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Mar 30, 2017 | Likes, Links, Only Berlin

As usual, it was night time.  My 19-month old son just finished breastfeeding and fell asleep.  I browsed the internet before deciding to hit the sack myself.  Then I chanced upon Robert’s blog post about getting AHEAD with on-site and online tutoring service.  The topic was interesting.  His argument made sense.  Then I questioned myself.  Would it make a difference if I enroll my boys to tutorial services?

The conventional way of teaching

I prefer teaching my kids myself.  I remember when two of my boys were still in grade school.  I would hurriedly go home from work to help them with their assignment and project.  We would review the day’s lessons and even study in advance.

I would teach my youngest first, and as he answers some questionnaires I prepared for him, I would turn my attention to my second son.  The last I would attend to was my firstborn who could study on his own.  We would be done my 8:30 pm, eat dinner together, ask the boys to clean themselves and then sleep.  That was our routine and is still part of our everyday drill until now.

For best academic support, always think AHEAD

For best academic support, always think AHEAD| My Big Bunso doing his assignment by himself.

My eldest is in grade eight while my second is in year seven now.  And by luck, my boys developed a good study habit.  They would reach the house by 5:30 pm and eat merienda before doing their school works.  They have two hours to finish all school commitments and by 9:00 pm should be in bed.  As for my third boy who is now in grade 5, I review him only if he needs help. Just like his two kuyas, he can study on his own.  I must say my three boys give great importance to their education.

On Fridays and Saturdays, the boys would finish all homework and projects.  That way, their Sundays would be free for our family day or for themselves to enjoy.

The need for tutorial services

If my boys practice good study habit, why did the thought of getting a tutorial service crossed my mind?

We parents, most of the time, aim our kids to be at the frontline of any activities they engage themselves.  May this be in music, arts, sports and of course, academics.  However, as mentors, we can only share what we are good at.

At home, my husband bombards our boys with discussions about Geology, Physics, Practical Chemistry.  I, on the other hand, take care of other subjects like English, Reading, Values Education, and even Home Economics.  However, we could only tutor them about the things we are most comfortable and familiar with. There are times we let them study and discover on their own.   Funny that at times, I would learn something new from them.  Yes, we parents, at times, end up being taught by our students.

In moments we are not so familiar with a particular topic, we need assistance from subject matter experts.  These are people who know how to deal with students on a professional level like academicians.  Other than their kids’ subject teachers, parents could tap review centers to provide for this need.

For best academic support, always think AHEAD

For best academic support, always think AHEAD| My Second Son doing his project by himself.

Getting AHEAD with tutorial centers

Knowledge of the academic subject is essential to any review center.  I, myself, admit I am no expert on all topics, and it is best to rely on professionals who could deal with this appropriately.  I see most review centers fashion their programs based on the requirements of their clients.  They could be diverse depending on the different learning abilities and degree of information absorption of each student.  This perhaps is what pushes me to consider tutorial centers as instrumental for my kids to be ahead academically.

Let me share with you a few lines from Robert’s post:


With the mention of AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center, I visited their website and checked on their offerings.  Curiosity led me to check on other review centers as well.  Aside from on-site review classes, AHEAD among others offers on-line or virtual educational programs.   I am impressed how they showcase a teaching program that fits on the tutorial needs of every student.  Some also have online classes making learning possible at the safety of one’s home.  Additionally, as a parent, I could even monitor the degree of learning of my kids through the reliable assessment modules.

For best academic support, always think AHEAD

I was about to finish reading Robert’s blog post on Getting AHEAD with on-site and online tutoring service when I heard my little man cry.  I went near him.  As I pacify my baby, I imagined him just like his older brothers coming from school and showing his parents his star stamps.  Then I smiled.

It is reassuring to know that there are excellent review programs that provide help to children struggling in several subjects or who just want to be ahead of their classmates.  These tutoring centers echo the parent’s ultimate goal for their kids to enjoy a better chance of a great future.

It is given.  Most parents, this mother included, always aim for their kids to excel in almost everything.  And there are options now.  It will not hurt if we check the choices we have, especially if money is not an issue.  And when we think of giving our children the best academic support, it is always good to think AHEAD.


  1. Amanda-Curly Sue Review

    This seems like a great resource. It’s so great that you can teach your own kid. It’s also perfect that they can tailor the experience to suit each child. As not every child learns at the same pace so this seems like a good solution.

    • Berlin | Momi Berlin

      Yes, tutorial services can be advantageous for both the parents and the students.

  2. Michi

    Like you, I also prefer helping and teaching my son with his lesson and I’m also preparing him to be independent. Study habit is really important so kahit summer vacation, I still give him activity or worksheet. Maybe, tutorial service is there for busy parents who have no time to teach their kids.

    • momiberlin

      Establishing good study habits is beneficial in the long run. I thought our efforts before were futile. Now, we are enjoying its advantages.

  3. Amila Wickramarachchi

    Same as you,I always prefer to help my kid to do his studies.At the same time,I want him to be independant on his work.In future,I dont want to chaze him to do his homework.Still he is 3 years old.But,I can see him study well with his preschool activities.As I am not educated on teaching him ‘Phonics and reading’ as a preschool teacher does,I send him for a enrichment class.He enjoys it and learns fast. 🙂

    • Berlin | Momi Berlin

      Enrichment classes are another way to help out kids excel and learn new techniques. That’s a good decision, mommy.

