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Feb 27, 2017 | Likes, Only Berlin

My mother turned 62 years old two days ago.  And so we celebrated a week earlier as one of my sons has arranged an earlier commitment on February 25.  We made our booking at Traveloka and stayed overnight at The Mediterranean House in Batangas.

Allow me to share with you the experience we had at The Mediterranean House.

The Mediterranean House

My love for open spaces and the warm sense of hospitality brought me to book an overnight stay at The Mediterranean House.  This small hotel is tucked away off the main highway of Nasugbu, Batangas.  If we did not ask for direction from a nearby sari-sari store owner, we might spend the night circling the area. My mom, who was driving that time, had hesitations accessing the very narrow path leading to the place.  My boys, who were keen to take a rest, boosted my mother’s dwindling self-esteem.

We did not like the facade of the supposed hotel.  The place did not look like a hotel at all.  It was more like a pension house in the middle of a not so friendly environment.  It is within a residential community and far from the well-known Tagaytay sceneries and tourist destinations.  Even my boys were disappointed.  They wanted a refund.  My mom’s urging pushed my kids to get out of the car and carry our things inside the place.  We had no choice.  Darkness was fast approaching, and we needed a place to stay.  We have been traveling for hours.  Plus, we already settled the booking fee.

Our The Mediterranean House overnight stay

The Mediterranean House amiable staff

The friendly staff greeted us at once.  The receptionist led us to our room and instructed us where to find the dining and recreation area.  She made us feel at home.  A few minutes later, another staff knocked at the door to take our breakfast order and ask us at what time we prefer to eat.  It has been their practice to ask guest of their orders a day before to give the cook ample time to prepare.

The Mediterranean House living space

Our room was a two-single unit connected by a door.  It was cramped yet had a homey feel.  It had a good lighting, and the beds were well-pressed.  I loved the color of the bedroom wall, truly embracing the Mediterranean style – terra cotta warm tone.  The floor as well is Moroccan-inspired  – indeed the Mediterranean influence is everywhere.  The rooms had such comfortable air conditioning system that did not send shivers up to the spines. It turned us off , though, when no water was coming out of the bathroom sink.  The flush was not working either.  Too bad that there was a foul odor coming from the lavatory as well.

We requested for a room replacement.  At first, the room attendant did not approve.  But I was insistent and firm with my demand for a new unit.  We deserve a decent room, I told them.

After a few minutes, the receptionist directed us to a new unit, much to our delight.

The Mediterranean House lifestyle amenities

Our The Mediterranean House overnight stay

I pictured my family and I enjoying the first rays of sunshine under decorative pergolas covered with climbing plants. This mom all the more imagined herself enjoying the clear moon under the same shade while enjoying the scent of the evening air.  I was not disappointed when I saw a pergola and the hanging plants and the spacious and open multi-purpose hall.  It was truly a sight to behold.

The boys were impressed with the swimming pool.  The water was so inviting. The pool’s size was large enough as well to accommodate them. Even under the blazing heat of the sun, the water was cold enough to tickle and entertain my boys.  The children did not want to leave the swimming pool area.

The garden was equally inviting.  One could imagine butterflies and bees enjoying the flowers all over the place -another feature I missed now.  In addition, terra cotta pots and jars were aplenty same with various kinds of orchids and plants adorning the place.

Other amenities available within the place are gym, exercise room, and sauna room.   Sadly, we were not able to try those as my boys were just too excited to go swimming.  This mother looked after them as my mom was preoccupied.  She was having her 70-minute full body massage.

Looking at the lifestyle amenities of  The Meditteraen House, the place makes such great vacation home.  It is filled with a warm sense of hospitality that never goes out of style.

The Mediterranean House food

Our The Mediterranean House overnight stay

We enjoyed our breakfast more than the dinner.  The Mediterranean House had such big serving of food we were not able to finish our meal.  We requested the hotel staff to serve the leftover in the morning, but then again, our breakfast plate was too big for us.  The food was filling and indeed provided a lot of energy to face our day ahead.

Our The Mediterranean House overnight stay

Our overnight stay was a pleasure.  Even for a quick visit, we were able to recharge, relax, and had a memorable vacation.  Staying at The Mediterranean House was like enjoying the comforts of our home with the amenities and privacy we deserve.  It felt like the place was ours that weekend though most rooms were fully occupied.

Should I recommend The Mediterranean House to friends?  Probably yes if they are looking for a Mediterranean-inspired vacation home away from the hustle and bustle of city life.  But if they just want to have a relaxing weekend with good food, excellent hotel services, and tourist spots only a few minutes drive away, I would recommend looking for vacation homes within the Tagaytay proper.  If there is one thing I would suggest, it is checking out Traveloka for hotel offers.



  1. cieri

    Belated happy birthday to your mom! The place looks perfect for a family bonding. The breakfast is very inviting! Will probably try Traveloka bookings next time.

  2. Michi

    I did not know about this place, we always go to Canyon Cove in Nasugbu, Batangas. It is nice to know that they transferred you to a different room. I agree, you deserve a decent room and you went there to relax, hindi para mastress.

  3. May Palacpac

    Ugh, I’m not very choosy with accommodations but I do care that there is water and a working flush! I can’t say I’m attracted to this place even though like you, I like wide open spaces. I understand why your mom hesitated to go through the narrow roads leading to the place. I’d feel the same way. That breakfast looks clean and yummy, though. It’s a good thing that you still enjoyed the place.

  4. Nilyn Matugas

    Never heard about this place too. Mukha nga’ng mejo malayo sa kabihasnan. hehe. Pero for me, mukhang maganda din sya, tahimik. Mabuti at nag enjoy ang mga bata sa tubig. Belated happy birthday to tita, tagal ko na din sya di nakikita. hehe.

  5. Gracie

    Wow! A new place to visit, belated happy birthday to your mom sis!

    The breakfast meals are indeed on “big serving”

  6. Heart Calimlim

    Belated happy birthday to your mom sis ♥ We’ve never tried staying sa ganitong type pero looks like maganda naman siya for a family. I am very particular din sa lavatory issues, kasi no matter how pleasant ang room, if their bathroom sink, faucets are not working, everything will be ruin diba? Mabuti at they take action agad.

  7. Maine

    I love the trellis! I hope you could also post photos of your room and the other amenities.

    Belated happy birthday to your mom! 🙂

  8. melisa

    Buti nalang at pumayag sila na lumipat kayo ng unit and bumawi sa agad sa masarap na agahan. Maganda naman ang place and I love tahimik. I know you had a great staycation there and so happy for the boys na nag enjoy din.belated happy birthday to tita, may the good Lord bless her abundantly!

  9. Maria

    Didn’t know there’s a place like this. I only see the Thunderbird and Camp Netanya. Places inspired from foreign countries is really a nice place to visit. The environment seems to be really relaxing and calming. I will definitely check that out soon!


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