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Feb 21, 2017 | Likes, Only Berlin

Where is your happy place?

I have come to know my boys love to stay at Timezone for hours.  They could empty their power cards in an hour and would request for a reload.  Nothing’s changed now that they consider themselves like grown ups.  The more that they love to play, and would only stop when again, their cards got empty.

If my boys have found their happy place, I, too, got the chance to discover my own happy place.  It is a place I would love to look around, shop if I have the resources, and chat with the owner or staff.  I could also let my little man play at the cute activity area as I again, look and shop around.  That place is where most moms like me converge and be in the know of the trendiest mommy and baby products.  It is called 9 Months and Beyond.

Where is your Happy Place?

Home is where the mom is

Strategically located along Malingap Street in Diliman, Quezon City, this charming boutique is a haven for parents and kids.  A carefully curated collection of mommy, baby, and children essentials and wants are aplenty.  These products and brands are offered by moms for fellow moms.  Thus, very apt is 9 Months and Beyond’s tagline Home is Where the Mom is.

This mom and baby concept store showcases a wide array of baby products that surely most moms would love and appreciate.  Baby and children clothing and accessories in the cutest and most creative prints are on display.  Anything a child needs from toiletries to feeding essentials, toys, baby carriers and its accessories (like drool pads)  and whatnots are readily available.  For the moms, they have nursing pillows and dresses, beauty products and even fashion accessories.   The shop even carries natural and non-toxic home and baby cleaning essentials from bath soaps to detergents, linen sprays, and baby utensil cleansers.  Seriously, they almost got it all! They carry over 30 of the biggest mom and baby brands uniquely offered by local sellers.

Where is your Happy Place?

And if you just cannot get enough of 9 Months and Beyond, they are very much present on Facebook and Instagram.  But then again, nothing beats the happiness of escaping the stress and constraints of everyday life by being physically present at your happy place.  It simply makes you feel completely at ease.

Finding my happy place

Having an emotional connection with a place is something inspiring.  Aside from contributing to your happiness, it gives you deep contentment and meaning.  Because as you glide through the shelves, you are always reminded that you are a mom – the pure essence of your existence.   Staying at 9 Months and Beyond makes me feel at home.  Because again, home is where the mom is.

A cloth book I got to take home for my little man. And he would look for it every day as soon as he jumps out of bed.

Momi Berlin’s Directory

9 Months and Beyond Facebook | Instagram

Address:  22 Malingap, Diliman, Quezon City
Operation Hours:  11AM–8PM



  1. ROBERT LEE | Amazing Life Daily

    I have had several happy places. In fact, I don’t think there is such as thing as ONE happy place, but several.

    When I was young, I started cutting classes in grade school, and it is ironic that I cut classes to go to National Bookstore. As far as I can remember, that was my first happy place.

    Next was Boracay, and ever since then, any beach is a happy place for me.

    Because I was a geek, there was a time that I was happy strolling where there are computer shops.

    Nowadays, I stay home mostly. My new happy place? The online blog community.

  2. Ana

    I love their tagline ‘Home is where mom is’. The concept of happy places is really inspiring too, though I don’t think I have an emotional connection to a specific one (perhaps because I’ve been moving abroad since forever, and ready to move abroad once again).
    I think my happiest place would be where I get to be with the ones I love most. So definitely, home is where your loved ones are 🙂

  3. Nora

    I think my MacBook is like my baby because I’ve moved quite a lot and I tend to say my home is where my Mac is haha! 🙂

    My present home is definitely one of my happy places. I love the big modern balcony, high ceilings and quiet neighbors. Other happy places for me are my favorite library in Helsinki, it’s so nice and peaceful there. It’s the place where I tend to study, blog and work if I really want to concentrate on something.

    Another happy place in NYC. I love wondering around, going to the world’s best dance schools, eat out, hangout at the rooftops. I just love feeling the beat of the big apple. 🙂

  4. Angelie Pangilinan

    Supermarkets are my happy place! I just love wandering around looking at stuff, mostly food! Haha! I love seeing new food items and cooking ingredients. Am I weird?

    • momiberlin

      You are not weird. I know a friend who loves supermarkets just as much as I appreciate them, too. Supermarket nourishes us, I think. And it is not only a happy place. It is our goal to visit it at least once a month. well, basically because of yes – FOOD. 🙂

  5. kareen liez datoy (@blessedliez)

    The bookstore and a craft store is my happy place but I seldom go out these days because of my newly born baby. So, turns out my happy place is just home where the kids are 🙂

    I like the name of that place, 9 Months And Beyond. And their interior is so nice especially the white brick wall with flowers.

  6. Herbert

    Home is my happy place. The screams of my 2 daughters and the mess they made around is my stress reliever.

  7. Nilyn Matugas

    My happy place is anywhere close to nature, beaches, parks, and more! But of course, most of those need money to be able to even get there so my cheapest happy place is my home, with my son and my husband. 🙂 But this 9 months and beyond is nice too, I’d love to go back here, need money nga lang din. lol.

    • momiberlin

      Haha. If only we could get money as easy as getting leaves from the tree. Pitas pitas lang. That perhaps is the reason for hardwork. So we be able to value our work and money. But seriously, I would want to buy so many things at 9 months and beyond. Yes, money lang ang kulang. Ehehe

  8. May Palacpac

    I used to also consider a baby store my happy place, haha, but now that my kids are older, my happy place is usually my corner here when the kids are out with their dad and I’m left alone to read and clean up and all that jazz. 😉

  9. Maria

    My happy place is our home in Legazpi or wherever there are pens, pianos or even places filled with products under the arts and crafts genre. Isn’t it such an amazing feeling when you are in your happy place? It just cheers you up instantly when you feel down even for just a bit. The name 9 Months and Beyond is just unique. 🙂

  10. Dawn

    I love this place. I’m not a mom yet but I’m sure my mom would love this place a hundred percent. Reading this blog, it made me think, where is my happy place? To be honest there’s no place that first came into my mind. Well I think my goal from now on is to find my happy place.


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