MOMI SHARES| Why I love Grab?

Sep 5, 2017 | Likes, Only Berlin

It was only last month when we got to experience Grab, the ride-hailing app that has become a sensation ever since its launch.  As one of Southeast Asia’s most successful start-ups, it aims to revamp the local taxi markets by introducing convenient cab booking with only a few taps on our smartphones.  Despite its promise, I still prefer the old fashioned way of getting a ride.  And sadly from my experiences, I would often end up disappointed and sometimes scared.  I enrolled in a driving school then so I could bring myself and my family to places.  But still, there are times it is better to have someone drive you.  Such an example was last month when we need to go to the hospital for my Cesarian section.

It was 11:30pm.  Husband requested me to download the Grab app. He computed that we would most likely stay at the hospital for four days.  And for four days we would be charged for the parking space which can be a real waste of money.

After a quick few seconds, I was navigating the app and discovering how it works.   It was easy to set our pick up and drop off point. And I was stunned that it was easier to find the nearest available driver.  I could even track the driver and know details like his location and estimated arrival time.  One could even message or call the driver.  But what perhaps impressed me the most was that with just a touch of one button, I could see all of the closest GrabCars available.  I was empowered to make a choice.

MOMI SHARES| Why I love Grab?

MOMI SHARES| Why I love Grab?

My first Grab experience

Our driver was courteous.  I can’t help but compare him with other taxi drivers.  The latter would demand a certain amount in addition to the P40 flag-down rate.   The Grab driver even adjusted the air conditioning unit.  His vehicle as well was clean and free from any unpleasant smell.

Is Grab helpful?

I am satisfied with Grab that my first experience with them was followed by another booking.  Momi Berlin itemizes the benefits she sees when one avails a ride from Grab.


Ride-hailing apps like Grab spell convenience.  It eliminates the hassle of lining up on taxi bays just to reach home.  It likewise frees us from hailing a cab on the street or waiting for a random taxi to pass by.  You could even wait while having your coffee at the comforts of your home.  In our first experience, we were able to book a ride even if it was already very late at night.


I, for one, feel safe while on board a Grab car. Got with me the name of the driver, his contact details, and his car’s plate number.  I was also told those taxi drivers who wish to join Grab need to submit National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance.  I also feel somehow secure seeing the GPS the drivers use in navigating the streets.  Have the option, too, to share the link of our exact location to my loved ones should I feel threatened or alarmed.

Discount and promo

I hate to be bombarded by text messages about condominiums and other properties offering discounts and promo.  But I love it every time Grab sends me promo codes.  But aside from the promo and discount, I like it that even before booking for a ride, I know how much I need to pay the driver for his services.  It truly irritates me whenever a taxi driver would demand an additional charge on top of his taxi meter just because the location is far and very traffic.

Grab booth

And what makes me head over heels in love with Grab is that they have a booth inside establishments.  People without smartphones and internet connection may just approach the Grab booth for their booking needs.  That, for me, is real customer service.

 Why I love Grab?

I love Grab simply because I loathe taxi drivers who would say up front they are not compensated fairly.  Either because they are stuck in traffic or could not get more passengers.  They make it appear it is your fault that the place you are heading to is so crowded with traffic.


  1. Kylie

    Great Review! I think these kind of services are becoming the more preferred option for transport compared to taxi services. I still feel a little cautious for my safety though, I just have my mum’s voicing ringing in my ears “don’t get in the car with strangers!”

    Great Review! I’ll keep it in mind if I’m ever in S.E Asia. x



    I had been using Grab for more than a year now. I remember how a friend used the ride sharing platform to get us a ride and since then, I was hooked. I agree with everything you said, and then more. In my case, driving became more a hassle as I will have to look for parking spaces. Instead of relaxing in a new car, I will have to struggle with the horrendous traffic. Grab takes away the annoyances.

    Today, I refuse to hail a taxi. Even at off-peak times when taxis would stop in front of me, I still book a ride with Grab. Yes, it is a little more expensive at times, but that is the price I pay in appreciation of a much better alternative.

    Having said all of the above, I also manage my time in such a way that I travel during the off-peak times. Not only do I avoid the traffic congestion, but I also do not have to pay more during times when the ‘surge’ is high.

  3. Nicole P

    I used grabshare once with a friend and after that I got hooked too. I also wrote my experiences with taxis a while back with the whole uber and grab and ltfrb issue, and the one thing I hate the most is that with manila taxis, I feel unsafe. Why? Because of the catcalling, contracting and the way they refuse passengers just cause it’s traffic or out of their way. defeats the purpose of things really. :p
    (the ones in baguio and cebu are WAY more corteous hence no need for these apps unless it’s the middle of the night and you’re in the middle of nowhere. 🙂 )

  4. Madz | Mommy N' More

    I don’t use Grab very often but I find it convenient when I do. My experience with having “Grabshare” with you was certainly fun. I really hope they continue this service.It is really a must have app for modern day commuters.

  5. Louisa

    I prefer the other ride sharing app. Although Grab can come in handy there are certain things about the app that I don’t like. Definitely, I’ve stopped taking taxis and would rather wait for my ride than have to suffer a smelly cab, irritable driver and unsure rate.

  6. Milton Coyne

    Honestly despite of many great feedback that I hear and read about Grab and Uber, I haven’t got the chance to try them both… So far If commuting via normal public transport will not work, I often look for a taxi but I am really eager to try Grab soon especially now that you have enumerate all the great benefits you can get from Grab

  7. Clarice

    I also love Grab. Practically, this has been our main mode of transportation instead of driving our own. I was actually a bit worried when they had issues with LTFRB.

    Also, you might want to use Shopback, they offer rebates for using Grab. 🙂 I wrote about it a few months ago.


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