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Feb 14, 2017 | Likes, Only Berlin

Momi Berlin and her little man attended The Asian Parent Baby Bash last Sunday.  The event gathered about 50 mommies and their beautiful families at the spacious  The White Space in Makati City.   The baby bash aimed to give the hardworking moms a break from their usual everyday dealings. The affair was also a perfect time for mothers to bond with fellow moms.  Some got to spend some quality time with their kids as a play station was readily available.  Indeed, it was a day of fun, love, and laughter.  Momi Berlin and her little man truly enjoyed their short stay.

The Asian Parent Baby Bash

The Asian Parent Baby Bash

The two-hour event had doctors and experts talked about proper skin care for babies.   Moms like me went home doubly equipped with the proper knowledge on weaning our babies.  A Sensory Bottle Station was also available to allow parents create a rainbow loom sensory bottle for their baby play activities.   The organizers showed thoughtfulness as well by providing a diaper change station and a breastfeeding room.  Raffles and online games made the event even more exciting and fun.

The Asian Parent Baby Bash

Lactacyd Baby newest products

Everyone went home with invaluable knowledge, new products, and uplifting experience.  I, for one, brought home Sanofi’s Lactacyd baby Liquid Powder.  A new project yet to be introduced to the market, the liquid powder  is 100% dust-free.  It comes in lotion form and is specially formulated with extra moisturizing ingredients.  This newest product of Sanofi is good for bums and is gentle on the lungs.

Another product we got to grab is the Lactacyd Baby 2 in 1 Moisturizing Cleanser.  The cleanser lets parents gently cleanse their baby whenever, wherever – with or without water.  It claims to provide extra moisturization.  This will keep baby’s delicate skin hydrated and protected from dryness, irritation and rashes.

The Asian Parent Baby Bash

We are excited to try these new variants of Lactacyd.  When my little one was born, we got to try this brand as it was included in our delivery room package. Unfortunately, my son was not used to the product.  It made his skin dry,  And I am hopeful that these new variation would provide the best care for my little man.


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  1. Michi

    I got Lactacyd from hospital kit too so we were able to try it when my son was a baby. But after few months, the doctor prescribed a new brand of soap for my son, nagdry din kasi skin niya. Good to know that they already improved their product.

    • momiberlin

      I love this latest variant of Lactacyd. Surprisingly, my little man’s skin does not dry up. I also love its smell on him. I think I will be using the brand. Love the liquid powder as well. Makes his skin smooth and again, sarap ng amoy.

  2. Nilyn Matugas

    We’ve tried Lactacyd when Nate was a few months old pa lang, before we switched to J&Js. I love Parenttown’s teddy bear, I still check their forum from time to time. hehe. Sometimes, I’d answer anonymously. lol.

    • momiberlin

      My little man plays with the parenttown teddy bear when he remembers it beside him. I also love the concept of Parenttown. For lactacyd, sadly it wasnt the brand for us. All my three boys had a not so nice experience with the brand. But this new variant is hiyang to my little man and so is the liquid powder. Love its smell onto him as well.


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