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Aug 5, 2016 | Live

Do you stop walking, stand up straight and do the hand-over-heart gesture during the singing of the national anthem?

I did.  and I felt awkward seeing people walk pass me as i stood there, my right palm over my heart while singing “Lupang Hinirang.”

It was one Monday morning when  the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) had its flag ceremony.  I was running late for work, and our office location is just a few buildings away from where I stood.

Curiosity led me to google any Philippine National Anthem law.  and I found one.  It says-

Today, the Philippine government is stricter than ever for implementing ways to penalize the people who violate and don’t comply with the prescribed law regarding the singing, performing and honoring the philippine national anthem.  National anthem law according to the republic act 8491, the following sections must be strictly followed:

Sec. 38.  When the national anthem is played at a public gathering, whether by a band or by singing or both, or reproduced by any means, the attending public shall sing the anthem.  The singing must be done with fervor.

As a sign of respect, all persons shall stand at attention and face the philippine flag, if there is one displayed, and if there is none, they shall face the band or the conductor. At the first note, all persons shall execute a salute by placing their right palms over their left chests.  The salute shall be completed upon the last note of the anthem.

I was late for work.  I never mind, though.  I felt I did something heroic that morning.

And told myself “never be late on Mondays so I will not be caught during DAP’s flag ceremony.”

* February 2011.  A few of my usual diary entries, now putting them online to help kids and anyone well-informed of such law.


  1. wendy

    You are such a law-abiding citizen! Hehehe. I usually just stand up straight during the rare instances that I get to attend our office’s flag ceremony with me standing outside the gate with other latecomers.

    Pag inabot ko ang flag ceremony sa loob ng office compound, syempre hand over my heart din aside from standing up. I don’t sing though. I’m too uptight to sing in the morning. Or Im too uptight period. LOL

    Yung ibang hindi taga office namin na naglalakad lang sa labas ng kalye, tumitigil naman sila sa paglalakad habang tinutugtog ang national anthem. I think bastos naman kung diredirecho yung passersby sa paglakad habang nagbabayang magiliw.

    • msbolin

      yes, parang bastos nga. pero meron talagang ilang di tumigil. ako tuloy nahihiya. ehehe
      huli kong bayang magiliw, sa loob pa nng simbahan. years ago na ata yun. tagal ko na palang di nanonood ng sine

      • msbolin

        nabasa ko ulit comment ko. sa loob pala ng sinehan, di simbahan.

  2. Sydney Fashion Hunter

    Wow! If this was the law in Australia we would all be in goal. We are patriotic but display it in different ways. I think any sign of pride needs to come from the heart and not mandated by law and this really waters down the effort. Just my 2c worth …

  3. Joanna

    In my country nobody would do that. Unless it’s a military ceremony and the soldiers will perform their routines by saluting the flag. I guess we only sing our national anthem in sports, we don’t really have other occasions to do so.


    Stop at the very least as a sign of respect to the national anthem, that’s what I do. I wouldn’t be caught dead singing alone in a place full of people who do not do the same. Does that make me less patriotic, me, the Chinese who was born and raised here, who had taken up pinoy*** for my email as a sign of support for our claim on the WEST PHILIPPINE SEAS? #AmazingLifeDaily

  5. Dominic Barrios

    GMRC days! We were taught in grade school what to do when the national anthem is playing. You stop, listen to the song, you may sing and you put your right hand on your chest. Even in cinemas, we still do this and follow. It’s unfortunate though that some are not really practicing this anymore. Guess we need to teach or remind people about this.

  6. Sriparna

    I’m pretty patriotic too. Though I might just not sing our National anthem alone in a crowd, is definitely stand up on its play. Not many people have the love for their country, coming from within. I hope they understand one day, how much their county has and is doing for them:)

  7. Maaya Legaspi

    I also feel awkward whenever I stand and pay respect to the flag whenever the Philippine national anthem plays. This is true sometimes at the cinemas where most of the people would just sit and ignore as if nothing is play on the cinema speakers. I really admire for doing that heroic thing amidst the awkward feeling.

  8. Maria

    People are being selective about this. Even in cinemas, others would just sit and play with their phones as if they don’t hear anything. Those just annoy me.

  9. Angelie Pangilinan

    Wow. Thay’s so payriotic of you. I can’t remember the last time I paid attention when the National Anthem is being sung. Oops. 🙁

  10. walkwithmisspiggy

    That’s the problem with us, we tend to forget the basic things that we should do to respect our country, our flag. This post is a reminder to everyone about our little obligation and respect to our country.

  11. Martine

    I am astute about honoring the flag, of any country. I suppose it was from years of being in a mini UN in the schools I grew up with, which were all international schools. I am all for respect to the flag, no matter where one is.

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