Unique Gift Ideas for Children of All Ages

Sep 25, 2016 | Live, Only Berlin

The children, or the young ones, are indeed the heart of the Christmas season. Nowhere can you see anything than the very spirit of the season alive in their eyes – excited, hopeful, full of and love – whenever they see beautiful ornaments depicting the holidays. It is such a pleasure, too, to hear their laughter and see the wonder in their eyes when they receive a present. They usually squeal first whenever they receive anything, even without opening it.


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And while the Christmas season has been commercialized more and more as time goes by, we cannot deny the fact that underneath the presents, the spirit of giving and sharing is very much alive in families. You can see it in the children!

The challenge these days is finding presents that children do not receive in multiples and finding the budget to accommodate all the items you want to buy for them. Thankfully, both are easily fixable. For budget concerns, you can easily subscribe to Xmas catalogues pay monthly terms. Shopping catalogs give you the convenience of shopping online and lets you have the financial advantage of being able to open store credit with them so you can pay in terms, buy prepaid credit or even avail of their buy now, pay later offers.

When it comes to present ideas, there are plenty of gift ideas for every child based on his interest and age. What you need to remember are:

  1. Give age-appropriate toys. Some toys won’t be beneficial to specific age groups.
  2. Respect what parents implement at home. If the parents do not let their children play with toy guns or weapons, don’t get them the latest Nerf of the season. If they don’t allow their school-aged children to have a gadget of their own, any tech toys should be out of the question.
  3. Give recreational gifts that somehow educate or motivate children. It is a common problem with children today – their toys dull their senses, by doing everything on its own, not letting kids interact with it or let alone think. You will be able to know a toy of this type when you see one.
  4. It doesn’t mean that if a toy is popular or in trend, it is automatically beneficial. Toys these days make children sedentary and don’t offer any motivation for imagination or creativity.

Here are some gift ideas that aren’t as popular, but are always a hit with both children and their parents. All of these are parent-approved:

  1. Books. Who doesn’t need a book? Just make sure to give books that correspond to the children’s reading levels.
  2. Bicycle or activity toys. Simply put, any toy that helps them move their bodies. Children need physical exercise to be healthy and smart!
  3. Mind or board games. Puzzles, Sudokus and board games are not only intellectually stimulating, but also motivate team games or interact with other people.
  4. Art stuff. Children are always in need of constant stock of crayons, paint, paper, and everything art-related. They would surely be using these a lot.
  5. Personalized fashion accessories – Let kids express themselves with colorful, age-appropriate fashion accessories that they can wear wherever they go. Some examples include customized rubber bracelets with their favorite characters or shows, dinosaur onesies that they can wear to bed, or even fun hats that offer them extra protection from the elements. 

Give gifts that nourish self-development and encourage people interaction. Avoid gifts that develop self-centeredness, violence, and hinder growth in creativity and imagination. You might be surprised – the simplest gifts are usually the ones that are the best!


  1. Flordeliz Fullo

    I totally agree with this. Instead of giving them useless gifts that will not benefit their learning abilities, why not give them educational ones? I like the idea of books and art materials. What you impart on a child in his early years is important in the development of his mind. Making the child enjoy reading could make him a bookworm and might contribute to his future. What you give to a child may impact what he will become as an adult.

    • momiberlin

      I so agree with everything you say. Those you will give and send gifts will surely be so lucky.

  2. Bea

    Thank you momi Berlin for these tips. I have a lot of inaanak and I don’t want to give them money lang. One of them loves legos though, it challenges their creativity too right? 🙂 Then maybe I’ll settle for books and art stuffs for the others.

    • momiberlin

      Books and art stuff will always be perfect gifts. And the lego pieces are great ideas.


    I have a very strong opinion on this. Gift giving especially because it is a holiday or birthday is something that is nice, but not mandatory. I do not like giving gifts nor receive for the sake of. I think knowing a child is more important and when you know the child, you will know what gift you could give that would be appreciated.

    From experience, my kids would receive lots of gifts, but only a few would be used, the others are ignored.

    • momiberlin

      The boys too have so many toys not being used already. It is important to consider to – yes – know the child more. That is a wiser way to buying gifts.

  4. Kat

    I didn’t know about the Xmas catalogues. I don’t do much online shopping but I might try this one. Browsing for gifts is so much fun. 🙂 The kids around our house love board games and artsy stuff like water color, paints, brushes and small canvases.

    • momiberlin

      Haha. The peeps here in our house too love boardgames. Hahah.

  5. maikel

    I love posts like this. It’s not even October yet but I am so looking forward to the holidays! I think its so important to plan on what you want to give to your loved ones. Also financially its a good idea to plan. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely tips.

    • momiberlin

      Thank you. I guess there are a lot of peeps planning their gifts even this early.

  6. sabine

    Yes, I agree that you need to think before you buy a toy to a child. Something that is educative is much better than just a stupid toy. I can’t believe people still give age-inappropriate gifts. This is a waste of money.

    • momiberlin

      Perhaps they love that toy for themselves but wasnt able to buy one during that time. But still, yes i agree. Age appropriate toys are to be considered.

  7. Tina

    This is a great post at the right time of the year. Some people only have money to spend once or two times a year. Better boy something good!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Love , Tina ♡ http://www.savourbytina.com

    • momiberlin

      I agree. Better buy something good indeed. The gifts we give are after all a reflection of us as well

  8. Marge

    Oh yeah, it’ll be Christmas time again. Every year I tell myself to just give money but come Christmas I’d find myself in malls shopping for gifts haha… You got some nice tips here. I always give out books to my nieces and nephews, I just think it’s one of the best gifts there is. I would have wanted to have them when I was a kid but no so I make up for it by giving it to the young ones instead.

    • momiberlin

      Books are simply one of the best gifts. Though money is safe to give, still i find even a small token of love as more meaningful.

  9. Carola

    This is a great list of tips! It’s always hard to find the right gift. But you want to find something original and fun. I love the gift ideas. Art stuff and active things can’t go wrong.

    • momiberlin

      Thank you for appreciating the gift ideas. Hope you be able to visit the link and find your ideal gifts for your loved ones. Thanks.


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