MOMI NEEDS HELP| The quest for the Botanical Baby Bottom Balm

Mar 17, 2017 | Likes, Only Berlin

Help needed!

I got a Mommy Mundo Journey Box – The Smiles and Tickles Box last year.  My box contains mommy and toddler essentials plus discount cards moms would surely find useful as she journeys through motherhood.

The Diaper Rash Issue

It was not until last week that we got to use one small tub included inside my Journey Box. It is a botanical bottom balm intended to sooth a sore baby’s bottom.  After a few days of trying it, I must say that this gentle balm is great for minor skin irritations to severe diaper rash.

Lately, my son has an increased number of bowel movements.  This causes his bottom to be exposed to the irritating effects of his stool, thus he suffers from diaper rash.  Though the rashes are only mild,  I know it is painful as he cries everytime we need to wash him.

The quest for the Botanical Baby Bottom Balm

The quest for the Botanical Baby Bottom Balm

Then we tried the Baby Botanicals Botanical Baby Bottom Balm.  It quickly heals my 18-month old son’s diaper area.

The quest for the Botanical Baby Bottom Balm

I searched the internet for the makers of the Baby Botanicals Botanical Baby Bottom Balm but to no avail.  I even checked Instagram and Facebook, but again unsuccessfully found nothing.

I am in hopes of getting an answer from moms who have tried this amazing balm.  They may lead me where to avail of this baby bottom balm.  And for others who haven’t tried but have a sample of it at home, I can attest to its efficiency.


I already emailed Mommy Mundo about my inquiry.  I hope to hear from them soonest.


  1. Sabine

    Thank God you found a good solution. Here we have a good cream too that works. Let me know if you’d like me to look it up for you.
    But it seems that the problem is solved 🙂

    • momiberlin

      Yup, found them. And yes, thankful that Ive finally found a solution to my baby’s diaper rash.

  2. kareen liez datoy (@blessedliez)

    I’m curious about the Mommy Mundo boxes which I see in different blogs. I’ll take a look at it. And it’s good that the baby bottom balm can do wonders to your baby’s rashes. Me, I just use petroleum jelly. Hence, my baby doesn’t have rashes at all.

    • momiberlin

      Ive heard the wonders of Petroleum Jelly as well. Use it to keep my ankles smooth. No doubt it will also be helpful to baby’s bottom 🙂

  3. Jynnice Lingayo

    Hi Momi Berlin!:) The Brand is Botanicals in Bloom, it’s a Baby & Mama Organic Skincare. It is available at Mommy Mundo Store in 2F Fun Ranch and BabyMamaPH. They have stores in Ortigas, BGC and Alabang. YOu may visit also their website:

    • momiberlin

      Thank you for this. Appreciate the help.

  4. Janice Villanueva

    Happy to hear you discovered Botanicals in Bloom’s awesome baby balm through our journey box. That’: why it’s one of our #topmompicks ! Thanks for sharing!❤️We hope other moms will benefit from your post!

  5. momiberlin

    No doubt on the top mom picks. Great product indeed.



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