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Feb 24, 2017 | Likes, Only Berlin

February is my mother’s birth month. She is such a hardworking lady that at age 62 years old, she is far from retiring. My mom works even on weekends though she has no one to support to already. She just does not want to be idle. Often, she would treat us luxuriously, and I am forever grateful for that.

As her only daughter, I would love her to face new life experiences even at an old age. She enjoys spending time with her four grandsons, so no better way to celebrate her birthday than a quick getaway. I booked for an overnight stay away from the hustle and bustle of city life. I would love her to enjoy listening to the sound of nature and for once, appreciate time as a luxury. She needs not worry about clients and the laundry. All she needs to do is relax. Because more than anything, she needs to rest.

For hassle-free vacation, I always rely on one online travel service – the Traveloka app. The app is very simple to understand, and gives me options on the first click. It is, after all, the fastest growing hotel and flight booking platform in Southeast Asia offering exclusive travel deals with no hidden fees.

Let me show you how friendly the Traveloka app can be.

Hassle-free hotel search

Traveloka is available on both the Android and iOS platforms. And it is free. Since I was eyeing for a local trip only, I just ticked the Hotels option. I was instantly directed to the hotel I prefer plus the necessary details like check-in date, duration, total guests and rooms needed. I love this feature very much. It is very direct, straight to the point and no nonsense.

Hassle-free hotel booking using Traveloka

Hassle-free hotel booking using Traveloka

Readily presented is a full array of hotel options including the exact location, guests’ rating, and cost of a room per night. Again, this feature involves no trouble at all as presented already are the three essential things I would love to know for a place. I have a particular budget in mind so I could quickly filter those hotels I prefer. Plus, I could easily check the location and even nearby tourist destinations.

Hassle-free hotel booking using Traveloka

Hassle-free hotel info

Everything I need to know about the hotel is readily available in just one click. I particularly love how Traveloka inserts a few photos of the hotel on top of the page. It somehow adds to the emotional impulse of the traveler to decide. But more than that, it assisted me to explore the hotel before I finally commit my booking.

Reading wasn’t too hard as well as presented are cute graphics to show the main facilities of the place. Sometimes, words are too much to show the beauty of the hotel. Graphics are excellent options to provide us space to breathe and let our eyes relax from too much sea of gray. For one who would love to take a glimpse of the whole services, he could just click “see all facilities.”

Hassle-free hotel booking using Traveloka


Hassle-free booking

I was easily pleased with my option, so I decided to book. A summary of my initial booking inquiry was presented same with my contact details. Any particular request is also given importance.  This is to take note of special favors like making the night memorable by surprising my mom with a custom cake or a beautiful bouquet of flowers, for instance. At the end of the page is the summary of the billing.

Hassle-free hotel booking using Traveloka

Hassle-free payment option

Traveloka offers a number of payment methods. Choosing from the several payment options allow me to comfortably and securely pay for my purchase. I opted to pay via over the counter at 7-11. The convenient store is just a stone-throw away from our place. By the way, there are also discount codes in the Ongoing Promos tab to help one lower his billing. How cool can that be?

Hassle-free Traveloka experience

My booking took about 30 minutes only. It was fast and easy because Traveloka helped me make a choice from the very start. The app already singled out my options. I genuinely enjoyed my Traveloka experience. Booking and traveling can be real hassle-free. It instantly turned my smartphone into a perfect travel assistant. And should I make another hotel booking, I will surely use Traveloka.

Aiming to have that much-needed vacation?  Try the Traveloka app and see and feel the convenience.



  1. Michi

    I always read good reviews about Traveloka. Sometimes their rate is better than the hotel rate, maybe because of the discount codes that you can use. I do check their site from time to time if I need to look for flights or hotel/resort rates pero hindi pa ko nakapagbook, pag may extra budget na. 🙂

  2. Rain | Words and Wanderlust

    Wow! I’ve been hearing nothing but good reviews with Traveloka lately, especially amongst travel blogger friends. I understand their flight deals are awesome too!

    I agree with you on the photo bit. Visuals indeed matter when buying/booking online. As in everything, one has to like what one sees.

    Downloading the app now, and will see for myself. Thank you for this review! 🙂

  3. Jerny

    I tried this app and I had no issues with Traveloka. However, when I tried comparing prices with Agoda and Booking, Traveloka appeared to be charging a lot higher. Anyway, if you really don’t mind the price too much, why compare? lol. But then again, yes, Traveloka is making their name now in this industry!

    Vouchers, though, can make the rates cheaper compare to other so I think it’s Traveloka still is a good choice. 😀

  4. May Palacpac

    I can’t wait to use Traveloka for our family travels. I’ve been testing a few travel apps lately, but only Traveloka has everything in. Very helpful if you’re not a seasoned traveler like me.


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