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Aug 5, 2016 | Life, Love

One Thursday morning, I had the chance to interview three parents- a Turkish father, a Chinese physician, and an Italian housewife.  Their children attend school at Fountain International School (FIS), a private, non-sectarian, co-educational institution catering k-12 education (pre-school, elementary and high school).

Though there were times I just nod during our conversation because I can’t comprehend what they were trying to say, I believe that my heart understood them completely.  All three are, after all, just like me- a parent.

This is Silva Riganelli-Jimenez, an Italian married to a Filipino.  Her husband’s work pushed them to move in Manila two years ago. Putting forth education as a top priority,  her main task then was to find an international school with renowned standards but with a cost-effective setting for her son.

Though her son came from a stringent Italian curriculum and very different school setting, she narrated that the boy was able to adapt at FIS.  She personally commended the school’s English language program that has helped her son expand his English proficiency.  As a parent, she also appreciated the home visitation program and regular school activities that highly promote interaction among parents, teachers, and the school’s administrator.  She smiled as she recalls a time wherein parents and school staff gathered for an international cooking affair.  She had the chance to share her authentic Italian pasta ingredient.

Dominic Guevarra, a physician by profession, is all hands on to his 3 ½-year old daughter. He enrolled her at FIS after a rigorous school shopping episode.  He brings her to school, often talks to the school’s director, and fetches his child.

“I particularly appreciate the school’s effort to expose its students to the various cultural setting. That way, my daughter has become more independent and tolerable,” the young father relayed.  The school’s smaller class ratio is also helpful. as Guevara stressed, a small school means better teaching because teachers can focus more on the growth and development of each student.

Of all the three parents, I particularly appreciate Ilhomi Kilia of the Turkish embassy.

After combing all schools in Metro Manila, he opted for FIS as the best that would help his kids to be independent, enhance their creativity, and open big doors of success for their future.

He was all praises on FIS, from its top academics, unrivaled student support services to its exceptional cultural diversity.

After the almost two-hour interview, one would conclude that education is perceived to be very important to the growth and development of the children.  As I’ve mentioned, I truly appreciate Ilhomi.  His closing remarks would echo what most parents have to say, “We give our kids the best education because they are important to us.  We only want what is best for them because they are, after all, our future. and more than anything else, we love them.”

* February 2011, working as an Account Manager for a PR firm.  Client is Fountain International School


  1. wendy

    MUkhang nosebleed ang interview. LOL. But interesting interviewees ha. And parang ang saya ng trabaho mo;D

    • msbolin

      hahaha, wendy. pagkatapos ng interview, parang sumakit ang panga ko. naghanap talaga ako ng sundae after that kasi feeling ko natuyo na ang lahat lahat sa akin.

  2. wendy

    LOL, grabe naman. Naalala ko tuloy fave expression ng isang tita ko. Natuyuan daw sya ng matres.Buti na lang hindi mo na kelangang problemahin yun. Haha (baka ako ang mamuroblema nun hehehehe)

    • msbolin

      hahaha, ok yung natuyuan ng matres. nafefeel ko sa marso 19 sa palawan, dun natin makikilala ang maglalagay ng laman dyan sa matres mo.

  3. wendy

    Yikes bakit ang samang pakinggan nun. Hahaha. Parang mamimick-up ako ng lalaki sa palawan. LOLz.

  4. msbolin

    dun natin mamemeet ang prince charming mo. at yung prince charming ko din, ahihihi.

  5. wendy

    HAHAHAHA. Tara lets.


    I agree with the Turk when he said we love our children and wants the best for our children.

    For new parents who are looking for school for their kids the first time:

    1. Are we choosing a school based on convenience or what’s best for our kid?

    2. Are we choosing a school based on reputation (social status) or what system is most suitable for our kid?

    Above two questions need to be asked first before comparing choices and deciding.

  7. andrea

    fascinating piece; so wonderful to see such passionate educators

  8. Rachel Arandilla

    My child is still 2, but he has just started school. It also took me a while to choose the perfect school for him: at a convenient place, with plenty of varied learning opportunities for the little one. Education is very important for shaping little minds to become successful and diligent people. Education is indeed a top priority.



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