MOMI TIPS| laundry strategies for big family

Jul 26, 2016 | Life, Likes, Only Berlin

Laundry strategies for a big family?

A big family faces a mountain of laundry everyday.  And this seems to be a never-ending chore.  Because we need to wear clothes regularly, it’s no surprise that a day means tons of laundry to deal with.    Such good investment is an automatic washing machine to help the queen bee of the house lessen her household chores.

MOMI TIPS| laundry strategies for big family

MOMI TIPS| laundry strategies for big family


She will just ask her kids to sort out the dirty clothes according to color, load the sorted clothes inside the washing machine, set the machine to her preferred time and water level, put the soap and fabric conditioner, and viola! Semi-dried clean clothes are ready to air dry.

Yes, hang.  Unfortunately, the washing machine is only meant to wash, soak, rinse, and dry clothes (80% dry) and no extra mechanism to completely dry them.  So one needs to do it manually.

And more often than not, it is still the queen bee’s task or the husband when he volunteered to hang the clothes. The three boys will sometimes help, too.  However, very clear on their faces are the not so encouraging and happy smiles.

Quick solution?

After the washing machine signalled the clothes are all semi-dry and clean, this mother will sort out the clothes according to the owner. And one by one, the boys will hang their own clothes on their designated clothesline.  They, too, will be in charge of getting their own dried clothes, fold them, and put inside their cabinets.

The technique is pretty much effective to unload the parents of some chores.  The sad thing, though, is that even if I mentioned to the boys that a reward is readily available to those who would also fold mama’s and papa’s clothes, ours are still left untouched.

Yes, it is true.  Having a big family means the laundry basket is always full.  But it also means there will always be extra hands to help the parents make the laundry not a heavy chore but a happy family bonding.

And for those with a big family like ours, happy washing!


  1. Michelle Solee (@michisolee)

    Like you, I also invested in an automatic washing machine so even my 7 years old son can wash our clothes. 🙂 He helps me in washing, hanging and folding of clothes but of course, there are times that he is not the mood especially pag weekend, Ipad day niya. hehehe! But he has no choice because he needs to help at home.

  2. Neri Ann

    Nakakatuwa naman! May automatic washing machine din kame pero hindi pa pwede utusan mga bagets, kapag pwede na pagagawa ko din sa knila mag sampay at magtiklop hehehe

  3. Celerhina Aubrey

    Inggit ako sa automatic washing machine. I want one too. I live with the parentals and yan talaga ang solusyon sa issue nmin sa labada. Feeling ko. Good for you too for instilling discipline sa mga bagets. Damit mo, ligpit mo.

  4. Teresa Dumadag

    I love your strategy! 🙂 I also involve our kids with the laundry. They help sort, count and pack away. When it is raining and the clothes are hanged in our clothes rack with wheels, they help bring it to the covered portion of our garage. I think the key is to find age-appropriate chores for kids. 🙂

    • momi berlin

      I agree as well. Sometimes, i tend to forget about that age-appropriate tasks. I sometimes as them as well to help me with the cooking and cleaning the house, o hope im not being too abusive.

  5. gilian

    Having an automatic washing is a great help. I also have one, and it has saved me a lot of time. While cooking or doing other things, I just put all the clothes in the machine and wait for the sound that says it’s done.
    -All I have to do is hang them and let them dry. In this case, my 4 and 2 yr old sons are just too excited to help hang the clothes.
    -When the clothes are dry, I call them and tell them to get the clothes and put them on the bed (or couch). I make it like a game to them since they are toddlers, so they get excited.
    -When they are in the mood, I can even ask them to help me fold the clothes. =)
    -I also try to wash almost every other day so the clothes won’t pile up. I used to wash once a week, but it was more difficult because of the view of mountain of clothes I had to fold.

  6. Liz Aquino

    I don’t own an automatic yet but would love to have one when budget permits. Great strategy with the kids. At least it teaches them to value their things and do their tasks accordingly.

    • momi berlin

      Thank you. Yes, i believe so, too. Gives them the opportunity to really take care of their things and handle responsibility.

  7. momsterteacher

    I didn’t know there were already washing machines that can rinse the soap/detergent off the clothes, hehe.

    Ano kaya ‘yung washing machines in the US that completely dry the clothes, no?

    • momi berlin

      Dont know as well how it’s called but surely it could be too pricey. Hahah, happy na ako sa washing machine namin sa ngayon.

    • momi berlin

      Yey, too pricey but then if it gives you the convenience and saves time, it might be worth it. But with three kids all attending school and a baby just learning to walk, we could always settle for this type of washing machine until we could buy a new one again, perhaps super many years from now.



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