  4. Yan

    You’re really blessed to have kids who actually study (boys pa in fairness)! A lot of parents get headaches just getting their children to open their notes at home. Some kids just plain don’t want to study, so good job in raising them to be aware of their education! 😀

    Yup, Ahead is indeed one the top tutorial centers. I’ve heard about it and a lot of my schoolmates back in highschool enrolled with them for the college entrance tests. It’s a helpful way to catch up on subjects you’re having a hard time with at school. 😀

    • Berlin | Momi Berlin

      Happy as well that the boys value their education. Its the only gift we could give them. And yes on tutorial services. You just need to look for a reliable center and I find Ahead as one of those.

  5. Mirriam

    Your boys are lucky to have you as guide in developing their habit. My folks are always working so I really grew up with a yaya and the habit I developed with her was watching baywatch hahaha Although, I learned to develop my own study habit because I was such a nerd. I agree, parents are not experts on everything. Enrolling kids in a tutorial center is the way to go.

  6. cieri of

    I grew up only having a tutor on my sophomore year in high school just for two quarters. Lol. My parents did not see the need to have one for us. But, that is because they still have time to teach us plus there are relatives who lived with us who helped them have time for us. But, the family lifestyle now has changed. Usually, both parents work or if not there are still other things given on parents’ plate. Not to mention, the school demands! Ahhh things I learned in Grade 4 are already being taught in second grade now. I guess getting a tutorial is very helpful nowadays as long as the services really add value and fits your kids’ needs. Good job to your sons who have been studying independent diligently and glod job to the parents as well 🙂

  7. Maria

    Well, your boys are really diligent and studious! Back when I was in elementary and high school, I also had tutors (for different subjects). I had difficulty in dealing with Chemistry and Physics. I only love the computation parts but when letters come in, it gets dizzy. Anyway, I love how independent they are. It’s truly beneficial for both the parents and children to have tutorial services.

  8. Joanna

    Your post made me go back in time, to my school years. My parents wouldn’t check on homework, just in the first years of school. I remember that even if I was a good student (I have to admit that I was really good at math and languages), my mother still sent me to be tutored in years with big exams. I remember hating it because it used to take my free time away. To the day I believe that if your child is good at a certain subject, they don’t need tutoring. They just need a bit of help from their parents to check on their mock-up tests results.

  9. Thelittlelai: Beyond limits

    I really admire your love for your children. I never had a chance to experience such support from my parents way back when I was young. I have to study on my own with the help of my teachers in school and strive to learn. Your children are really blessed to you as their mom. You’re truly an inspiration to many moms out there and as a young man planning to have my own family, this is truly a big help for me. Thank you so much for always sharing your knowledge and wisdom to us.

  10. Indrani

    Getting tutorial help is a trend here too.
    But then nothing can replace parents’ attention in these matters. So even if my kids have been to tutorials I kept track of the progress. As a parent one can never relax in these matters.

  11. Teresa Dumadag

    Congratulations! You’ve raised your kids well. I think parents who are able to help their kids t become independent are doing a good job of raising their kids. It’s nice that your kids can do their assignments on their own or with little supervision. I also grew up to be independent in doing my assignments. I think as early as middle-grade school, I was doing my assignments on my own and would rarely ask for help. But my mom was also there in case I needed her help. It’s just nice to know that parents are available for their kids when they need them. 🙂 Your kids are blessed to have a hands-on parent like you. 🙂

  12. Nilyn Matugas

    You just enlightened my mind! hehe. The exact thought – why would she consider enrolling them e ang talino na ng mga ‘yun. Pero tama, we’re not good with everything, so those na di natin field at interested sila, we can pass it on to tutoring chenelu. I will definitely keep that in mind!

  13. Zwitsy

    By how you handle your kids, it sure gives me the challenge to become a better mom to my son. I seldom find myself busy and forgetting my obligations when it comes to my son and there, whenever I visit your blog, it reminds me that I only have one but you have more than what I have but you seem never complained. and I feel guilty of complaining being busy blah blah blah. Glad that I always get to visit your blog. At least, I know that my obligation isn’t that tough compared to yours and that, I should strive harder. 🙂 Oh, the tutorial thing, this might be what I am looking for!

  14. Sabine

    Robert is always inspiring isn’t he? He makes me think about things in life in a different way. Already that is worthy to have a friend that can hold the mirror and make you think different.
    About raising or tutoring your children; you should follow your own path and feelings but at the same time, it’s also good to explore new ways and see if that can be something for you.

  15. Ana Rose | Roads and Pages

    I love the way you raise your kids. This just shows that you have been a good parent for them. Your boys shows good attitude because you have shown them positive values while they are growing up. I agree also on enrolling the kids for advancement. It will be a great contribution for their bright future.

  16. kareen liez datoy (@blessedliez)

    It is really good if parents teach their kids but if there is a need for a tutorial service, it would also be helpful too. This way, the kids can learn more. We do not have AHEAD in our area but my daughter will be going to Kumon this summer.

  17. Louisa

    Tutorial services can be a big help. Especially for parents with not enough time to personally teach their children. With my 2 teens I was also rushing home from work to teach them even creating quizzes and lesson plans during my breaks. They have pretty good study habits. They’re not the same as mine but it doesn’t mean they’re not as effective. I guess doing all this is really teaching them how to take it upon themselves to be responsible for themselves. Whether it’s studying or making decisions.

  18. Mommy Rockin' In Style

    When I was in primary school, I remember my dad was in charge every time I have to draw something. Ang galing kasi niyang magdrawing. My mom naman in English, Math and Filipino. That time, they cannot afford to hire a tutor but it makes our bond even stronger.

    • momiberlin

      Aw. i like it talaga when parents support their children sa studies and even help them with their assignment or pag rerreview. I remember my mom would also allot time to review me when i was in grade school at susme, kurot at sigaw ang inaabot ko. ehehehhe.


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