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Nov 28, 2016 | Love, Only Berlin

If my boys say the darndest things, my mom can also say and do the most surprising and unexpected things ever. Sharing with you some of those anecdotes of a grandmother –

Anecdotes of a grandmother on Sterilize Yael

October 7, 2015

I so love my mom. She is such a doting grandmother to my boys; never will she allow anything bad happen to them- catching illness included. So when we got home yesterday after a long day of errands, her advice:

Momi: i-sterilize mo mabuti si Yael at maghapon yan sa labas. Kung anu-anong germs at dumi ang nasagap nyan.

Me: OMG! I-sterilize daw ang baby ko!

Anecdotes of a grandmother on first Facebook

October 2, 2015

Someone is just too giddy it shows. Just look at her face.  She is learning Facebook and her  12-year old grandson is helping her add friends.



Anecdotes of a grandmother on hit him harder

December 9, 2010

Firstborn’s aggressiveness is very much present during his metal Beyblade fight with his brothers. But that same aggressiveness disappears during a real mano-mano.

Today, I have learned that my Firstborn son was being bullied in school. His bigger classmate (my son is taller, but the evil classmate looks bigger because he is fat) would get his pencil and other school supplies without permission.

One PE day, my son was changing from his PE uniform to his daily uniform.  The fat classmate suddenly grabbed Firstborn’s jogging pants, waved it in the air, and tossed it in the air like a rag doll.   The wicked classmate later picked the jogging pants up and ran.

Later that night, my mom asked Firstborn where his jogging pants were. Firstborn had nothing to say until the insistent grandmother managed to force him to talk.

And that was how mother learned of the bullying incident.

She advised firstborn to punch his classmate in the stomach.  My son rebutted and said that Justin (the name of the rude boy) hits harder and it hurts like hell.

And that was how mother learned that an eight-year-old bully had punched our eight-year-old boy in the stomach and it did hurt our Firstborn.

Upon learning of the punching incident,  my mom hurriedly scheduled a date with the teacher and guidance counselor.  She will also look for the jogging pants and the Justin boy.

Though I was not present at the meeting, I could vividly picture how the meeting transpired.   Mother has always been there for me when she feels I am undermined.  I remember a few office mates would call her Annabelle Rama because of her sharp tongue.

Anecdotes of a grandmother on riding car with her

October 17, 2013

What would be the consequence of going home with your 58-year old mother doing the driving?   And that means you are helplessly sitting on the passenger coach just beside the driver.

Let me tell you my story.

On our way home,  I turned the television on to watch TV patrol.   Ted Failon was making a roundup of that night’s news.

Ted Failon:  Pinoy’s satisfactory rating,  Bumaba!

And here came my mother’s rather quick comment.

Mother :  Dapat Lang.  Yang sa pork barrel , di nya mapakulong.  Wala ring syang magawa! 

Ted Failon:  SSS executives,  isosoli ang milyon-milyong bonus. 

And again was my mother’s irritated and somehow in-the-mood-to-look-for-a-fight tone–

Mother:  Dapat lang.  Ang kakapal ng mga mukha nyo.  Ang daming di makaclaim ng mga pension at loan tapos kayo bobonus ng milyon! 

Ted Failon:  Kilalanin! Sino ang highest paying taxpayer ng taon. 

And as expected,  here again, was my mother’s loud voice.

Mother:  Naku, sino kaya un?  A,  baka ako.  Ihihihi. 

That’s my mother and she really made my gloomy day so bright.  Even outside was gloomy but she painted the sky with a rainbow with her funny rantings.


  1. Above Rubies

    Hahah! Grabe natawa ako sa i-sterilize si Yael! lol. Ung nanay ko ganyan din, mabilis mag komento. hehe. Nakakatuwa. hehe.

    • momiberlin

      Ehehe. At sya pa galit kapag kinokorrect. Ehehehe

  2. KT Nielsen

    Hahaha! I can’t stop laughing. Your mommy is too funny! Especially the tax part. Her wisdom clearly showed though when she learned about the bullying incident. I wonder how will my mom react when she meets my daughter. She’s starting to talk now and it has been almost a year since they last saw each other. I’ll be extra observant and probably share some anecdotes too if I catch anything. Great read! Really heartwarming!

    • momiberlin

      Thanks for the appreciation. My mom could be the coolest but sometimes I wasnt able appreciate that.

