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Feb 24, 2017 | Likes, Only Berlin

My hardworking husband

My better half resigned from work this month to concentrate on a construction business he set up.  He would usually spend his days meeting clients and inspecting sites.  At night, he would work on with his plans over a cup of hot coffee.  Before I sleep, I always make sure we have hot water for him.  He would drink about three cups of coffee to stay awake.

I may say he loves coffee so much.  And I am sure on his meetings, he drinks more cups and mugs of his favorite drink.  He may still drink some while on transit.  Thus I am positive he will love what is waiting for him tonight.

UCC Creamy Caffe Latte for my hardworking husband

The UCC “The Coffee Roaster”

We just got a cute crate full of brewed coffee in a bottle!

How thoughtful of UCC “The Coffee Roaster” to come up with authentic ready-to-drink bottled coffee accessible to busy coffee lovers. Now, they could have the real taste of freshly brewed coffee with the UCC Creamy Caffe Latte.  Husband, being a coffee lover, would surely find this real convenient and heaven-sent.  No need to stand up while on work to make his coffee and fuel up his night.  He could also bring it with him while on the go and still satisfy his taste buds until the last drop.

UCC Creamy Caffe Latte for my hardworking husband


What is unique about the UCC Creamy Caffee Latte is that it combines real coffee with the creamy taste of milk.  This all the more brings an authentic coffee experience coffee aficionados would surely appreciate.  It is made from roasted and ground coffee beans to capture the flavor of brewed coffee.

The UCC Creamy Coffee Latte is an excellent companion either at work or even during leisure time.  It is best to drink it cold and still feel that extra boost to keep you going.

To bring this creamy coffee experience closer to coffee fans, a pop-up store and a dispensing machine will be available at the Venice Grand Canal Mall in Taguig.  This will be from February 27 to March 12, 2017.  Human billboards will be around the place not only to awe shoppers but also to give out samples of UCC Caffe Latte.  One needs to take a selfie and upload it to his Facebook or Instagram account.  For more details, one may check the mechanics at UCC Facebook page.

Have I told you my dear husband is a coffee lover?  With UCC The Coffee Roaster now in a bottle, he will have his favorite caffeine fix readily available.  And should he wants more, it is conveniently available at leading supermarkets.  For sure, he will ask me to include UCC Creamy Caffe Latte in our regular grocery list.

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  1. Marge

    This is the first time I’ve heard of it, wow UCC have their bottled coffee now, so exciting! I am actually in love with the Kopiko bottled coffee, kind of addicted to it. When I went to Japan and Taiwan I also bought nothing but bottled coffee hahaha… So yeah definitely this is something that I would love to try. I wonder if it’s available now in the nearest grocery store where I live. You husband would appreciate it for sure!

  2. Gryselle Mae

    My fiancé loves UCC coffee as well and I’m sure he will be delighted to hear the good news! This bottled coffee is really ideal for businessmen and women who travel a lot and needs a cup of coffee on the go~


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