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Feb 13, 2017 | Likes, Only Berlin

If only I have magic, I would want to know the innermost thoughts of my boys. I have two teenagers already. Though I would say we are pretty close, there are still times I can’t simply understand them. Perhaps same with those moments they can’t grasp my abrupt change of mood. Thus, as much as possible, we bond over good food and conversation during dinner and weekend meals. And there is another thing we all love doing together – baking.

Yes. My three boys love baking as much as their mom enjoys whipping creams and even greasing that baking pan. And I would say it is one of those bonding moments we can catch up and spend that much-needed quality time together. Beyond that, though, allow this mother to share with you the magic baking together brings to her family.

The magic baking together brings

The magic baking together brings

Discover your kids’ strength

It is often during shared moments like baking that I get to see the strengths of my boys. I would find one child loving to whisk the batter more than designing the cake. Mixing all the ingredients entitles lots of arm strength. And it is his way to show that the task needs a lot of force and effort. He implicitly suggests I can rely on him deeply on tasks requiring endurance. The other boy who prefers to decorate the cake shows his artistic side. He demonstrates that he can turn an ordinary cake into a spectacular piece of food art through his creativity.

the magic baking together brings

Talk with the children

Often, we find bonding such a significant gesture that entails time. On the contrary, everyday stuff that makes up life is a possibility to bond with loved ones, baking included. While greasing that pan or simply preparing the ingredients is a chance to start a conversation. Through baking, I am able to catch up with your children. I ask them how was school. Or I let them talk about that latest science project that earned them good grades and their classmates’ respect. I let them speak, chatter, gossip even, and babble.

Be fearless

Often, we adults would hold back and fear of creating mistakes. Our children, on the contrary, always want to be bold and explore. The way they decorate that cake, for instance, would show how they could be fearless and learn from that mistake. We moms and dads would prefer to do the usual and limit the risks. But then when we look at others, it is often those who step outside their boundaries who experience success.

Fearless baking with Carla Cusinera

Last Saturday, we got to experience baking with Carla Asence. She is a professional pastry chef, more popularly known as Carla Cusinera. She runs a baking business in the comforts of her home. Together with his husband and kids, they bake, taste test, and clean-up. Aside from bringing her family together, baking is an avenue for her children to learn practical lessons like kitchen safety and hygiene.

Carla demonstrated the magic baking brings to families. She shared the steps on how to bake Red Velvet Brownies. She also led the participants on creating their first Red Velvet Crepe Cake. She also showed the convenience of using Maya cake mixes. So easy that even kids as young as seven years old can do it themselves, but of course, with their mommies by their side.

The Red Velvet Crepe Cake my Big Bunso and I baked last Saturday at the Maya Bake Magic Together class.

We went home that Saturday full of added knowledge on how to make our breakfast or merienda a lot more fun. We learned of new baking recipes which we would surely do at home. Plus, we got to take home a few Maya mixes and products we could use in our cooking and baking. But most of all, this momi learned something new. She discovered that making time with kids does not entail finding time with them. Even everyday stuff like baking is a perfect way to spend time together.

Want to experience and share this magical moment with your loved ones? Maya Kitchen offers different courses like its popular Basic Baking class. Perhaps, the baking workshop would be that perfect time to discover your kids’ strength or even be at awe on how fearless they can be.

Enroll now.

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  1. Michi

    I always see the baking classes of Maya Kitchen but I’m hesitant in registering because of the location. Baking is also one of my bonding activities with my son, he likes mixing ingredients and decorating cupcake or cookie. But now, my oven stopped working so I really miss baking.

    • momiberlin

      Nakakasad kapag nasira ang oven. Nakkasira ng momentum. I hope you and your son will find a way and time to bake again. Baking indeed is a nice bonding between mom and kids.

  2. Nilyn Matugas

    No baking knowledge here. But I know someday, I will be able to learn. I see a lot of child-mom photos baking, at nakakatuwa talaga sya panoorin.

    • momiberlin

      Yes, nakakatuwa tlaga panoorin. Mas nakakatuwa to experience it. baking is not hard at all. If you put your love into it, everything will turn our masarap and beautiful and instagramable. ehehee.

  3. Bernadette Angelie Pangilinan

    It feels bittersweet reading this post. It brings me back to the days when my sister and I would bake. We had tons of fun. Oh. The things I’d trade to be able to relive those memories!

    • momiberlin

      Must have been a truly wonderful experience. I never had a sister, and I long for one especially if I need just a person who would sit next to me.

  4. Veeyah

    What a nice bonding moment for you and your kid! I don’t remember me and my mom doing something like this, but we tend to shop together, if that counts, haha! You get to learn a lot as well while having fun. The only thing I can do with an oven is make toast and cookies. Hehe I’d love to learn how to bake a cake.

  5. Maaya Legaspi

    This is such a nice bonding moment for you and your kids. My mom knows how to bake but she no longer do it. We just bond every weekends through casual eating out. I usually see maya cake mix on the grocery but i am hesitant to try it because it might not taste like a real baked goodie.. so far how was it? is it really okay?


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