  3. Mommy Queenelizabeth

    Funny mom! We are lucky to have moms who are always there for us, specially for our kids! I have my mom always in the house to assist and even my mom in law and they are my bestfriends! They are funny, and happy people whom i knew i can really trust. And they give the most controversial advice that could mean a joke for us a lot of times.. hahaha

    • momiberlin

      Perhaps moms are like that. We may be like them as we grow up some more.

  4. Janice

    Hahaha! Kakatuwa naman mom mo. 🙂 But I especially love na sya talaga pa ang pumunta sa school to resolve the bullying incident of your son. That really shows a lot of love for her grandson. 🙂 You’re all blessed to have her.

    • momiberlin

      She is really matapang, cavitena raw kasi. But she can also be the sweetest and most generous lola ever.

  5. ROBERT LEE | Amazing Life Daily

    HAHAHA! Funny and anecdotes mo talaga. Nakakatuwa si lola. It’s nice that you write it like this, somehow, there were moments na hindi nakakatuwa when it was happening, pero ngayong kwento na lang ito, nakakatawa.

    By the way, your boy is okay naman. Bullied man before but he is fine. 🙂

    • momiberlin

      Missed writing as well and joining threads. Been real busy with diseases and not so pleasant things. Nway, yes, my mom can be the funniest though she isnt aware namN.

  6. Maria

    I missed reading your anecdotes! I haven’t been able to blog hop for quite a while. Maybe school won me over the other side of myself. Hahaha! This is really lifting my mood especially the punching part. I was only able to be with my grandmother for just a while. We weren’t that close but I do quite remember that she taught me some subjects because she was a teacher. Those were the days. Surely, your mom is such a great mom!

    • momiberlin

      Missed joining threads as well. Been busy with the little man as he got pneumonia and roseala last month. He is ok now, thank God so back to blogging.

  7. theresa

    Before, I really can’t really relate much on motherhood. But now that I’m a new mom, I can so relate to this. My MIL also loves everything about my son (his first grandchild) so she also created a Fb account and saved and upload videos of my son. But I really laughed harder on sterilizing your baby. Granny’s so cute!

    • Berlin

      Haha. She meant no harm on sterilizing the baby, for sure. But yes,grannies cAn be our babies’ number one fan.

  8. Indrani

    That is so brave and caring of your mom. Your kids are lucky to grow under her observation. And children can withdraw to a shell if not monitored well.

  9. mikka alaia

    What a sweet thought on sharing your stories about your mom. It’s good that you are able to immortalize here online everyone will know and ready about her. it made me miss my grandmother, I wish we were able to have same time together and teaching her about facebook and what not. hehe

    • Berlin

      That makes me miss my grandma, too. She loves her apos so much I know she will be a doting granny to my boys and my cousins’ children.

    • momiberlin

      Hahhaha. I cant imagine myself teaching my grandmother facebook among others. Ihihihi. I must be cute indeed.

  10. Thelittlelai: Beyond limits

    Oh! Your mother is really thoughtful and caring for your children, it is then nothing compares to the love that a grandmother gives to her grandchildren. This made me think of my grandmother who happens to be loving and would always protect me when I was a kiddo even until now that I’m old..

    • momiberlin

      Thank you. She is indeed very thoughtful and generous. She spoils my boys to the max. And yes, very protective too of them.

  11. Laveena Sengar

    This was an amazing and beautiful post. I miss my grandmother a lot. She passed away when I was little. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the article and I am sure she must be really cute.

  12. ASKSonnie

    Awww, sweet and funny. I made me missed my Nanay too 🙁

    Our mom has been there for us me and my kids too. She helped us look at our kids back then when they’re still small. Giving us the confidence we need when wifey and I were busy working.

    • momiberlin

      Lolas are always like that – filling the emptiness and spoiling the kids. Your reply makes me miss my own grandmother as well 🙂

  13. Milton Coyne

    aww… she reminds me of my Lola too.. I am a lola’s boy and your post just made me miss her even more…. if she’s still alive today , I wouldn’t mind teaching her how to use gadgets and even create a facebook account of her own.. but I know she’s on good hands now ^_^

    • momiberlin

      Your reply makes me smile. You must have really loved your lola. I also miss my lola. She is the best! The same thing perhaps how my boys look at my mom – the best lola ever.


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