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Mar 13, 2017 | Likes, Only Berlin

I won The Great Grammarly Premium Giveaway of Christopher Jan Benitez last year.

It had taken weeks before Grammarly communicated with me.  Thus, to make up for the delay, they upgraded my three-month account to five months instead.


Is Grammarly Premium Worth The Cost?

Is Grammarly Premium Worth The Cost?

My premium account will expire next month, and I am contemplating on extending my plan.  Under the quarterly plan, I need to pay $19.98 / month.  Is the amount worth it?

Is Grammarly Premium worth it?

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an online grammar and spelling checker.  When I tried it, I may say it performs beyond checking the grammar and spelling.  It flags all your mistakes from punctuation, contextual spelling, word spacing, and sentence structure. There is an explanation for each error and an option to improve your word choices. It also has a plagiarism detector and even cites a reference where the phrase must have been lifted.  This online grammar checker can also look for repetitive words and again offer a suggestion that best match your content.


Is Grammarly Premium Worth The Cost?

Is Grammarly Premium Worth The Cost?

Grammarly offers two packages. Mine before winning the online contest was a free version.  I downloaded the browser extension (available for Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari) and I could work straight on my blog.  With the extension as well, I could check the grammar on my Facebook status or anything related to writing.   The free version, though, could only check for up to 100 points of grammar, contextual spelling, and punctuation errors.  For advanced corrections, one needs a premium package.

Is Grammarly Premium worth the cost?

After Grammarly had confirmed my winning, they upgraded my Free version to Premium account.  I readily felt the difference.  There are vocabulary enhancement suggestions and genre-specific writing style checks.  The plagiarism detector is also working.

I may say that after using Grammarly Premium for four months now, it tremendously helped me become conscious of the way I put words together to form proper sentences.  I became more mindful of repetitive words and the use of preposition.  Though there is Grammarly Premium to check my article, I still strive to write a flawless copy.  It pleases me to see few errors in spelling, punctuation marks and use of preposition.

So is Grammarly Premium worth it?

How Grammarly Premium helped me?

I do not want to rely on Grammarly Premium to make every copy flawless. I take pride in my work and aim to master the art of creating an accurate, impactful and credible English composition.   But I could not dismiss the fact that Grammarly Premium extended such great help to make me a mindful writer.  That beyond the content, I should give notice to the length of my sentences and paragraphs.   I have come to love the use of active words as they rivet readers’ attention over passive verbs that weaken my writing.  Also, I am guilty of using squinting modifiers that made me modify the wrong word.  Moreover, Grammarly made me realize that to make my text easy to read, I need to be direct to the point.

Grammarly Premium helps fine tune my writing.  Its insights are commendable.  It saves the user from the embarrassment of several typographical and grammatical mistakes.  It helps proofread my articles and turn those compositions into error-free and easy-to-read.  I become more confident of my English language.

So is Grammarly Premium worth the cost?

Grammarly Premium is Worth The Cost

The app is not a necessity for every writer.  But it is a useful tool.  Grammarly was able to help me in my first four months of use.  Again, it made me be a mindful writer because Grammarly is a good grammar checker especially if English is not your first language.   It may take time for others to learn the basics of grammar and Grammarly is a great way to help you be careful.

For those who would love to be guided of his grammar, spelling, and punctuation, I suggest you subscribe to Grammarly Premium. After months of using it and you are positive you have finally got the hang of it, trust yourself and be confident you could do it with or without Grammarly Premium.

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  1. Michi

    I’m using Grammarly free version since last year. I’m happy with it because it can notify the wrong spelling and punctuation na minsan hindi natin napapansin pag nagmamadali. But so far, happy na ko sa free, wala budget for premium. 🙂

    • momiberlin

      Been using Grammarly as well since last year. And the premium version has added features you would surely find helpful as well.

  2. Johna

    Ohhh interesting! First time hearing about something like this. Looks like a great tool to have esp since I’m also writing/blogging. Will definitely look into this 🙂

    • momiberlin

      Thank you for visiting. Yes, check Grammarly. It might be helpful to you as well just like how it helps us.

  3. Nilyn Matugas

    Using the free version too, just like Mitchi. And for someone like me who is not a grammar expert, this Grammarly helps greatly. I am confused, especially with the preposition. But I don’t think I will have a budget for the premium one either. lol.

    • momiberlin

      Preposition is also one of my weaknesses. Hehehe. I agree. Grammarly is a great help.

  4. Ritche

    Very happy with my free version of Grammarly, my friend Nilyn recommended using it so I added it on my google ext and voila instant proofreader! It easily detects errors specifically in spelling, punctuation, etc. as sometimes I’m always in hurry writing emails and it’s hard to notice those small mistakes. It really makes my life easy coz I know I’m not a grammar nazi 🙂 so I really need this! Reading your blog about the interesting benefits of having a premium subscription makes me want to purchase 😀

    • Nilyn Matugas

      I am with you, tih! Big help jud si Grammarly. ♥

      • momiberlin

        Couldn’t agree more.

    • momiberlin

      Yes, the Grammarly Premium has added features that you would surely love and enjoy. Thank you, Nilyn for the recommendation.

  5. Princess Mikee

    It is really interesting. I have read a writing book to guide me in writing to at least have a good grammar and composition. This tool will be very useful especially if you are a professional writer. It will proofread and guide you of some typo errors that you don’t intend to commit. If you have the budget, I think it is worth it.

    • momiberlin

      The Grammarly Premium is indeed a great help not only to professional writers but even to students, researchers and the like. I enjoyed using it and surely anyone else would love it too.

  6. May Palacpac

    I think that it’s perfectly fine to utilise online apps to help writers maintain the quality of their work. Personally, I value the insights and ideas more than the technicalities of a written piece, so I do tend to overlook that part from time to time

    I’ve tried Grammarly before and I have no problem with it except that it can override a writer’s voice when one is not careful.

    • momiberlin

      I agree with the last statement. The writer should use this app or any app with great caution.

  7. Nora

    My fiancé have been using the free version for couple months and he has been very happy to it. Maybe I should try it too. 🙂 I think I’m quite fluent in English but it would be great to learn how to punctuate properly! Thanks for sharing your experience of the premium version!

  8. Mica de Leon

    Oh, I need the grammarly app. Although, the premium cost is out of my budget. I’ll just have to make do with the free version which I just installed after reading your blog. Haha.

  9. Hot Fit Cookie

    This was a really helpful review, thank you! I’ve considered trying and potentially purchasing Grammarly, but I was too busy doing other stuff for my blog. I had an impression that Grammarly is kind of basic grammar checking and lexicon enhancing tool, but apparently it’s much more. I’ll definitely give it a try.

  10. Teresa Dumadag

    I started using Grammarly (free version) a few months back. It’s really very helpful. It alerts me when I make mistakes. I’m not very good at typing and I tend to commit a lot of errors because of that. Thanks to Grammarly, I get to edit and proofread faster.



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