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Oct 13, 2016 | Only Berlin

Disclaimer:  4 advantages of picture book to child’s development has a link provided.  Momi Berlin encourages you to check the link for your convenience and for added information.

It was past midnight already and my little one-year-old handed to me his book.  He wanted us to read.  And that meant to read aloud each word and identify one by one the pictures in his book.  We did that for about 45 minutes to one hour. Then he asked for milk and slept.

My boy just loves to read.  He would murmur as I say each word from his book.  He loves looking at the illustrations and spends time pointing at each image repeatedly.  Those pictures could really  interest him.  Perhaps images really do attract even the most reluctant reader.  And they are as important as the text, I may say.

After my son’s bath, we read stories.  And before bedtime, we read more books.  When he wakes up in the middle of the night, he sometimes does not grab me for milk but gets his books instead.  And I give him what he wants.  Why? Let me share with you the advantages of picture book to child’s development:

advantages of picture book to child’s development

Aids the kid to understand the story

Colorful and gigantic illustrations all the more help a child understand the story.  Those pictures help him figure out the plot of what he is reading.  They help a child learn how to create those same images in his mind. Simply put, those illustrations are a powerful aid to help a child comprehend the story.

Gives a child information about the world around him

My one-year-old can now identify a banana.  We have been reading for months a book titled “My First Words.” It has huge and colorful images on it.  And one image he truly loves is the banana.  Then I introduced the banana to him and he loved it.   I know when he likes to eat one because he would point to the table where we always have fruits.    He associates the visual image of a banana with an experience.

Advantages of picture book to child's development

Advantages of picture book to child’s development

Develops Memory skills

Aside from associating the things from the book in real life, he also develops his memory skills.  Any child’s developing mind is so eager to learn.  I have read from one literature that a kid’s brain is literally built to absorb information.  And he does that in an unconscious state of mind, more like learning and yet he is not aware of it. To compare with an adult, an elderly may find it hard to retain all the information.  Why? Because he is making a conscious effort  to learn or memorize — very unlike a child.

Teaches a baby communication

As I have mentioned, my little one-year-old now points to the table whenever he wants a banana.  He knows the fruit very well.  Aside from banana, he also knows other things like juice, light, and sandwich among others.  All because we read a lot of picture books.

Advantages of a picture book to child's development

Advantages of picture book to child’s development


There are many great picture books at the bookstore and even online.  This momi prefers to buy them online as it is more convenient.  Plus, she and the baby are so thrilled to receive packages from their favorite courier.   And one online store we always visit is  They have a lot of books and toys you could choose from that truly inspire both imagination and play.  They have flash cards, Montessori teaching kits, a huge collection of Peppa pig, lots of toys, and of course, books!  Their products are either ready stock or pre-order.   When in luck and items we want are ready stock, we could expect the parcel one to three days after our payment.  For pre-order items, on the other hand, estimated arrival time will be around four to six weeks after the payment date.


Again, a child’s mind is always eager to learn.  Allow him to explore, imagine, and familiarize himself with the different kinds of things around him.  Give him the gift of knowledge.   And before he enters school, you will be surprised he already learned a lot from your simple reading sessions.  But more than that, he already developed his love for books.   And it will surely set him up for reading readiness when he enters school.

Picture books stimulate the senses.  They tickle the imagination.  Inspire your child the love of reading and explore the world around you through reading.  I just did.  How about you?

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  1. Laura Dennis

    There are few things as important as reading to and with your children. Two of my favorite picture book authors are Sondra Boynton and Richard Scarry.

    • momiberlin

      Great to have our favorite books. It makes our kids appreciate them more knowing they are our faves.


    Picture books are great especially those that are interactive. They promote learning and cognition. For young toddlers and babies, picture books are better not left with them. Instead, get them used to and recognizing that book time is bonding time, and play time, as they play at this stage.

    • momiberlin

      I agree. Reading books to toddlers and even babies is a nice way to bond with them as well. Funny yet true. We even get to practice pronunciation and story telling.

  3. Thelittlelai: Beyond limits

    Book like that is actually a good start if you want your kids to be more interactive and would eventually listen. I remember way back then when I was 3 years old, my mother used to let me read books with drawings on it.

  4. Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy

    My youngest love for me to read for him all the time too. Sometimes though, we have to skip it because it’s too late in the evening already and I’m worried about him not getting enough sleep. Sometimes, I really find 24 hours not enough for everything. Haha! I’d have to check this online shop as Christmas is almost coming and it’s time to get gifts again. 🙂

    • momiberlin

      Books are surely not a waste of money. They are indeed great gifts for toddlers and even babies. Hope you get to spend more reading time with your boys. Surely the little human inside your tummy is listening too.

  5. Chardybaldyosa

    Momi! You and my mother would definitely get along. We have tons here at home and some times it only had photos containing boring or every life happenings that I never really appreciated when I was younger. Now that I’m of an older state of mind, I realize how precious it must have been for my mom and dad and how she would continue doing this even after we were older. Great tips! ❤️


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