learning to do projects on your own

MOMI SMILES| benefits of having siblings

The good thing about having a sibling is that there would always be an extra hand to offer help on either household chores or even on assignments and projects.  Bunso was extra thankful to his kuya Firstborn for helping him with his Filipino project. Bunso needs to...

SCHOOL PROJECTS|  Ang Alamat ng Kamaynilaan

An alamat is a very old story perceived as actually having happened in the past.  It gives some historical background on how a certain thing -- food or place for instance -- came about.  Usually passed on by word-of-mouth, an alamat has little or no evidence to prove...

MOMI SHARES| easy steps to tie-dye a shirt

Momi Berlin got a text message from Firstborn.  He needs a white shirt, three packs of Joboss and a bundle of rubber band.  I got home and my guess was right.  He needed to tie-dye a shirt. Tie-die made a big hit in the 1960s and resurfaced in the 1990s.   Since then,...

SCHOOL PROJECTS/ how to make a collage

School project time!  And my son needs to make a collage. This mother was extra giddy when the kids mentioned to her last night that they have projects to make! I  so enjoy hearing the thoughts of my boys on how to make their art works worth their teachers' time.  I...

SCHOOL PROJECTS/ paper necklace and bracelet

Firstborn taught this mother to make accessories using a paper.  Curious at first, Second son tried a few pieces until he joined us in firstborn's project making activity.  After a few hours, we congratulated ourselves for a job well done! That afternoon, we were able...

SCHOOL PROJECTS/ subtraction flash cards

I was a bit disappointed.  Bunso mentioned last night he had a Math Project due for submission the following day.  We only had a few hours to finish the subtraction flash cards. But I hate myself more.  I didn't even check my boy's school bag for any assignments or...

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