendy

    Mas maganda naman yung kinalabasan ng vinta mo kasi colorful. 🙂

    • msbolin

      tama! ehehe.

    • momi berlin

      Thanks. Cutter and cutting board :). Ihihi


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