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Sep 27, 2016 | Likes, Love, Only Berlin

School project time!  And my son needs to make a collage.

This mother was extra giddy when the kids mentioned to her last night that they have projects to make! I  so enjoy hearing the thoughts of my boys on how to make their art works worth their teachers’ time.  I also look forward to spending time with them as they do their projects.

Second son’s Sibika project/ how to make a collage:

cover for sibika hanap buhay copy

How to make a collage / introduction

With magazines, scissors, and glue on his working table, he started to look for photos. I noticed that he had become so engrossed in his reading that he forgot to cut photos.  To be fair, the magazine though was an interesting read.

With a number of cut out pictures before him, he readied his 1/8 illustration board. He drew an outline of his collage on a paper (the teacher’s instruction, by the way, was to make a collage).

IMG_20140729_114657 copy

How to make a collage / outline

To enhance the illusion of depth, husband recommended considering making a 3D image instead. Second son was somehow clueless and approached me for some suggestions.  At first, I told him to use a modelling clay.  Our clay though was too hard to shape  in the exact form we wanted it to be.  We opted for a manila paper instead.  We crumpled up the paper creating mountain ranges like the Himalayas.

IMG_20140729_114705 copy

How to make a collage / making the mountains


IMG_20140729_115414 copy

How to make a collage / making the bodies of water

For the rice field, we cut a thick board paper and glued it into our outline. I helped second son cut the middle part of the board paper to make way for the river.


How to make a collage / the sky, the mountain, and the water

One by one, we pasted the cut-out photos and glued them into our outline.


How to make a collage

Finished product with all the photos we could think of.  Farming sa kapatagan; animal husbandry sa damuhan; mining sa kabundukan, logging at hunting sa kagubatan; and fishing sa karagatan.

I hope my ever creative second son would get an A for this awesome project.

* (August 2014) This momi compiles and decides to share some of the school projects made by her boys.  She aims to  help other students with their research.  It has always been this momi’s intention to offer help the best way she can.


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