MOMI LEARNS| A smile shows strength

Sep 4, 2017 | Life, Love, Only Berlin

We went straight to my mom’s place after our four-day hospital confinement.  She would want me to stay with her for at least two months.    She insisted that a woman who just underwent a cesarean section needs at least three months to fully recuperate. But after three weeks, I assured her I can manage.

A gloomy return

With no one to look after the small house for three weeks, it obviously needed cleaning.   Thankfully, the boys were all cooperative to lend a hand.  Firstborn bleached the walls and floors.  Big Bunso did all the laundry, while Second Son took care of our Little One.

It was a Saturday.  The boys were expecting to sleep more, play even, and enjoy the weekend.  School has been pretty stressful and they deserve rest.  But their mom forced them to clean the house. And because they are respectful and obedient kids, they obliged.

The husband saw Big Bunso all gloomy as he folds the clean clothes.  “Smile while you’re doing your chores.  You will do it anyway whether you like it or not.  So might as well smile.” 

A smile shows strength

MOMI LEARNS| A smile shows strength

MOMI LEARNS A smile shows strength| My Big Bunso and one of his sweetest smiles.

A smile can hide many feelings.  Fear, sadness, heartbreak.  But it also shows one other thing, strength.

And so the obedient little man adhered to his father’s advice.  My gaze found my Big Bunso smiling. I didn’t see resentment nor sadness.   I saw strength.

My Big Bunso, just like his two other older brothers, displayed strength to face the tasks given to him.  Despite not truly loving the chores, my three boys obliged, showing great wisdom in choosing to respect their parent’s wishes rather than complain.

Most of the time, I truly wonder if my boys are just kids.  They seem to display great wisdom than their mother.


  1. Richelle Molon

    I liked what the master of the house said. I know I will borrow it someday. 😀 As always, your narratives are fantastic.

  2. MomsterTeacher

    How sweet your boys are. 🙂 I’m sure it warmed your heart to see how they’re trying in their own little ways to do their part. Rest ka muna. You need it more than you know to better take care of your boys in the future.

  3. Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy

    I like that phrase! I will try that when the boys are grumbling. I wonder how they’ll react! Haha! Bait ng boys mo! Hope you’re all settled in na. 😀

    • momiberlin

      Thanks. Haha, the house is still a mess. I think it will forever be a mess as I cant really find time to clean it. Nway, the important thing is we still survive despite the gulo and the boys are helpful pa rin to at least keep the house a little decent.


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